13 Most Common Wedding Superstitions People Follow

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Ah, the wedding day can be filled with joy, laughter, and tears, but with wedding day superstitions beliefs set by history, unrealistic expectations may plague your special day or bring you a happy future.

Let's look at the difference between wedding day traditions and wedding day superstitions: traditions are historically how a wedding is supposed to be conducted from wedding showers to the honeymoon. It is traditional to marry in a church or throw rice at the couple leaving for their honeymoon.

Superstitions, on the other hand, are unscientific beliefs with reality to avoid jinxing your marriage or the special day. For instance, seeing the bride before the wedding. However, these traditions and myths have been repeated over centuries; many have merged into a ritual. Cultures influence superstitions all around the world; in fact, some have a wedding month superstitions. One area of the world may see something as good luck, while another culture may see it as bad luck.

Good Luck

Source: Best Life

Unless you are an ex, most individuals, wish good luck and hope for a good future for a couple. Good luck on your wedding day has been a tradition since the beginning over the centuries more myths have formed into mainstream beliefs as facts for good luck. There is no scientific fact behind the theories; some are pure fun others have some of the stupidest ideas. On an interesting note, what one culture beliefs provide good luck; other cultures believe the opposite. For example, some cultures think rain provides good luck on the wedding day others believe it is bad luck!

13 Most Common Wedding Superstitions

1. Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

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Very common that the groom should avoid the bride before the service or it will be bad luck for the marriage in the end. Although the belief is superstitious, it has become a significant tradition over the centuries. But originally meant for arranged marriages, so neither the bride or groom would back out.

2.Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

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How many movies have shown the husband carrying the wife through the front door? Just a tradition, right? This superstition has a ridiculous theory that evil spirits enter the feet of the wife, and be brought into the home. It was created to ward off demons that are lurking around the home, but this superstition has stayed around until today!

3. Rain Good Luck or Bad Luck?

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While many see rain as a bad thing on their wedding day, many cultures actually believe it is a sign of good luck. They believe the couple will be fertile and last long. Plus — umbrellas and rain can actually make for some great photo opportunities on your big day!

4. A Knife is NOT an Excellent Wedding Gift

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Please do not traumatize the couple by giving them a knife; it can symbolize lousy luck and that they are in a broken relationship.  They say if you gift a set of knives you place it over a penny that way it is a purchase and not a gift. Then you can avoid the bad luck of this superstition!

5. Stick with the Maiden Name Until You are Officially Married

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To make sure you don't jinx your luck, it is safer to not monogram or use the new last name until you are officially married! After your big day, feel free to utilize your new initials and monogram everything you can get your hands on! But traditionally, it is unlucky to use before it is official.

6.Wedding Day Tears

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Interestingly if you google crying on your wedding day, there will be links to help avoid crying on your wedding day. This goes entirely against tradition and superstitious belief that crying is good for the bride its help her get her feeling and may help to avoid tears during the marriage.

7. Bride's Garter Superstition

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We have all seen the creative ways the garter is removed from the bride. In medieval times this actually to let the nosey guest that the couple had hit the sheets. Nowadays, it is seen as a cheeky and fun tradition to involve on the big day with a garter toss.

8. Don't Forget the Cake Topper

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In the U.S., it became popular in the 1950s to symbolize a stable marriage but apparently was started in 1840 at the wedding of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. However, this the "historical fact" it probably started to cover up a flaw on the cake. Regardless, the cake topper is something that is still seen at most modern weddings!

9. Unlucky Saturdays

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The most popular day to marry is ACTUALLY the most unlucky day to tie the knot for couples. If this concerns you, maybe you should opt for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, all seen as lucky days to marry in many cultures. For more information on Good luck and bad luck, days check the best wedding dates.

10. Gossip Will Happen if You Don't Wear White

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For centuries white symbolize virginity or purity for the bride, so to avoid gossip, a bride should wear white. However, we all know that is a lie; there will be more gossip when a bride does wear white in many cases. It has actually become trendy to wear a non-white wedding dress — and they make for beautiful photos.

11. The Groom Better Have His Tie straight

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Pretty sure many brides would say this theory was a fact! If a groom with this tie crooked, that means he's been fooling around this one may have some truth to it. Make sure your groom always has a straight tie — and maybe a great tie clip to add to it.

12. Focus Looking Forward When Walking Down the Aisle

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To make sure your future spouse only has eyes for you, make sure they look forward when walking down the aisle. This superstition has been around for centuries; if either the groom or bride look left or right when they're walking down the aisle, that means they'll be cheating during the marriage. So, if you don't want a cheater, pay attention to where their eyes are drawn too!

13. Avoid Getting Married on the 13th

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Just like Friday the 13th, the number 13 has always been superstitious! It has been believed that you triple your chances of getting a divorce or having a disastrous marriage if you choose the 13th of any month. So if divorce rates are high, then the number 13th is to blame. According to the Asian culture, the best day to get married is August 8th, so I guess that should be there date every couple should choose or at least the 8th of any month.

After reviewing the list of superstitions and traditions, it is easy to see why there are so many bridezillas! Remember, it is your day! It is the couple's right to throw the type of celebration they see fit, whether that is throwing a traditional church wedding or run off to Vegas to elope. So, if you see fit to participate in wedding month superstitions, then have fun!

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