21 Favors for your Summer 2020 Wedding

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With the 2020 wedding season around the corner, the clock is ticking on making the final choices for dresses, shoes, and decorations. If you are one of the fortunate brides who have already made your final selection, you quickly realize there is still much more work to be done. One of the last to-do items on your list includes getting party favors for your guests. In your mind, you want to make sure you're getting the best gift to show the greatest appreciation to your friends and loved ones. So, the question remains, how do you make the decision to select the right party favors for your guests? After all, these are the people who you love and people who love you the most, therefore, giving any party favor just won't do.

There is a multitude of ways to find summertime wedding favors. A quick online search could yield various results for summer wedding favors. Since this is a great way to show gratitude to your guests, you want to make sure that your party favors are special and have a significant meaning for you and the groom to share with your loved ones.

Summer-themed wedding favors are so special because of the time of the year. June weddings, in particular, are so special because the ambiance of summertime is synonymous with charm, elegance, and romance. Traditionally summer weddings have been more popular for several reasons. The most common reason is the weather in June is great for weddings and travel during this time is great for families. For these reasons, it's no wonder the selection of unique wedding favors has to be at the top of your list. Some excellent summer wedding favors ideas could include anything from lotions and soaps to individually wrapped candies.

Aromatherapy Ideas


personalized lotion wedding favors
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Personalized lotions are also an excellent wedding favor. You could select lotions that have fresh floral fragrances that embody the spirit of the summer season. Who doesn't like having a great smelling bathroom or boudoir area?


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If you have a very considerate friend or relative, they could gift the guests' personalized candles. To take it a step further, you could have a fragrance bar that allows your guests to choose their soaps, candles, lotions and room sprays. You provide the beautifully decorated gift bags with nicely appointed tissue papers and your guess provides the desire to pick and choose their very own customized items. Now, how neat is that?


soap wedding favors
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Customized soaps in the shape of a heart are so appropriate for this time of year. After all, heart-shaped items signify love and romance. Couple that with the fragrant aromas of roses and peonies, and you have a beautiful and memorable summer wedding favors that are sure to make a lasting impression with your guests.

Room Spray

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Room sprays are a really neat gift for your wedding guests. An awesome way to incorporate this personalized gift into your wedding or reception is to have a personalized room spray bar. That's right. With 3 essential ingredients, your guests could make their own room sprays to fit their unique personalities. It is super easy and would be a wedding favor your guests would not soon forget.

Outdoor and Beach Themes

Summertime wedding favors can include items that can be used at the wedding and the beach. One really neat idea is to have beach buckets filled with sunscreens, sunglasses, flip-flops and bug sprays.


sunscreen wedding favors
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Personalized sunscreen is a great and practical gift for summer weddings. Include in their welcome bag especially if you plan on having wedding weekend related events such as pool parties and outside brunches. They will be sure to take home their gifts and use them for the rest of the summer!


sunglass wedding favors
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Sunglasses are another great summertime favor that are practical. Hand them out if you are planning to have outdoor weddings so you can shade guests' eyes while watching you tie the knot. They will be useful items they will cherish every time they put them on.

Bug Spray

bug spray wedding favors
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Personalized bug spray is a practical wedding favor to set out for guests to use during outdoor wedding activities. Set out baskets of them for guests to use or include in wedding favor bags to welcome guests.

Mini Water Bottles

beach water bottle labels
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Just remember, outdoor weddings bring outdoor heat so don't forget to have bins of ice-cold water for your guests. Put out bins of water for any activities and don't forget to include in their welcome bag as well. There is never too much water available to guests!

Glass Coasters

coaster wedding favors
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Other unique and thoughtful gifts could include succulent plants or glass coasters. The perfect gift for beach wedding guests will be able to take home their coasters and use them for the rest of the summer.

Tropical Beach Fans

fan wedding favors
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Gift them fans they will use for outdoor ceremonies or keep cool on the dance floor. Keep your guests cool with these tropical fans.

Beach Themed Lip Balm

lip balm wedding favors
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Maintain hydration on your lips with these beach-themed lip balms. They are the perfect small yet useful wedding favor to pass out when you want to thank guests with favors but don't want to spend a lot of money to do so.

Mini Beach Themed Honey Favors

beach-honey_ favors
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A personalized jar of honey is a sweet gift to show your friends and loved ones how much their presence is appreciated at your wonderful occasion. Honey is a great, sweet gift for summer

Tropical Round Candy Tins

beach themed candy tins
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Embrace the tropics with these convenient round candy tins your guests will love. You can fill them with mints, chocoaltes, or candies. Use this as an opportunity to fill them with you and your fiance's favorite snacks!

Mini Folding Beach Chairs

mini beach chairs
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If you really want to go over the top, gifting your guests with personalized folding beach chairs is sure to make a lasting impression with your loved ones. Planning an outdoor wedding can be so much fun.  These little chairs fold up just like real ones. You can get these personalized and feature fun messages for your guests.

Flip Flops

flip flop wedding favors
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There’s not a more comfortable way to shake your groove thang then in a pair of beach flip flops. Not only could these items be used at your outdoor wedding, but they are also great when transitioned to the beach. Flip flops can be exchanged for the high heels for the dance-off contest at the wedding reception.

Custom Flasks

personalized flask
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If you want to gift guests with a boozy fun favor, hand out custom flasks in your gift bags as wedding favors would show your thoughtfulness and consideration. They can put them to good use at your reception and at the after party!

Wine Stoppers

wine toppers
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Adding wine toppers are certain to last beyond your special day. As your guests use these items throughout the year, they will have a constant reminder of your special event.

Champagne Flute Favors

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Other great ideas would include items such as personalized bottles of wine or champagne. You could throw in a couple of wine glasses or champagne flutes to complete the gift sets for your guests

Other Summer Wedding Favors Ideas


succulent wedding favors
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Succulents are a great wedding favor because they are super durable for guests to take home and enjoy after the wedding. To double utilize them, incorporate them into a seating chart or name card display where you can lead guests to their seats and double as a wedding favor.

Olive Oil

olive oil wedding favors
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Flavored cooking oils is another excellent gift idea that would leave a lasting impression. Small bottles of olive oil can be infused with herbs like rosemary. This is an easy DIY that can be done before weddings to save money or you can purchase them as is.

Luggage Tags

luggage tag wedding favors
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Since the summertime is the season for travel, a very thoughtful gift would be luggage tags. After your guests have experienced the love and warmth of your occasion, they will be set to experience the warmth of the sun as they travel to the beach and other locations.

These are a few suggestions that could be used to make your wedding day special. Reach out to us and let us know your favorite ideas or give us input on other ideas we could incorporate. Let us know in the comments below!

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