Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

bachelorette party
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This party is all about the bride-to-be — our lovely bachelorette — and her last hurrah as a single lady with her most trusted and fun girlfriends. Planning a bachelorette party is a big task, but with these bachelorette party planning tips, you will be celebrating your bachelorette in style! If you are planning a bachelorette party, here is everything you need to know to get started.

How to Get Started...the First Steps

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First things first… where is this party going to happen? Ask your bachelorette specific questions to find out what your bride-to-be would like to experience for her bachelorette party. Is your bachelorette participating in the planning or will it be a surprise? Remember, this is all about her, so make sure you know what she wants and expects.
Here are some great bachelorette party ideas from every girl blog: a crazy weekend away or casual evening at someone's house, bar hopping, and loud dance clubs or zipping through wine country in a limo. Need some more inspiration for bachelorette party themes?

Trust Your Instincts

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You’ve got this! Don’t spend time worrying about making everything perfect. She chose you for a reason, so stand confident that you are the right person to make this the party of her dreams. Assuming you know the bachelorette well, you should understand their interests.

Make it personal for the bride-to-be and be sure to consider her interests. This is a time to take your own wants and preferences out of the picture so you can give her the best send-off she could imagine. Don’t be afraid to ask her lots of questions so that you can meet her expectations for the best bachelorette party ever!

Your Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist

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Great! You have a good idea of what your bride-to-be wants for her bachelorette party experience, you have ideas for the place, you’ve seen more theme ideas than you knew possible and you have taken the time to look up all the good bachelorette party planning tips. Now it’s time to get down to the details of planning a bachelorette party! First, get everyone together and choose from unlimited bachelorette party themes.

Assemble a Taskforce of Fellow Ladies

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Make up a list of the bride-to-be’s besties and closest friends. Get them involved as soon as you can to help with planning. More heads are better than one, so get the troops together and brainstorm simple bachelorette party ideas for a theme, supplies, and experiences your bachelorette will enjoy. Her college roommate may know some good information than can add an extra personal touch for the future wifey, and her cousin from Wisconsin may have all the good bachelorette party ideas! Start to finalize any activities and the desired venue. Make sure you have a solid plan for what the theme of the party is, so you can start to plan all the details and gather all the supplies you will need.

Decide on the Bachelorette Party Budget

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Setting a spending budget before anything is booked is critical. You will be able to keep costs reasonable. Once you have a plan, start researching venues and making lists of what you will need to purchase. Then make a budget, and stick to it! This will be easier to do with all the ladies in communication about the party. If someone has to drop out because of the budget, be understanding.

Book Your Venue Months in Advance

bachelorette party
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Whether it’s going to be at someone’s home or at an external venue, it’s important to plan accordingly. As soon as you know where you want the party to be, make sure the venue is available and make your booking if needed. Even if it’s just at someone’s house, make sure the space is available for the desired bachelorette party date. And if it’s at someone’s house then enlist the WFU Bachelorette Party Kit.

Supply List

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Looking the part takes the festivities to a new level of awesome. Hats, tiaras, matching outfits, it’s all extremely important to the bachelorette ensemble. No matter where your group gathers to celebrate you will look like a tribe and feel like a tribe. Other supplies to consider are decorations, food, bottled water, and maybe hangover supplements… because after all, it’s not breaking news that bachelorette parties are all about the booze! Do make sure you know your bachelorette’s choice in booze, not about her friends’ choice. So if you like rum and coke but your bachelorette enjoys margaritas, go with the latter.

Give Out The Right Bachelorette Party Favors

bachelorette party favors
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Send off the bride tribe with a keepsake of a great time you had celebrating the bachelorette's last moments as a single lady. Party favors can be simple or sensational and monogrammed. What was your favorite bachelorette party favor? From wine glasses to heart-shaped coasters, give your bachelorette the gifts they will remember forever.

There is a lot to consider and do to plan the perfect bachelorette party. With these bachelorette party planning tips and resources, you are already well on your way to giving your bachelorette the best send off ever! What is your best tip for pre-wedding festivities?

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