19 Best Spring Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

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Spring weddings have a beauty about them that is hard to beat with other seasons. It's the time of year when winter is on the way out and the warmer weather is moving in. Everything is blossoming and there's beautiful colors starting to pop. Spring weddings are a great time to pick some beautiful colors like pink, yellow, and mint green. These colors go fantastic with everything from centerpieces to utensils!

Centerpieces are what brings everything about your wedding together. The bad things is that they can easily be expensive and take a large chunk out of your budget. The great thing about centerpieces is that you can easily make them pop and be beautiful while sticking to a budget. With that being the case, here are 19 ideas for spring wedding centerpieces on a budget!

1. Engraved Birch Vase

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Using an engraved birch vase is great for rustic weddings. Add some beautiful spring flowers to the vase and you've made a centerpiece that's absolutely stunning. The wood itself can be engraved with things like the couple's name and wedding date. You could even do an engravings of favorite quotes or a few different quotes that describe the happy couple. The possibilities are endless and you can put whatever you want!

2. Floating Floral Candles

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If you're looking for reception centerpieces on a budget, then floating floral candles could be the answer! The great thing is that most of the parts of this centerpiece can be bought at a dollar store. All you need is: a jar, various flowers, and a floating candle. If you really want to make it stand out, you can add some stones that match your wedding colors and a mirror to go underneath.

3. Wine Glass Reversed

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The wine glass reversed centerpiece is literally just a wine glass that's flipped upside down. All you have to do is put flowers of your choice and some lights or candles on the table, then put the upside down wine glass on top of it. If you want a little extra elegance, you can put a mirror underneath to make everything reflect and give things a beautiful glow.

4. Birdcage with Flowers

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For those looking for floral centerpieces on a budget, doing a birdcage with flowers can meet those needs. For a spring wedding or a wedding with a garden theme, this centerpiece is the perfect addition. The great thing is that there's so much you do with these too. You can paint the birdcages colors to match your wedding colors and add flowers that go perfectly with the spring season!

5. Mason Jar Lights

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Many people are on the lookout for cheap table centerpieces for wedding reception and mason jars with lights and fabric are the perfect thing. The awesome things about these centerpieces is that you can do any kind of fabric you want. Many people go with things like ribbon or lace, but you really have endless possibilities. Once you put lights inside, the patterns of the cloth will make beautiful shadows on your tables.

6. Painted Jars

mason jar wedding centerpiece
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Another great idea for cheap table centerpieces for wedding reception are painted jars and bottles. These are extremely versatile and you can do pretty much anything you want with them. Not only can you do them in your wedding colors, but you can also add things like quotes or the couple's names and wedding date. If you want a little bit of extra elegance, you could even add some gorgeous glitter.

7. Flowery Mason Jars

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Flowery mason jars fit perfectly in the category of floral centerpieces on a budget. Floral pieces are one of the most common parts of a wedding centerpiece, but they can get expensive quickly. With these particular centerpieces, you can get artificial flowers that go with the season. For example, a spring wedding could work well with sunflowers or tulips!

8. Legos

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Who doesn't want to feel like a kid again? If this sounds like you and you also want to come up with inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas, then a lego wedding are the perfect solution for you. All you need to do is put a bowl in the middle of the table and fill it with all colors of legos. Not only is this fun, but it can represent the happy couple building their new lives together!

9. Wine Bottle Centerpieces

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This is the perfect centerpiece for those that already enjoy wine and have empty bottles on hand. There are a few ways you can dress it up. For starters, you can leave the bottle as it is or take the label off and put lights and flowers in. You could also paint the entire bottle to match your wedding colors and get flowers that either go with the colors or offset them well.

10. Grass Table

grass wedding centerpiece
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A grass table centerpiece really embodies spring and the plants starting to grow again. This type of centerpiece is great for those that want to cover multiple tables that are pushed together. You could get a table runner that's made from artificial grass and have it run down the middle of all the tables. You can keep it simple like that or add a few flowers to really bring the feeling of spring together.

11. Game Boards

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If you and your spouse are really into playing games, these thrifty wedding centerpieces would be the perfect idea. The great thing about these are that most couples who enjoy them will already have the games on hand. You could go simple and just open the games to make a cute centerpiece or you can add a vase and flowers right on top! Try out a board game themed invitation to tie it all together.

12. Pineapple Centerpiece

pineapple wedding centerpiece
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Pineapple centerpieces work great for destination weddings. This is especially true for those weddings that are in tropical areas. All you have to do is hollow out the pineapple and put gorgeous flowers inside. If you wanted to dress it up a bit, you could find someone who can carve beautiful art into the side of the pineapple before adding the flowers of your choice.

13. Pumpkin Arrangements

pumpkin wedding centerpiece
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While most people associate pumpkins with fall, you could easily use them for a spring centerpiece if you use ones that are white. You can either use them as they are or hollow them out and add flowers. You could also do the same thing as the pineapples and find someone to carve wedding or couple related art into the side! Or simply add a number to serve as your table number!

14. Book Centerpieces

book wedding centerpiece
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Another idea for thrifty wedding centerpieces are ones that use books. This is especially perfect for those couples that share a love of reading and have many books. Most couples will have a bunch of books on hand, while others might need to buy some. The great thing is that you can use your favorite books or go with a theme, like fairy tales or vintage books!

15. Gold Painted Bottle Centerpieces

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Gold painted bottle centerpieces make the perfect solution to spring wedding centerpieces on a budget. They're especially good for those that have bottles on hand already. Even if you don't, you can easily get some nice looking ones from the dollar store. You can either use them as they are or paint them to match your wedding colors. Throw some nice flowers in and you've got a gorgeous centerpiece.

16. Gumballs

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If you're really on a budget but looking for something fun and colorful, an inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas is to incorporate gumballs. There are a few ways to use these for that purpose. On one hand, you can use a bunch of different colored ones to make the wedding fun and light. If you don't want to go that route, you can buy gumballs that are specific colors and match them to your wedding colors!

17. Wooden Spools

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Another idea for a rustic wedding is to use wooden spools in your centerpieces. You can easily get these pretty cheap and many of them come in varying sizes and put them on something like a mirror and put some beautiful flowers in the holes. You could also string some lights through or add colored stones to make it a little more elegant.

18. Potted Succulents

potted succulents wedding centerpiece
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Potted succulents are great for a spring wedding that has a beach theme. You can use these in many different ways, but there are some ways that are more popular. The first is to use a small terracotta pot.

You can add some lights if you want to make it look more vibrant. The other way is by buying some cheap wooden boxes and putting them inside. If you're using the boxes for the beach theme, you could add things like seashells or sand dollars. Bonus: use these as a wedding favor for your guests!

19. Marshmallows

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One final idea for reception centerpieces on a budget is to use marshmallows. This is a great idea for spring weddings because that's around the time that people starting doing bonfires and making s'mores. It's also a way to represent the fact that winter is leaving and spring is making a grand entrance!

Are there any more ideas for budget wedding centerpieces for spring? Leave a comment below!

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