Crystal Wedding Favors That Will Dazzle

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Crystal wedding favors traditionally symbolize purity and simplicity, which is also a timeless choice. Crystal creates magnificent charm, designing an ambiance of sophistication. With the regal cuts and artistic design, crystal wedding favors establish the sparkle and cherished memories you have always dreamt of.

Aside from glamour, nothing can compare to the look of romance crystal portrays. Exuding romance throughout your wedding from the vows to the reception, utilizing crystal wedding favors will certainly give that fanciful feeling of love in the air which is both beautiful and exciting.

If you’ve always envisioned absolute radiance, crystal will expel that twinkle and dazzle to your special day. Given there are many different crystal wedding favor ideas, your heart will glow as you choose your ideas of choice that your guests will love and appreciate, creating a crystal- clear elegant day. They are quite unique, are readily available.

Crystal Pens

crystal pens
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Can you picture your guests walking in to find gorgeous pens with a diamond look, shimmering at each table? Absolutely a crystal wedding favor idea that is so unique, we are sure the happy couple will receive congratulatory notes written on the wedding day napkins. You will find these gorgeous crystal pens in assorted colors, and possibly find more to fulfill your crystal list.


crystal glass toasting glasses
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Crystal glass wedding favors add that extra sparkle and have your guests sparkling themselves. Of course, this idea makes the toasts extra special, bringing decadence to your day. Try personalizing your crystal glass wedding favors for another unique idea that can only be described as enchanting, leaving your guests and the newlyweds beaming in joy.


glass coaster wedding favor
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We often associate personalizing the glasses at a wedding, however, there is a plethora of personalized crystal wedding favors to be found. A personalized crystal rose, carousels, key chains, are only a few of the personalized crystal wedding favors that your guests can take home and enjoy for years to come.

Crystal Grapes

crystal grape wedding favor
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You may be surprised to see crystal grapes wedding favors as a favor idea, however, you will also be astonished at the glow crystal grapes wedding favors bring to the tables. The elegance and shimmer crystal grapes wedding favors laid out precisely right upon the tables, coordinating in perfect harmony with your theme will leave your guests awestruck.

Crystal Ball

crystal ball wine stopper
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Such an elegant way to top off a wine bottle, a crystal ball wine stopper wedding favor is a wonderful way to show your guests how you feel about them. You can personalize the tags that come along with crystal ball wine stopper wedding favor, and they are sure to hold a very special place in the hearts of your guests for years to come.

Candy Dish

crystal wedding favors
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A crystal candy dish wedding favor is extremely tasteful and can be filled with just as tasty candies that complement the dish on every table, including the food table, makes for a crystal favor at your wedding that will surely shine. A crystal candy dish wedding favor is an easy one to fill as you can find wedding candy just about on any wedding favor site.

As crystal is a glimmering look, it has so much potential if you wanted to add to it. You can find crystal favors with Swarovski crystals, amongst other precious eye-catching stones. The uniqueness of your wedding shows your personality, your style, and what you wish your guests to remember and hold close.


Source: Want That Wedding

How extraordinary it would be to find fragrances in crystal bottles for every guest at your wedding. Mini crystal perfume or cologne bottles would leave your guests going home with a passionate scent to remind them of your romantic wedding. Fragrance favors will add fun and sweet scents to your big day!

Crystal Candle Holders

crystal candle holder
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Now these will leave your guests saying “Wow” as they enter the room. You can find them in a variety of styles, including beaded, shaped like swans, and more extraordinary choices. Candle holders can actually vary from low cost to upper end as you can find styles that portray crystal, yet still sparkle and dazzle your guests. Crystal candle holders would be a beautiful touch to your crystal theme and would prefer a breathtaking reflection.

Crystal Wedding Favors

crystal keychain
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

From the glasses to the bowls to the trinkets, crystal will always represent enduring beauty. Here we have given you a few unique ideas for your crystal favors, however there are so many exciting favors to choose from.

Crystal favors are such a great way to tell your guests how much you appreciate them being a part of such a significant day in your life. If you’ve already set the date, or are thinking about it, even still dreaming about it, the time to shop is now. The choices in crystal favors are exquisite, and it may take you a while to choose that perfect favor you exclusively, chose for your special guests. Honor them with crystal-clear memories they will cherish forever.

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What a great article. I love the crystal pen idea. What would suggest for a beach wedding?