6 Things Your Wedding Guests Don't Care About

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If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you would know how stressful it can get. Trying to hit the right kind of perfect isn’t easy and requires a lot of planning to make sure no details fall through the crack. I would like to say that we put a lot of thought into even the tiniest details rather than say that we overthink things because that might really sound unfair.

Repurposing Your Time and Effort

wedding portrait
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There are times when we would put so much thought and effort into certain details, and even spend a lot of money on these items. When you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to be smart about the details so that you’re not putting in so much time on something that not a lot of people would even notice.

You need to remember to keep things organized and on time while making sure everything and everyone looks their best. If you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, make sure you spend time on things that matter instead of on things that people wouldn’t even notice. Check out this list of the top areas people don’t often pay attention to at weddings.


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We often want to make an impression especially when people first get the official invitation. When your guests open their invitations and see how beautiful it is, there will definitely be that moment of that awesome impression on your invitation. But unfortunately, there will be a lot of people who will not care about it either, and believe it or not, they will end up losing your invitation, or worse not throwing it in the trash.

Save yourself the time, money, and effort before you buy into the latest invitation trends. If you really need a physical invitation, especially for guests you need to reach out to by post, you can get these done by bulk. Nowadays, there are places and online stores that offer invitations in bulk order for a really affordable rate, Get these done and get them out. Most of everything is online now. You can even create a wedding website or a closed group for invitations online. Your guests can RSVP to your wedding online.

Individual Programs

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This is another pretty little detail you can choose to add to your wedding. But trust me when I say this -- it’s a waste of paper and time to do. First of all, checking out the line up of activities will be the last thing on your guests’ minds. It’s not an entire day’s activity where they need to know where they should be at particular hours of the day. Your guests might hold on to it for about five minutes, but once everything starts, they’re not going to be glancing at that piece of paper. Save the time, money and effort, and skip this.

The only time you should have a wedding program is if the ceremony has some special tradition that needs to be explained but for the most part, as necessary the officiant usually explains this as they go along.

Escort Cards

wedding escort card
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Another effort to make your wedding unique -- but yet another piece of paper that your guests will probably lose while they’re at your wedding. The idea of escort cards is to somewhat corral your guests and have them go to the seat they’re assigned for the rest of the program. To save you the time, effort, and of course money, create a large seating chart. This way, you can provide a central area for everyone to check for their places, and it will definitely save you your money.


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Signs make a beautiful addition to the overall look of your wedding. It’s one of those things that tie your wedding together. You can imagine when guests arrive at the venue, and they’ll see a sign that leads them to the ceremony area, or the wedding reception, or even where they can lounge for a bit while waiting for everything to get started.  These are great.

But not everyone notices wedding signs, and those who do only really need it for one purpose: to know where things are. While it may be a nice addition and another opportunity for your guests to say, “Oh, how nice,” just remember that you still have other details in your wedding that will really make an impact. It is not necessary to spend tons of hours or even a certain budget for signs.


wedding flowers
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Yes, we know. Flowers might seem like the ultimate requirement for your wedding. Sometimes, it’s even one of the things that might make a wedding memorable. Remember that flowers add to the overall impact, and your guests are not going to care if you used designer blooms or imported flowers. Your guests will appreciate the floral arrangement regardless of what’s in there.

Check out what your local florist has, or what you can find in the farmer’s market. As long as they’re good enough to stand the day before and the entire wedding day, you’re good. After the wedding, these flowers are going to get tossed, so just focus on the flowers for your bouquet, and if your bridesmaids are going to be carrying flowers, that should be good. For the ceremony, don’t sweat it. Save the money you’ll spend on flowers, and put it towards a good photographer and videographer.


wedding cake
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You’ve probably been watching celebrity weddings and cake making videos where they make these beautiful cakes. But have you ever been to a wedding as a guest, and have you really ever gone up to the front where the cake is and taken a picture of yourself with the cake? Or have you ever been offered a piece of the cake as a guest?  No.

Unless you’re planning to make the cake the centerpiece of your wedding, there is no reason to spend an exorbitant amount of money on the cake. You’re not going to be offering it to your guests, only a very small percentage of your guests ever get to see and appreciate your cake.

Hopefully, this helped you assess some of those wedding details you can skip and still have a beautiful wedding. Is there anything you wish you would have left out of wedding planning? Let us know in the comments below!

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