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"The mother of the bride" is a big title to have in a wedding. She's the emotional support, the one with words of wisdom and the one expected to do many of the tasks. It's the biggest day of a bride's life so the mother needs to be ready for anything and everything. We've got a mother of the bride checklist with 9 mother of the bride tips so stress is thrown out the door.

The Mother of the Bride Checklist

1. Wedding Dress Shopping

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Saying "yes" to the dress is a huge deal so bringing mom along is important as she is the perfect partner for wedding dress shopping. She'll give honest feedback and maybe even shed a tear or two! The bride can drag her along to bridal salons and trunk shows to find the best dress. Even if you don't want mothers opinion, you should still include her in this special moment.

2. A Dress for Mom

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The bride isn't the only one that needs a memorable dress! The mother of the bride needs to shine, yet not overshadow her daughter in a gorgeous dress. The bride should help pick it out so she loves it just as much as her mom. It's customary for the bride to approve what her parents wedding attire!

3. Understand What Family Traditions to Use

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Traditions are often a very important part of a wedding. Moms are usually the best at knowing the crazy trivia of the family. She'll know the traditions she used in her wedding, and maybe even what her mother used in her wedding. Passing on these traditions is fun and meaningful for the entire family.

4. Identify Wedding Venues

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Moms love to help with researching and looking for wedding venues. She can accompany the couple to the venues to check them out and give another set of eyes. She can even call the venue for available dates and pricing so the bride isn't so overwhelmed with her list.

5. Using Mom as a Contact Point

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As we stated before, the bride is often overwhelmed with a crazy long to-do list. Mothers of the bride make great reference points to take that stress of the bride. They can be used as the contact point for performers, caterers, venues, and/or whomever else is involved in the wedding. They'll love being in the middle of the mix helping out. Arm mom with a weekend or day-of wedding schedule so she can help field questions.

6. Helping the Bride Into Her Veil

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The veil is such a beautiful part of the wedding attire. It's tradition that Mom helps the bride into her wedding dress then places the veil on her head. Of course, sometimes there's a few people helping with this tradition as it takes an army at times to get the bride into her dress! This makes for a stunning photo opportunity!

7. Pre-wedding Event Planning

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Let's be honest, a wedding isn't ever just a wedding. This is an event that lasts for days or even weeks. Moms get to help in the planning of the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower(s), the engagement party, and any other party for the couple.

Sometimes the bride's family chooses to host a party so the mother of the bride takes on even more responsibility. It's usually fun for the mom to get to be involved in all aspects of party planning as she prepares to give away her daughter's hand in marriage so it's a great time. Gift mom a "Mother of the Bride" pin so she is easy to find at all these events.

8. Mother of the Bride Takes Their Place at the Ceremony

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The mother of the bride has many eyes on her as she rallies around her daughter. This is a big day for her as her little girl becomes a bride. Traditions for the order of processional during the wedding vary in different religions.

In Christian weddings, the mother is often walked to her seat by an usher. In the Jewish tradition, many times both parents walk their daughter down the aisle. Hindu tradition involves the bride's mother pouring water over the husband's hands. No matter where she sits, stands or walks, her poise and class during this moment is so special to the entire family and congregation.

9. What Gift Should The Mother of the Bride Give to the Bride?

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It's often hard for the family to figure out what gift the mother of the bride should give to the bride. Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the wedding so a gift to the bride might seem like overkill, but mothers love their daughters in overkill so another gift won't make a difference. The main gift from a mother should be her love and support overall.

If she wants to go for a material possession, something meaningful is the next best thing. After that, it's all about relaxation. A spa day, a wine tasting and/or a weekend retreat will help the bride's stress levels come back to normal after the wedding. Gifting the bride a piece or jewelry, a hanky, or something else sentimental is common on the bride's wedding day.

Basic Mother of the Bride Speech Tips

The toast is an important job for the mother of the bride. Mother of the bride speech tips have to be given because all eyes are on the mother's poise, class, and beauty as she delivers this speech. It's important to be gracious to all guests.

Many guests travel from far away for weddings so it's important to give a heartfelt thank you. Mom should share sweet, touching stories of the bride and the couple. She can give an insight to the couple so people can share in their love story. It's great to always end with a collective toast. Raise your  toasting flutes to the happily ever ending for the couple.

What does the mother of the bride pay for?

It comes down to the each couple as they decide the answer to the question, what does the mother of the bride pay for? Traditionally the bride's family pays for the wedding dress, the wedding itself and sometimes the shower. These days the old school rules don't really apply so it's up to each couple on wedding budgets and checklists.

Remember Why She’s There

The mother of the bride tips concludes with remembering why she's there in the first place. The mother of the bride is sharing in this special time of life with her baby girl. She needs to also remember why she's there. She isn't there to take over all of the wedding, but to savor this time. She's there for assistance, guidance, and love for the couple.

This is a time the bride and mom will remember forever so it's important it's a time filled with happiness. Remember there are no set traditions for the mother of the bride because each wedding and new tradition can be invented as it happens. The only tradition to truly remember is it's all about love and family.

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