21 Favors for your Spring 2020 Wedding

bath salt favors
Source: Etsy
It's a new season and a new decade what better time to have a wedding? Spring has always been a popular time for weddings with nature in full bloom providing the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous wedding, but finding amazing favors can seem like a daunting task for even the most prepared bride. Spring 2020 is a new start for many and it’s a great date for a wedding to take place. Whether you're looking for unique wedding favors or simple wedding favors here are the best favor ideas to help you reign in the new decade in style.

1. Spring-Themed Fortune Cookies

fortune cookie wedding favors
Source: Pinterest
Share your fortune with your guests, or at least help them see their own good fortune with these fun, spring-themed gourmet fortune cookie favors.
 These cookies are completely customizable, choose from the four flavor combinations and use the pre-set fortunes or create your own!

2. Delicious Green Mints

Source: DIY Crafts
Green is the color of spring (unofficially). So why not give your guests a favor that’s fit for the season. How about a little box with green mints to make them feel refreshed.
 One of our favorite simple wedding favors, these delicious mints will have guests recalling your wedding every time they need a little pick-me-up.

3. Personalized Spring Rose Tall Tumbler

personalized tumblers
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited
Tumblers are all the rage these days. Give your guests a personalized container they won’t forget with this personalized spring rose tall tumbler. These spring wedding favors are not only beautiful but also functional which will leave your guests truly delighted.

4. Bath Salt Favors

bath salt favors
Source: Etsy
Spring is associated with fresh, flowery scents. Handing out small tubes of bath salts is a generous offering that brings a spa-like experience to your guests. For a more personal touch customize the bath salts to match your color scheme or with your favorite scent.

5. Succulents

succulent wedding favors
Source: Pinterest
A small succulent is great for the kitchen or living space or even for someone’s desk at work.
 Known for their beautifully neutral colors and easy-care, succulents are certain to make one of the best wedding favors of 2020.

6. Tealight Holder

candle holder wedding favors
Source: Personalized Favors
Combine flowers and candles into this ambiance-creating springtime wedding favor. These tea light candle holders sure to help your guests relax while appreciating the thought you put into such a wonderful favor.

7. Candle Tins

Source: Foxblossom
Personalize these with the wedding date and couple’s initials if you’d like. These candle tins are a romantic, personal touch your guests will cherish in the seasons to come. Created with natural soy wax and premium oil blends these candle tins are sure to bring fond memories of your wedding.

8. Personalized Spring Rose Tote

personalized tote
Source: David's Bridal
A little spring tote bag with each of your guest’s names written on it is the perfect favor that they will surely cherish. This fun, stylish gift is perfect for days out in the sunshine!

9. Personalized Party Straw Flags

party straw flags
Source: My Wedding Favors
Party straw flags are a nice touch for a spring garden party wedding. They can be done in any wedding theme, colors, or style. Add your dates and wedding details to customize them!

10. Botanical Garden Stemless Wine Glass

stemless wine glasses
Source: Factory 21 Store

Stemless wine glasses are all the rage, so why not give your guests a pair of wine glasses. After all, it’s a wedding. No harm in classing it up. Customizing these wine glasses will give them an even more personal touch that your guests are sure to love.

11. Jam & Honey

honey and jam wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

Spring is a jam and honey time of year. Let your guests enjoy a small set of yummy jam flavors for attending your wedding.
 The happy couple can make these 2020 wedding favors personal by picking a favorite flavor or by choosing a locally produced option, either way, guests will delight in this treat.

12. Golf Balls

golf ball wedding favors
Source: Etsy

If the married couple is avid golfers, then supplying guests with small white gift boxes that can carry a golf ball or custom golf balls is the perfect spring gift. For those in the know, spring is the start of the golf season.
 Giving such a personal favor is a great way to make your guests feel closer to you.

13. Wine Bottle Labels

personalized wine bottle labels
Source: Paper and Things

Whether it’s a red or white wine, spring is the perfect season to gift your guests a wine bottle with a custom label. Don’t be afraid to be a wine enthusiast sometimes.
 These custom labels will ensure that your guests enjoy your selection even if it isn't their personal favorite.

14. Spa Kimono

kimono wedding favor
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Help your guests arrive at the spa in style with a kimono that’s perfect for springtime.
 This functional and beautiful option is definitely one of our most unique wedding favors and will leave your guests excited for their next opportunity to relax.

15. Hand-Held Folding Silk Fans

silk fans wedding
Source: Ebay

Brightly colored for springtime, these Asian themed fans are as fun as they are elegant. A unique item for a spring outdoor wedding that your guests will enjoy using during the ceremony and in their own home. For especially warm spring days, it can help guests feel cool.

16. Moscow Mule Copper Mug

copper cups weddings favors
Source: Pinterest

Springtime is a good time to enjoy Moscow mules. Let your guests take one home with unique personalization of either the couple’s name or the guests’ names themselves on these copper mugs.
 Even the non-drinker will enjoy these beautiful and rustic 2020 wedding favors.

17. Lace Covers for Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

lace mason jars
Source: WeddingonMania

A fun DIY wedding favor for your guests. These lace covers for Mason jars are the perfect mix of elegant and rustic, they're sure to be a welcome addition to any home!

18. Butterfly Soap

butterfly soap
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

What says springtime more than butterflies. A bar of butterfly soap is the perfect little favor to help usher in the new season.
 These beautiful butterflies will match any color scheme and the guests will delight in the realistic details.

19. Spring-themed Cookies

spring themed cookies
Source: Etsy

These spring-themed cookies are a tasty way to usher in the new year, and spring season in general.
 These springtime wedding favors are completely customizable and come wrapped in a cellophane bag with ribbon. Your guests will be delighted with such a unique gift to take home!

20. Sandalwood Hand Fan Favors

Source: SJS Events

Similar to our silk fans, these are a nice, light favor for your spring wedding guests. The neutral design, light scent, and intricate details make these sandalwood fans ideal for use any time and anywhere which is sure to win them a spot as one of the best wedding favors of 2020.

21. Personalized Wedding Sunglasses

personalized sunglasses
Source: Catch My Party

Is your spring wedding planned for a sunny day? Give your guests some protection with these stylish, personalized sunglass wedding favors. Give different colors to the team groom and team bride for a fun mix. Your guests are sure to be reaching for these favors on every sunny day!

Are there any spring wedding favors we missed on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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