11 Most Unusual Wedding Traditions from Around the World

wedding traditions
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A wedding is a very important ceremony in every person's life. Some of the wedding traditions around the world might shock you! There are many different rituals that are followed. But it is interesting to know about all the different wedding traditions around the world. In this article, eleven of the most unusual wedding traditions are explained and the reason behind the process.

Beating the Groom’s Feet

wedding traditions
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It is a tradition in South Korea to beat the groom's feet with bamboo sticks and dead fish. According to the South Korean marriage tradition, it is done so the groom can be strong to handle the coming responsibilities on his shoulders of the family.

Practicing Crying

Chinese wedding traditions
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Many people might find it strange but it actually happens in China. Before a Chinese wedding, the bride has to practice for an hour to cry properly at the wedding. This is done daily for a period of over one month so the bride can cry perfectly at the wedding.

Giving a Whale’s Tooth to the Father in Law

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What do you think would be the most appropriate gift for your would-be father-in-law? In Fiji, it is a ritual to gift the father of the girl you proposed to a whale's tooth. It is very common to see young men gifting their future father-in-laws a necklace made of whale tooth. It is one of the cultural wedding traditions in Fiji weddings that every groom has to do.

Human Carpet in French Polynesia

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Well, who doesn't want to walk on the red carpet on the night of their wedding? But you'll find the ritual of the human carpet to be very different in French Polynesia. After the end of the wedding, the close relative of the bride and groom all lie down on the floor with their facedown and forms a human carpet for the newlyweds to walk over. It can be placed as one of the weirder wedding traditions in the world.

Holding in your Faculties in Borneo

wedding traditions
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Now this one might really shock you! It is a ritual in Borneo in a community called Tidong to lock the bride and groom to test their bond. The challenge is that they are not allowed to use the toilet which means they are not allowed to urinate or defecate. This test is somehow aimed to make the bond of the future couple stronger. It is one of the weird wedding traditions that can be found in the world.

Elders Watching the Bride and Groom During the Wedding Night

wedding traditions
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Imagine being watched on your wedding night by an elder that is your relative. This is what actually happens in Uganda. At the wedding night, an elder is present with the newlywed couple and they stay as a witness as the couple consummates their marriage. It is the job of the elderly person to make sure that the bride is a virgin. It is certainly one of the unique wedding traditions that can be found all around the world.

Breaking Porcelain

german wedding traditions
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In a German wedding, there is a ritual named Polterbend. On the night before the wedding, the relatives of the bride and the groom gifts the future couple some porcelain made utensils which later they break. The broken utensils are believed to bring in the life of the future couple. It is certainly one of the most unique wedding traditions that are practiced in the world.

Wooden Spoon of Love

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In Wales, the grooms are required to gift their newly bride a wooden spoon of love. The wooden spoon of love is a symbol of a promise that a groom makes to his new wife. The wooden spoon of love indicates that he would never let his wife go hungry in her life. It is a very romantic gesture and it is definitely one of the most cultural wedding traditions of the world.

Swedish Kissing Party

Swedish kissing party
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In a Swedish Wedding Ceremony, there is a ritual which gives the men in the room an opportunity to kiss the bride when the groom leaves the room for any reason. Similarly, if the bride leaves the room then the women in the room stand up to kiss the groom.

Killing a Baby Chick

Chinese wedding tradition
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This ritual is followed in Mongolia and some parts of China where the bride and groom have to hunt for a good liver inside a baby chick. They cannot set a date for their wedding until the liver of the baby chick turns out to be good.

Making the Bride Bigger

wedding traditions
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Bigger brides are considered lucky in Mauritania and there are fat farms that do the job of making brides bigger before their marriage. Although this tradition is somewhat controversial, it is still very popular in this West African country.

So what do you think? Are there any other unique wedding traditions from around the world we left out?

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