11 Creative Ways to Add Cannabis into Your Wedding

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If you are a recently betrothed cannabis lover, you may be looking for ways to integrate the plant into your upcoming nuptials. There is a burgeoning new industry to help you achieve this goal if you are in a legal state. But where do you start? How can you incorporate cannabis theme wedding decor in your big day? Here are the 11 best ideas for a cannabis wedding.

1. Hire a Budtender

cannabis theme wedding decor
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A popular cannabis wedding request is for a budtender. Just like you may hire a bartender to serve alcohol, you can hire a budtender to serve marijuana. This person will oversee the consumption of marijuana to educate everyone on what is being offered and to ensure that no one consumes too much too quickly.

2. Wedding Favors

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One of the easiest ways to include cannabis in your special day is to give it to your guests as a wedding favor. This could be as simple as one or two pre-rolled joints in a festive bag for each couple. You could also include some flower in a small glass container in lieu of a joint.

3. Registry

Source: Married in Milwaukee

If you live in a legal state you may be able to coordinate with your favorite dispensary to choose some strains or edibles to add to your wedding registry. Love and Marij, a company specializing in weed weddings, has a cannabis registry tool for this purpose.

4. Cannabis Cake

weed wedding cake
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You could go big with a cannabis-infused wedding cake or just stick to cannabis theme wedding decor on the outside. This is a good choice if your wedding is a tiny intimate affair where you know everyone involved would enjoy an edible. Conversely, a chic, multi-tiered, and white wedding cake can be brought to life with a few expertly placed leaves or buds on a few tiers. This will match your weed wedding theme, without going all-in on a space cake.

5. Canna-cocktails

Source: Married in Milwaukee

Consider canna-cocktails as a way to incorporate cannabis into your wedding day. These are beverages that contain either CBD or THC with a mix of juices and garnishes to create a signature drink. If you do not want alcohol at your wedding, this could be a good way to appease the group who may expect an open bar. This is also great because those who wish not to consume THC can have a CBD cocktail and still have the experience. Cannaconnection has a myriad of options for this type of cocktails.

6. Wedding Party Gifts

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If you and your fiancé are planning to have a wedding party, cannabis-themed gifts can help get the party started. You can go as simple as a few pre-rolled joints, edibles, or opt for some weed-themed merchandise to match your crew.

7. Wedding Accessories

weed wedding accessories
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Bride and Groom accessories can also be weed-themed and can provide the cherry on top of your weed wedding. A golden marijuana leaf emblazoned headband or rings made of marijuana and resin can bring your theme to the altar. Etsy has a lovely selection of items for this purpose.

8. Bud Bouquet

weed wedding bouquet
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Another way to bring weed to your wedding is to incorporate the actual plant into the bride's bouquet. You can pair a bud with roses, or your favorite flower, for a unique twist on the traditional bouquet. Leafly has a great piece on how to select and acquire a weed bouquet for your big day. This can also be extended to your centerpieces so every table matches your bouquet.

9. Cannabis Theme Wedding Decor

Source: Mary Jane's Medicinals

In addition to the bouquet, cannabis-themed decor can be incorporated into your weed wedding in many other ways. Incorporate into your wedding centerpieces, include weed leaf motifs in custom napkins, or include a single bud on each guests' plate and name card.

10. Cannabis Friendly Venue

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If you want to incorporate cannabis into your wedding in any way, it is important to know that your venue is cannabis-friendly as well. Because marijuana laws differ from state to state, guidelines are often unclear, resulting in public venues often refraining from allowing the use of cannabis on their property. It may be easier to host the wedding at a private home in order to remain legal.

11. Inform your Guests

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A cannabis wedding does not have to be about enjoying marijuana on a recreational level. It can also just be a heads up to your guests that imbibing in marijuana for medication or other reasons is acceptable. It is also important to make sure your guests know what they are getting into, this will ensure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Whatever way you choose to infuse cannabis into your big day, be sure to do it safely and with the consent of all involved.

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