Gold Wedding Favors - Ideas to Chic it Up

gold wedding favor boxes
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Gold is timeless, forever making it an elegant classic wedding color. The glamour and sophistication that gold attributes will always create that spectacular ambiance a wedding memory will cherish. Gold wedding décor has endless possibilities, and the touch of class each favor adds speaks “a sparkle above” any dream wedding.

If you truly dream of elevating elegance, impressing your guests, and seeing that special day become grandiose, gold would be the most sophisticated choice. Of course, there are many different preferences in planning a wedding, however elegant wedding favors will give your guests the feel they have entered into a day of luxury.

Gold wedding favors are quite chic and add a brilliant polished look to all factors of the day. Gold wedding favors can be found in many different forms, and it may surprise you and delight you to see what is available and suggested to create the perfect look. Engaging your guests in your special day is not only for you, but makes your guests feel a part of the whole beautiful experience.

Gold Bottle Openers

gold bottle openers
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One way to accomplish this golden idea of engaging guests, would be to provide gold bottle opener wedding favors. Your guests would love to find gold bottle opener wedding favors waiting for them at each table. As they enter into your reception area, they will not only notice the tasteful, classic surroundings, but will appreciate gold bottle opener wedding favors as a keepsake, and quite useful for later.

Gold Boxes

gold wedding favor boxes
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Finding gold boxes for wedding favors not only follows your elegant wedding favors theme but adds sparkle to your table setting. Filling the boxes with chocolates wrapped in golden foil makes your use of gold boxes for wedding favors a spectacular surprise for your guests. There are several uses for gold boxes for wedding favors, candy seems to be a favorite. Gold boxes for wedding favors will instantly add a touch of class to any favor you put inside.

Gold Colored Macaron

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

A golden bite sized cake, macaron wedding favors in gold is yet another unique, elegant touch to your exquisite day. Utilizing macaron wedding favors in gold adds to the charm but is also a delight to the palette. Finding macaron wedding favors in gold is fairly simple as most bakeries would love to participate in supplying these delectable goodies.

Your guests would be in awe to find gold colored macaron favors awaiting them. You can even personalize them and have them waiting for guests at their seats. You can also set them out on a table with gold boxes so guests can package up macarons to take home and enjoy later.

Gold Bells

Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Bring in the special day with the gentle ringing and subtle look of gold bells as wedding favors. As gold bells wedding favors are truly elegant, exclusive to your taste, they will also dazzle the eye. Using gold bells for wedding favors have a plethora of possibilities, from being seen from the centerpieces, softly draped across the tables, gold bells as wedding favors will make yet another splendid look.
Don’t be surprised if you hear the happy jingling for most of the event as gold bells for wedding favors are quite fun. You can even utilize them as name card holders or signs labeling the food or desserts. Any way you display them, they will add a touch of elegance to your big day.

Gold Luggage Tags

gold luggage tags
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Not only reserved for the newly, or about to be newlywed couple, gold luggage tags wedding favors can also be personalized and gently placed upon each table. Yet another keepsake, gold luggage tags wedding favors add an even more striking look to your presentation, and get the guests dreaming and planning their next vacation. Maybe the date of the wedding, names, or a simple thank you upon the gold luggage tags wedding favors would be a kind touch.

Let us not stop here with the classy, striking look of gold. There are many more exciting ideas to implement into creating an up-scale look wedding day. Try personalizing the guests' names or initials in a gold foil on the luggage tag.

Golden Shimmering Food

gold dusted donuts
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Even some of the main dishes can have a golden touch to them. You may want to consult with your caterer on the possibility of spreading some edible luster dust across some of your food choices. While edible luster dust will not reach a dark color, it will shimmer.

For the highest shimmering effect, if you wish dark gold in color, you may suggest edible hybrid luster dust. The guests always remember the food, and golden contact to their palette will be embedded as a distinctive party favor memory that is unforgettable. This would especially shine at the dessert table! Try golden accents to donuts, cookies, or your wedding cake.

Gold Flatware and Glassware

gold flatware and glassware
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Incorporating the unexpected gold place setting is quite an updated alternative and will certainly give your tables a flawless look. Surprise your guests by giving them your highly unique flatware choice and give them a day or night to treasure. Golden glassware can be compared to none in sipping to that toast or celebrating in posh style.

Of course, the happy couple will celebrate to their own personalized toasting flutes in gold as well, however serving gold glassware is a breathtaking wedding favor with a sip of class and style. Even a simple golden rim on your plates or glassware will bring elegance into your wedding day.

Golden Ideas

gold wedding favors
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Planning a wedding of gold not only protrudes with elegance, but it is a fun time for all as well. It is not stuffy, nor is it portraying you are a royal, it simply gives the day an extravagant look while incorporating useful wedding favors. Truly, the possibilities are endless in designing this up-scale look, and the memories you create with the favors are undeniably timeless. However, do not be surprised if someone bows or gives a curtsy, after all, you did create a wedding fit for a royal.

It has been said that gold is associated with prosperity, glitz, and glamour. Handled with care and incorporating the wedding favors precisely, the wedding will hold the look of refinement and sophistication and fun. Who would not want to be associated with glitz, glamour, and prosperity? But remember you do not have to be wealthy to have an elegant wedding. Gold favors, décor, and however you choose to use the shimmer, will give it that look.

In Conclusion

gold wedding favors
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The list does not end when it comes to the possibilities of integrating gold into all aspects of the day. Celestial themed gifts such as tea light candle holders bring a scintillating effect, and the eye-catching idea makes your planning even more spectacularly unique. And again, an exquisite gift for your guests.

It is the small things that will make your guests feel so special with the favors you so thoughtfully planned out. Most of your guests will drink coffee, and how wonderful it would be to see coffee packets in gold that you could even personalize if you chose to. Golden key chains, golden picture frames, the upscale look of the favors will be highly appreciated and stunning.

Again, engaging your guests with gold wedding favors will make them feel as golden as the ambiance of your special day. They will enjoy, eat, have fun, and leave feeling a bit of shimmer and shine.

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