Top 5 Personalized Shot Glasses for Your Wedding

personalized shot glasses
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Are you searching for a keepsake to make your special day that much more memorable? Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect but more importantly, memorable. With so much to plan, finding the perfect gifts can be overwhelming. Adding fun personalized touches through wedding favors is key to a memorable experience.

One way to do this is through personalized shot glasses for weddings. Shot glass design for wedding is one way to show off all facets of the bride and groom's personalities. There are fun and creative offering boundless options.

The variety allows you to make the personalized shot glasses your own whether you are using them shot glass wedding favors or for special wedding party gifts. Searching for wedding favors is hard. To take some stress out of planning, we have compiled 5 of the best kinds of shot glasses for your wedding.

Mason Jar Sampler Shot Glasses

mason jar shot glasses
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Mason jars are popular for a variety of decor from centerpieces to vases and more. The rustic appeal makes them perfect for an outdoor or country wedding. A new way to add flair with mason jars is through the use of mason jar sampler shot glasses. These adorable mini replicas of mason jars even have handles for easy grip. The bottoms come in a variety of colors and can be personalized for your special day.

Favorite Drink Shot Glasses

A fun way to make sure your personalized shot glasses are your own is to pick them in the shape of your favorite drink! Drink shot glasses come in about any drink glass shape you can think of from brandy to wine glasses. Shot glasses in the shape of your favorite drink bring a unique twist letting everyone learn something about you and your partner.

Wine Glass Shot Glasses

personalized wine glass
Source: Beau Coup

Are you a wine connoisseur? Perhaps you love vineyards and wine tastings. Maybe you love staying in with a bottle of wine. No matter the source of your love of wine, these wine shot glasses are perfect for you. For an added twist, you could even skip the liquor and fill the mini glasses with your favorite wine varietal.

Moscow Mule Shot Glasses

moscow mule shot glasses
Source: Etsy

Is a Moscow mule your drink of choice? These Moscow mule shot glasses look exactly like the copper cups used for serving traditional mules. Not only will they look great at the wedding but everyone will love displaying these classy favors in their bars at home.

Beer Shot Glasses

mini beer glasses
Source: Etsy

Maybe your drink of choice is a simple beer. Perhaps you and your loved one love tailgating or drinking a beer on a warm summer night. Maybe on the weekends you and your partner love to hit up local breweries. If your idea of a good idea is a brewery, these shot glasses in the shape of beer steins will be a fun and different gift everyone will love. These ornate, customizable beer shot glasses are sure to wow all of your wedding guests.

Brandy Shot Glasses

personalized brandy glass
Source: Crystalize Personalized Engraving

If something classier is what you seek, you can't go wrong with these shot glasses shaped like miniature brandy glasses. Brandy shot glasses add all the personalization of the other options while bringing a chic presence to your special day. Shaped exactly like brandy glasses- only shot sized!

Tall Shooters

tall shot glasses
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Tall shooters are a classic shot glass variety that might seem boring at first. Unique customization makes many tall shooters anything but boring. There are so many ways to jazz them up and personalize them.

Cowboy Boot Shooters

mini cowboy boot shot glass
Source: Etsy

Cowboy boot shooters are the perfect way to show off your wild side. If you love the country, love country music, and cowboy boots these are the perfect addition to your wedding. After gifting these adorable boots, everyone will be on the dance floor ready to join along to your favorite line dance.

Glitter Shot Glasses

glitter shot glass
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If you are having a Vegas wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party,  or you just love Vegas or glitter, you can't go wrong with these glitter shot glass wedding favors. The color of the writing and the color of the glitter can both be customized. If you are looking for something even more personal do not be afraid to ask the seller. The glitter screams party. Everyone will have a great time partying with their glitter shot glasses.

Ceramic Shot Glasses

ceramic shot glasses wedding
Source: Etsy

Ceramic shot glasses are not only timeless and classy but also offer an array of customization. The black background allows your chosen art and colors to pop. Clip art or customizable imprints make them a great choice for personalized shot glasses for weddings. Simple meets elegance in ceramic shot glasses.

Frosted Plastic Shot Glasses

frosted plastic cups
Source: Beau-coup

Through custom shot glasses weddings offer versatility including in the material of the shooter, designs are not all made of glass and perhaps glass isn't for you. If you are having an outdoor reception you may be worried about glass breaking, or the case may be that you simply do not want breakable wedding favors. Plastic shot glasses designed for wedding favors are an excellent alternative. These shot glasses can still be customized and look perfectly chic. Choose your favorite clip art, custom art, or monogram and the plastic shot glass has become a timeless treasure.

In Conclusion

personalized shot glasses
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Shot glass wedding favors are the perfect finishing touch to any wedding but with such a large variety of shot glass design for wedding favors available, it may be difficult to choose which is right for you. Think about the personality of the bride and groom. What makes you unique? Where do you live? Where did you meet? What makes you two special?

Picking the right shot glass design for your wedding tells a story. What message do you want to deliver to wedding guests? Whether the design tells a story of where you met, mutual interests or personality traits through custom shot glasses weddings can give an even more personal experience to all guests which they will never forget.

Did you have personalized shot glasses at your wedding? Let us know in the comment below!

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