15 Easy Ways to DIY Bridal Shower Favors

paper flowers bridal shower favors
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DIY Bridal Shower Favors are a wonderful addition to have at your bridal shower. The fact that you put in the effort and thought into making or purchasing the perfect party favor for your guests is a wonderful gesture. It lets them know that you really do care about your friends and family that are taking time out of their busy lives to celebrate you and your special day. Your wedding shower gift bags will help your loved ones feel as special as they are to share this special time in your life, with you. This guide will help you to choose practical bridal shower favors to share with your guests.

Amazing places to look for DIY Bridal Shower Favor inspirations include but are not limited to:

Etsy where you can find crafting supplies and personalized and customizable items to put into your wedding shower gift bags. Pinterest is a site in which anyone can share DIY ideas, opinions on what works and what does not work and so much more. Wedding Favors Unlimited
, is a virtual store where you can look at bridal shower favors that are of interest to you. You can make your decision according to specific size, shape, color, type and many more possibilities.

The 15 Best Bridal Shower Ideas:

1. Personalized Spa Kit Jars

DIY Spa Box
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These are practical bridal shower favors that are great for helping your loved ones pamper themselves without the hefty price of an actual spa. Most often, for these jars, you will choose a relaxing scent to theme the jar around. You can also add, bath bubbles, bath bombs, facial wash or masks, foot scrubs, manicure and pedicure sets and more.

2. Tea Cups

DIY tea cup candles
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These DIY bridal shower favors can be filled with anything that you might expect to find at a tea party. Some of these items can be different types of tea, maybe some heart shaped sugar cubes, a little container of honey, crackers and a flameless candle, a small personal tea cup and saucer will make this party favor one of the best bridal shower favors ever.

3. DIY Sweets Bag

DIY sweets bag wedding favor
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These candy bags have a bit of a variety of options when you are customizing them. You can fill these with edible sweets such as candies, mints, chocolates and more. Or you can fill these with sweet smelling, yet not edible sweets, such as delicious smelling sugar scrubs, bath bombs and more. Your party guests will love these no matter what you fill them with.

4. Hair Tie Favors

hair tie bridal shower favors
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With these hair tie favors, you can provide your guests with one or multiple wedding themed hair ties. They can even be personalized in order to utilize your own wedding theme or names in the design. These are usually given out on a card with that has a specific message, note, name, date, etc on it. You can also purchase thee hair ties in a wide range of colors and personalized cards, or you can customize them yourself.

5. Thank You Soap Favors

Source: The Little Flower Soap Co

These bridal shower favors to make yourself are basically personal sized soaps that can come in a variety of colors. You are able to choose what color, scent, and sometimes even a design that will be printed on them. If you choose to make these on your own and you do not have the equipment to place a design on them, you can just add a card or label to them and personalize them.

6. Engagement Ring Pens

engagement ring favors
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Engagement ring pens are sure to be a hit at your bridal shower! Everyone needs a writing utensil at some point so you know these will be used. Place a bunch of them in a cup to double as cute table decor. Maybe you can even use them as a form of a bouquet center piece.

7. TicTac Labels

mint bridal shower favors
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These just might be the most practical and best bridal shower favors ever. You can make these at home on your computer or you can purchase them. Usually you will purchase these labels then add them to tictac containers yourself. Everyone will appreciate these, especially after they have eaten lunch or had beverages.

8. DIY Bottle Openers

bottle openers wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Bottle openers can be personalize to have your wedding date and names on them. Any of your guests that like to enjoy the occasional bottled beverage, will enjoy this gift and will remember your special day every time they use it.

9. Luggage Tags

luggage tag bridal shower favors
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Luggage tags are a cute bridal shower party favor especially when you are having a destination wedding. In the event that this is the case, these might be a very practical gift that helps your guests to better locate their luggage when in an airport or hotel situation.

10. Flower Crowns

flower crown station
Source: Gathered Living

These bridal shower favors to make yourself would be a cute addition to your do-it-yourself bridal shower. Everyone at the shower will receive one and then have the option to wear them to your big day. This helps to make your guests feel more like they are a part of your big day. Make a flower crown station at your bridal shower for an activity for everybody to bond.

11. Painted Matchboxes

matchboxes bridal shower favors
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Personalized matchboxes are practical for your guests that like candles. If I were to give these out as a party favor, I would most likely add a personalized candle for them to also enjoy. Create a personalized set to give out as party favors!

12. Paper Flowers

paper flowers bridal shower favors
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These are a cute addition to your bridal shower that your guests will enjoy. They might be best displayed as a table center piece and then taken home by your guests at the end. This way they double as decor and as bridal shower favors for the guests!

13. DIY Wine Glasses

wine glass bridal shower favors
Source: The Knot Shot

This is a popular party favor that normally comes personally etched with your names and wedding date. Your guests can use these for anything. Set them out for guests to enjoy at your bridal shower if you are serving champagne!

14. Jars of Jam

jam bridal shower favors
Source: Etsy

Yum! Jars of jam would be an amazing party favor if you had small jars with different flavors. They would also go well with an addition of crackers. Add a personalized label for the ultimate shower favor!

15. Envelope Sachets

lavender bridal shower favors
Source: Etsy

This is a cute idea to fill with potpourri. Once taken home your guests can add these to their jackets, purses, luggage, car, dresser drawer and more. Incorporate a station at your bridal shower where guests can fill these small bags with dried lavender or other fragrant things.

Is there any bridal shower favor we are missing on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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