7 Indian Place Card Holders for Your Wedding

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Many people are stuck looking for ways they can celebrate a traditional Indian wedding by using appropriate place cardholders. The importance of Indian place cardholders in a traditional Indian wedding is hard to overstate and unless you are well versed in Indian culture you may not know the difference between Sacred elephant place card holders and more simple Indian table cardholders. In this article, we will help to break down some of the barriers to understanding Indian wedding traditions.

Your wedding day is most likely already a stressful enough affair. There is no reason to make it any more complicated than it needs to be. Instead of passing through historical Indian texts trying to decipher the cultural heritage of other people just take a few minutes and read through this guide of the basics on traditions in Indian marriage and the best place holders available for your wedding.

The Importance of Tradition in Indian Weddings

While most cultures have some type of tradition surrounding their marital practices there are few cultures that place more importance and significance on tradition than Indians. There are dozens of rituals for the most devout followers of ancient traditions although many of them have fallen out of practice in modern times.

One of the practices that are still alive and well is the use of Indian Table Card Holders to hold all of their place cards and keep everything decorated with traditional Indian and Hindu imagery at the same time. It is important to remember that even if the culture is not your culture that they are very important practices to the people who observe them. Taking a little bit of time to learn about the traditions of another culture is a great way to show respect and make an absolutely phenomenal first impression.

7 of the Best Indian Place Card Holders for Your Wedding

indian placecard holders
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Now that you know a bit about the importance of tradition in the weddings of Indian people traditionally it is time to start looking at some examples of what you might use as your place cardholder. We have collected seven of the best place cardholders around so you can find something that you like with ease.

There are a number of traditional objects that are made in the image of sacred Indian animals and other important figures. You can choose from place card holders that are shaped like oxen to teapot candle holders made in the shape of an elephant. There are plenty of options available so let’s get started.

1. Golden Elephant Place Card Holders

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The elephant is one of the most iconic pieces of Indian imagery. They are used as symbols of wisdom and good fortune. They would be a delightfully tasteful addition to your wedding diner formal wear setup. Impress others by giving them the good tidings with a nice golden elephant cardholder.

2. Lucky Brushed Silver Elephant Place Card Holders

indian placecard holders
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The use of some of these beautiful silver Indian elephants 
for your place card holders would be a nice way to showcase some more elephant imagery without something quite as flashy as gold. While gold is a great color it does not match all color schemes. If you want to use the lucky elephant but avoid gold this is a great option.

3. Lucky Elephant Tealight Candle Holder Favors

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These exotic tealight candles are great to help make a statement while revising some lighting at the same time. Creating a peaceful and serene ambiance is easy with the use of these place cardholders. They are great for parties or celebrations of any kind and they can also be used at a wedding. It is time to celebrate with these special candle holders.

4. Long Trunk Elephants

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These longer trunked elephants can hold your place cards in a way that is both elegant and carefree. They will add an air of freedom and prosperity to your next traditional Indian gathering. Many will rejoice to see the nice lucky elephant with its long truck holding their place card playfully.

5. Rupee Sign Table Place Card Holder

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If money is going to be the theme of your next traditional Indian wedding there is not a better choice than these place cardholders. They are designed to resemble the official Indian currency of the rupee. Whether you are planning to use these as a serious or satirical statement piece they are sure to draw attention. They will hold the place cards while showcasing the design of one of the world's most widely circulated currencies.

6. Teapot Place Card Holder

teapot placecard holders
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The teapot is just as familiar an item in Indian culture as it is in the British culture, largely owed to the occupation of the country by colonial British forces for hundreds of years. Either way today these are seen as family heirlooms and passed down through generations. The use of its image is an homage to past generations and tea lovers around the world. A message that surely will reverberate across space and throughout time breaking down cultural barriers along the way.

7. Animal Variety Place Card Holders

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The elephant is not the only sacred Indian animal. There is a mixture of Indian animals for your place card holders including oxen, elephants, and other animals. You can mix and match your favorite selection of animals or perhaps to show some respect and honor to specific guests figure out what their favorite sacred animal is and give them a matching place cardholder.

These are made with brass too so they should be heavy enough to be used outdoors even if there ends up being a decent amount of wind. The place cards should be held securely in place thanks to the higher density of this material. If you are planning on holding an outdoor wedding but also want to observe and show respect for Indian marital traditions there is not a better option currently available for you.

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