11 Ideas for Indian Wedding Welcome Bags

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Wedding welcome bags or tote bags are a very thoughtful thing to provide for your out of town guests as a simple "thank you for attending, we're happy you made it, gift." We have rounded up 11 ideas to include in your Indian wedding welcome bags.

What Makes an Indian Wedding Wedding Unique?

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Practically every bride and groom provide them, and they are popular for all cultures, but a little more thought and attention needs to be made when selecting the gifts for an India themed wedding as often guests travel very far, and important cultural traditions are also at play.

After all, Indian weddings typically last three days and are among the most elaborate and involved of all wedding ceremonies.

The Misri

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A formal engagement party dating back to the Rig Veda, it involves elaborate ceremonies by married women to Lord Ganesha over a pot of crystallized sugar, puja's, the exchanging of garlands and gold rings, and gifts from the grooms family and the feeding of Misri to seal the engagement.

The Sangeet Party

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Sometimes individually, often together, the family's get together to sing and dance. The sangeet is where the party begins. Sangeet translates to ‘sung together’. Traditionally it involves only the women, but more modern takes also involve the men.

The Mehendi

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The night before the wedding, the bride is wished good health and long, happy life by elaborately decorating her with Henna. The Mehendi party is when the bride's hands and feet are stained with Mehendi or henna.

Indian Wedding Gift Favors

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All three ceremonies will be expected but so are Indian wedding gift favors. Indian wedding welcome bags have been standard for generations. Be sure and follow tradition and provide Indian wedding welcome bags for your guests.

For certain key members of the family, a gift bag will not be enough. It's generally standard practice to provide Indian wedding welcome basket gifts for important key members of the wedding. Again Indian wedding welcome basket gifts are expected.

In this article we've included some great Indian wedding gift ideas for guests:

Custom Labeled Water Bottles

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Custom labeled water bottles are a very clever gift in that it not only keeps your
guests hydrated but have infinite possibilities such as a photo label of the bride and groom.

Welcome Note for Indian Wedding

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It is customary and very nice to receive a welcome note for an Indian wedding from either the bride or the groom's family. Make it personal to each guest so they can feel special!

A Detailed Itinerary

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As this may be a 3-day affair, your guests will appreciate a nicely printed card of the itinerary, and on the backside, directions if there are more than one event locations.

Non-Perishable Snacks

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Since Indian wedding ceremonies can be lavish but also long, your guests will appreciate things to snack on. Nuts, figs, dates, and Indian bread are what you are looking for. Just enough to tide them over before the feasting starts. Use custom packaging to tie in your wedding theme.

Chocolates and Mints

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Chocolate is appreciated anytime. Just remember to pack them in waxed paper, and then covered with foil, and finally, a decorative cardboard box as you don't want them to melt in warm weather. Personalized chocolate favors are always a hit with guests!

Thoothukudi Macaroons

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A combination of egg whites, sugar and cashews, this traditional treat will melt in your guest's mouth, will stave off hunger, and remind your guests they are part of the family. Thoothukundi macaroons are very easy to make, and chances are, at least one member of the family not only loves to bake them but is renowned for macaroons. Serve in festive, colored boxes for an added touch.

Gold Indian Elephant Photo Frame

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For special guests, nothing says family like a gold Indian elephant photo frame. You can insert a small photo of the bride and groom, or you can simply include an engraved card with the name of the bride and groom. Either way, these are fantastic gifts for the special members of the wedding party.

Candy Tins

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Tins of candy are great little gifts, and the fantastic thing is that they can usually be obtained with decorative art, such as Indian Gods, recreations of the Bhagavad Gita, Yantras and more. In fact, even if they don't eat the candy, they will eagerly take the tins home to use as jewelry and earring boxes, sewing kits, or just shelf decorations.

Kaju Katli

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Kaju Katli is cashew slices, prepared by thickening milk and sugar, together with cashew nuts that have been soaked overnight or longer, and then ground into a paste. Although readily available in the marketplace, there tend to be a lot of contaminants with store-bought Kaju Katli, so most people make their own.

Just as in the case of Thoothukudi Macaroons
, there is bound to be an expert willing to make up huge batches of this delightful treat, but in case no one volunteers, there are plenty of recipes on the net. Just be sure and bake a lot, because these treats go fast!

The Packaging

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Packing for wedding welcome bags are available at a wide variety of sources. Some brides and their families prefer ornate, box wedding gift bags, which are usually obtained through special printers. Others prefer to go the classic tote route and have their totes custom printed.

An important consideration is the size of the gift bag. Even if you go the stationary route, which is very decorative, they tend to be slightly on the smaller side. So consequently, many families choose to do both. They may have a mix of printed and ornate cardboard stationery boxes, and then for special guests, stow everything in a larger, custom printed tote.

Do you agree with our list? Did we miss anything?

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Of course, brides, grooms and their families may have unique traditions of their own, so this is just a starting point. Do you agree with our list? Was there anything missing?

We'd love to have your comments, and also see photos of your own Indian wedding traditions.

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