Unique Fall Wedding Color Schemes for a Rustic Wedding

amber_and_copper_ fall wedding
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How to Celebrate Your Fall Wedding in Style

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Many couples are electing to marry in the fall. In fact, a 2016 study found that 16% are marrying in October or September vs 13% in June. Fall is a very rustic and romantic time of year that is perfect for an elegant wedding with plenty of options for unique fall wedding color schemes. Any wedding starts with the color scheme and fall weddings are no different.

When the leaves change, a host of new color options open up for everything from centerpieces to dining. There are so many beautiful flowers that are bloom in the fall season that match the colors of the changing leaves but also introduce new colors, such as deep purples. It is a great time to add some DIY fall wedding ideas to your decoration and fall wedding centerpieces.

Best Color Schemes for Fall

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A color scheme is one of the major things that are important for fall wedding ideas. It helps to determine centerpieces, decorations, and bridesmaids dresses. There are plenty of options that are available for fall. They open the door for some gorgeous rustic, yet elegant designs that bring your wedding to the next level with a backdrop of leaves changing into different brilliant colors. Below are some of the best unique fall wedding color schemes.

Dark Green and White

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Dark green makes the perfect complement to a white wedding dress which makes it a great look for the bridesmaids. These colors are great for rustic weddings because they are very muted and don't take away from what the wedding is really about you. Candles laying across the table with dark green vines and leafy plants are great for centerpieces.

Deep Purple

deep purple fall color palette
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No, not the band. We're talking about the color purple and its usability in either fall or spring weddings. Either way, purple gives off a sense of royalty that any bride will gladly welcome. Purple flowers and berries are gorgeous for centerpieces and deep purple is a great color to combine with white and soft cream tones.

Cerulean and Pink

pink and cerulean fall wedding color scheme
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Fall doesn't have to be dark or drab, you can sport something light and uplifting if you'd like. After all, it's a wedding, not a funeral. Try a theme with light blue (cerulean) and pink with cream colors to anchor it. It's great for bridesmaids dresses as well as table centerpieces. Light and soft colors are a great pop of colors to combine with an autumn theme or early winter wedding such as in bridesmaids dresses and flowers.

Magenta and Crimson

magenta and crimson fall wedding
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Color your wedding like a sunset, synonymous with autumn being the proverbial "sunset" of the year. Crimson is a great color for bridesmaids dresses because the color will make your white wedding dress pop more than it already will. White pairs very well with these colors without them clashing. Magenta and crimson are an awesome color combination for anybody liking a bright palette over a dark and moody palette or a pastel color scheme.

Amber Hue

amber_and_copper_ fall wedding
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For those who are looking for a more traditional fall color scheme, try an amber yellow hue. It's especially great for centerpieces. There are plenty of fall flowers that fall under these tones, and you can add some layers to your centerpieces with great fall leaves. Or try swapping your clear glass vases for amber bottles!


pumpkin fall wedding color palette
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Hey, it's pumpkin spice season-- we'd be remiss not to mention a pumpkin color wedding scheme complete with sage tones. These soft tones are great for centerpieces and decoration, plus a lot of fall flowers are naturally in these tones. Lanterns with candles can add some dimension and elegance.

Fall Centerpiece Ideas

fall wedding centerpiece ideas
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With fall being a great setting for rustic yet elegant weddings, there is a wide range of options for fall wedding centerpieces that fit perfectly with your theme. You can still do the traditional flower type of centerpieces because there are some great fall flowers that will work perfect for a fall theme, but you can also get creative and change it up, such as using pumpkins or berries. Below are a few of the rustic fall wedding ideas that you can use for your centerpieces.

Painted Mason Jars with Fall Flowers

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A tasteful DIY wedding idea-- paint the mason jars in nice muted colors and use light orange or amber flowers to fill them with. To  match with the color scheme and flowers, you can add a nice bow made of twine for more dimension and texture. This is one of many great DIY fall wedding ideas that you can implement.

Tall Vase with Skinny Flowers

fall wedding decor
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A tall, thin vase with skinny, sparsely populated flowers has an appropriate late autumn early winter look. For some added details, you can have vine flowers that will hang below the other flowers as if following the vase, or you can fill the vase with fairy lights. Or try wrapping the outside of the vase with twine!

Mini Pumpkins instead of Flowers

mini pumpkin centerpiece
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Why not take your fall immersion to the next level? Ditch the flowers and fill your vase with mini pumpkins. If you are afraid it will be too plain, you can get them in a verity of pumpkin colors, such as different oranges, yellows, and beiges. Or spread pumpkins in different sizes across the middle of the table for a centerpiece. You can incorporate the pumpkin theme further using pumpkin place card holders.

Tea Candles

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Fill small, wide vases with water, and place tea candles on top. For a more detailed look, you can do the same thing with a tall vase and just add something within the water that would not float or can be forced to stay down, such as flowers and decorative wire designs. Candles automatically make your wedding venue feel rustic and romantic.

Wheat and Berries

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For a quintessentially rustic feel, try filling vases with strands of wheat and other berries. You can also fill the vase with berries on their stems, and if you want a more country and rustic feel, you can use a mason jar instead of a vase. Using dried flowers of any kind feel totally autumnal, and even better yet, will last long to take home centerpieces!

Celebrate Autumn in Style

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For your autumn wedding, set the scene accordingly with fall decorations, festive centerpieces, autumnal florals, and  bridesmaids dresses that compliment your wedding dress. There is a wide range of options for color schemes, and I did not even cover them all, so if you have any ideas, please let us know. Tell us what wonderful centerpieces you have or will be doing and what fall wedding ideas you now have!

Now that you have a few rustic fall wedding ideas, comment below some of the great ones you have used or might use.

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Love the fall colors and what a great read on how to incorporate them into a fall wedding.