Wedding Favor Bags - Fun, Personalized Gifts for Guests

personalized wedding favor bags
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What a surprise for your guests to walk in and find wedding favor bags! Filled with memories from your wedding, just small but cherished and/or edible goodies is something they will love. Favor bags have many options for filling it up and getting that reception started with sheer enjoyment.

Your favor gift bags should be unique to your style. The extraordinary surprises in your wedding favor gift bags will complement not only the ambiance, the table setting, but you as well. Wedding favor bags tell your guests you appreciate them attending your special day. We want to give you some fun and sentimental choices to fill your bags, and make your occasion stand out in style.


personalized wedding favor bags
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Make it personal and memorable with personalized favors. Your special date, your names, or “Thank-You” is always a hit. You can even do the same with what’s found inside of the personalized favor tags. So many choices of style can be found where you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for and your guests will adore.

Candy Bags

personalized wedding favor bags
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Everyone loves the sweetness of a wedding day, so give your guests some extra sweetness with wedding favor candy bags. Can you imagine the smiles on your guests faces as they receive sugar-coated wedding favor “Thank-You’s?” Such a special gift, wedding favor candy bags are perfectly delightful, fun, and of course so very sweet of you. Edible favors are always a hit with guests!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

personalized wedding favor bags
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Cookies of all kinds and designs are lusciously perfect for favor cookie bags! Personalize the cookies with the date, or even a picture of the happy couple. You can find a great selection for  bags-- just fill them with cookies, tie with a bow, add a personalized tag, and you’ve given your guests a very sweet treat!

Tote Bags

custom tote wedding favor bag
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Gift a reusable tote for a gift that keeps on giving! Fill those wedding favor tote bags with personalized deck of cards, personalized waters just like the royals, and a variety of fun yet memorable items. Not only unique, but you will leave your guests in awe at finding gifts inside fun wedding favor tote bags!

You definitely do not have to spend a phenomenal amount out of your wedding budget in order to give your guests wedding party favor bags they will adore. Guests love wedding party favor bags and whether plain or a little bit of decoration on the bags, they are a low cost way to let you know you appreciate your guests.


Mini Bags

Mini wedding favor bags
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Mini bags are great for presenting gifts that may be smaller, but have a great impact on the hearts of your guests. Wedding favor mini bags can hold small favors, colorful candies, lavender bud and lip butters just for a few ideas. Wedding favor mini bags are a very gracious and memorable gift as big things come in small packages!

Coffee Anyone?

coffee wedding favors
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From personalized burlap to satin, to foil, wedding favor coffee bags are perfect. Of course, coffee wedding favors do not only have to include flavors of coffee personalized with the date, or a name of the happy couple, but the same came be done with tea bags as well. This is such a dreamy gesture with distinction, plus budget friendly.


mini mason jar wedding favors
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When we think of a vintage look, some of us envision lace, romance, and antique. Mason jars are perfect for edible favors like honey, candy, or delicious chocolate wedding favors.  Guests will be taken back in time and taken a-back by your creativity and keeping with your timeless look of that special day.

Destination Wedding

destination wedding favor bags
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To those who have traveled quite a distance to spend your special day with you, destination wedding favor bags are not only loved, but show how much you appreciate them. In keeping with your destination, fill your favor bags with fun, destinatino appropriate items. A personalized tote bag seems to be most popular in destination bags, so filling it up with anything they could use while visiting your special destination would be amazing to your guests!

For all of your favor gift bag ideas, Wedding Favors Unlimited will have a selection you will adore in preparing for that special day. Whatever your choice, always including a personal note inside will be something your guests will cherish for years to come.

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I've been looking for some great wedding gift bag ideas. These are awesome suggestions for those of us trying to recreate the feel of the royal wedding and all the best ideas from it on a budget!!


I loved your idea of actually customizing the bag itself that the gift is coming in. Even if they were to get rid of it, we can still make it look how we want for the guests and in the pictures. This is such a great wedding gift bag idea!


The Royal Wedding really was captivating last year. I'm not surprised that a lot of people are modeling their wedding and gift bags after the royal couples style


I had no idea people would be selling the wedding bag favors from Megan Markle's wedding on eBay. To me that just seems wrong but hey I guess maybe they wanted inspiration for recreating it too