11 Affordable Rustic Wedding Favors That Guests Will Really Want

pie wedding favors
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Nothing gives off that enchanting vibe than a rustic wedding. A rustic wedding theme is also a cool and relaxed vibe, and it’s a very timeless wedding theme that’s been around for so long. Rustic weddings are perfect for countryside settings, garden weddings, or anything that somewhat brings you back to basics.

The biggest reason you’ll want a rustic wedding is because of the great outdoor feel that it brings. Not to mention, there are several things you can find out in nature that you won’t need to spend so much to pull off this kind of wedding theme. Most of everything you’ll need for a rustic vibe can be found outdoors and are usually made of wood, so we’ve put together a list of DIY rustic wedding favors to amp up your wedding.

1. Homemade Birdseed Hearts

birdseed wedding favors
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These wonderful homemade birdseed heart wedding giveaways really spell outdoors and nature. Your guests will love to be surrounded by the sweet, soothing chirps of birds when they hang this out in their backyards or in a birdhouse on their porch. They’ll be treated to a wonderful experience of peace with these handmade birdseed hearts. Plus, you will be helping Mother Nature do her job.

2. Mason Jars

mason jar wedding favors
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These are popular wedding favors, and one that surely everyone is going to take home. Use these for your guests to drink from, and once they’re done, they can also take it home as their wedding favor. Personalized mason jars are very useful inside the house and are usually what most people grab when they’re making some hot chocolate or cappuccino for a night of relaxation. These are super affordable if you order by bulk, and you can get them for around $2-3 each.

3. Mason Jar Popcorn

mason jar popcorn wedding favor
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If you’re going to send your guests home with mason jars, you might as well also fill them up with a sweet treat. What makes these ultra-affordable is that it’s so easy to just pop a large serving of popcorn, drizzle caramel, and you’ve got these wonderful wedding favors. Guests are bound to appreciate a snack when they’re headed back home after the party. Or you can fill a jar with unpopped kernels for them to enjoy later. Smaller mason jars are more affordable and cost less than a dollar each. Just add a personalized tag and voíla!

4. Coffee Bean in Burlap Bags

coffee wedding favor
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This is a popular wedding favor that your guests will really look forward to, especially those who are coffee lovers. Nothing beats an amazing cup of coffee in the morning or any time of the day for that matter. Buy coffee beans in bulk, and serve these up in mini burlap bags tied with twine, or even mason jars to keep the freshness sealed. Go the extra mile by offering different blends to your guests so they can have a choice of either light roast or dark roasted coffee beans.

5. Succulents

succulent wedding favors
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Apart from the fact that succulents are staples in rustic weddings, it’s a way of sharing your long-term commitment and love to our guests. Succulents are great for even those who have never tended to plants before. You don't have to water them every day and most importantly they are great air plants that purify the air around you and allow you to have a good night’s sleep. Include a small note on how to property tend to these plants, and your guests will be grateful for this special wedding favor.

6. Jars of Jam and Honey

jam wedding favors
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It’s an amazing feeling to wake up for breakfast with a selection of jam and honey to go with your bread and a cup of coffee. Your wedding guests will love the fact that they will have something to enjoy the next morning after the wedding festivities are over. Add a touch of personality and love with homemade jars of jam and honey. They’re super affordable and easy to make, and there will surely be plenty to go around. If you're not into DIY favors, honey wedding favors are also easy to buy!

7. Seed Packets 

seed packet wedding favors
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Let your guests join in your journey of love and commitment by thanking them with seed packets. This is exactly the kind of outdoor experience that you can give your guests the opportunity to experience if they haven’t yet.

If they follow the instructions right, your guests would have plants and flowers growing in their home, and better air to breathe in. If they’re not keen on spending the day on their hands and knees, they can certainly plant these seeds in a pot to start.

8. Bite-sized Pies

pie wedding favors
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Everybody loves a snack! And the perfect snack will be called for when everyone is heading for home, or even when they sit down from partying and dancing all night. If you’re having your wedding out in a garden or a barn, the outdoor feels will be enhanced with these special bite-sized pies.
Who wouldn’t love a pie? We know we’d adore these pies. They’re quite easy to bake, and the best part is, they don’t cost a fortune to make. Just order a small personalized pie box to package them. You can also order these pies for roughly less than a dollar each depending on how many packages you will be buying.

9. Maple Syrup

maple syrup wedding favors
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This is just what a fall wedding calls for. If you are the maple syrup kind of couple, then this wedding favor would be perfect. It’s another great addition to your guests’ breakfast tables in the morning when they wake up after the festivities, and they’re bound to make your guests’ breakfast a little sweeter.

10. Rustic Candles 

rustic candle wedding favors
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The reason we love candles so much is that it gives off a natural vibe in the house, and makes any room inviting. These rustic wedding favors are sure to do the same thing, if not more, with the raw and simple beauty of it. All you need are tea light candles, small mason jars, burlap cloths or lace, and twine, and your guests will be able to take home some of that homey feel into their homes.

11. Rustic Wood Slices

rustic wood slices wedding favors
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Wood, wood, wood! If you’ve got it in abundance around you, then you’ve got an instant base to work with. These personalized wood slices are such a wonderful wedding favor that your guests can hang on their Christmas tree as tree ornaments, or as magnets to keep those notes (and bills to pay) stuck to your fridge. Simply have a stamp engraved with you and your partner’s name, the wedding date, and stamp away on these wood slices!

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