9 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

honey wedding favors
Source: Wedding Invites Paper

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a personal touch to your wedding favors. What makes it even more special are the wedding favors that you put together yourself. We love getting wedding favors that really show off both you and your partner’s personalities in it. It’s a genuine way to say thank you, and a special way to remember your wedding day. Plus, trust us when we say it’s a great way to get the family together for special bonding time and to pitch in to help.

When we say, ‘Do-it-yourself’ or DIY, we don’t necessarily mean you create the entire wedding favor from scratch. It could be as simple as buying coffee bean bags in sackcloth and adding a ribbon and a hand-written wedding tag. You can even bake a big batch of pastry treats or cookies and put in a box with a special message for your guests.

Here are 9 DIY wedding favor ideas that you can make for your wedding giveaways.

1. Glitterfy Your Wine Wedding Favors

wine bottle wedding favors
Source: Wedpics Blog

Ply your guests with some more fun wine or send them home with a special bottle for their personal special enjoyment after the festivities are over. You can order mini bottles of your choice of wine. Once you’ve gotten your mini-wine bottles, simply cover the glitter in gold or silver glitter.

You can even make patterns in alternating glitter colors, and you can certainly use colors from your wedding motif. Add a monogrammed sticker, tie with a gold or silver ribbon up top, and add a card with a special thank you message, and your guests will be saving that bottle!

2. Make It Musical

DIY tambourine
Source: HonestlWTF

Let your guests give more than loud claps and whoops of joy: join in the fun with jingles and shakes! These lace tambourines make a great wedding favor for boho and rustic weddings, and it gives off a stunning and unique overall look to your wedding. Put together a wooden embroidery hoop, some lace fabric, small brass jingles or bells, and you’ve got yourself these beautiful special tambourines that will not only make the celebratory sounds ring and jingle but would make awesome shots for your wedding photos.

3. Iron-on Special Designs on Hankies

iron on hanky
Source: Etsy

The best thing about plain white hankies is that you can buy it in bulk and you can give everyone a hanky truly dedicated to them. All you need would be some light transfer paper (or dark depending on what color hanky you will be using) to print the designs on. There are several editable design templates you can use for your wedding giveaways and even your wedding invitations. You can print designs for each one of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and a special message or a thank you on the hankies for the rest of your guests. And when the right comes, they’ll have these handy to wipe away tears of joy.

4. Light Up the Night

candle wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

Aromatherapy candles are perfect for anyone who wants to sit down and relax during the evenings after work or invigorate themselves when needed. Candles have great healing and therapeutic properties when burned. Plus, the flicker of candlelight gives a lovely ambiance to a room that makes it more welcoming. Now, you can say thanks to your wedding guests with these awesome DIY soy candles with your choice of fragrance, and each candle jar would only cost you less than $5.00.

5. Keep It Clean with Coasters

DIY coaster wedding favors
Source: Grace Niu Design

Easy to do and fun to decorate! Not to mention, a very important must-have in every home. One of our favorites is a marble coaster in geometric shapes and then painted with acrylic paint for geometric designs and lines of gold and silver.

Use polymer clay to design them into colorful coasters -- simply mold two colors into a marble design or form small designs into your coaster, bake, and then paint with gold paint. You can easily make a whole batch of coasters at one time for all your guests.

6. Energize with Coffee Beans

coffee wedding favors
Source: Top Wedding Site

This has got to be the perfect wedding gift for anyone who can’t get through a workday (or any day for that matter) without a cup o’ joe. These wedding favors are super quick to make, and if you need last-minute wedding favors, your guests are sure to grab a jar of this (if not two). Simply fill mini glass jars, kraft paper bags, or mini burlap bags with coffee beans or special roasted coffee grounds, tie with gold or silver ribbon, and add a custom-print tag, and you’ve got yourself a set of fragrant coffee bean wedding favors.

7. Give Gratitude with Fortune Cookies

fortune cookie wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

Everyone needs a little good fortune every now and then, and what a better way to share that fortune after your own wedding celebration? These  DIY treats make a really cute and fun wedding favor for your guests, and if they’ve just witnessed a touching ceremony, they can certainly have their own bit of happiness to take home. You can choose to use store-bought fortune cookies and replace the fortune inside, or make yours from scratch. You can easily bake up to 20 at a time, and once you get the hang of it, it takes only under 30 minutes to make.

8. Place them with Flowers

DIY wood bud vase
Source: Pinterest

These DIY wood bud vases double as place cards to seat your guests, as well as wedding giveaways. All you need would be blocks of wood, a giant drill, test tubes to put flower buds in, and some sparkly ribbon or twine to hold a personalized tag bearing the seat number and names of your guests. These flower buds are pretty giveaways and we all know how everyone wants to take flowers home!

9. Go All Natural with Honey

honey wedding favors
Source: Wedding Invites Paper

We all love organic, natural, functional, or very useful wedding favors. If there’s anything that says it all, that would be honey. This is the kind of wedding favor you can bet your wedding guests will not ignore. With a gallon of honey, you can make up to 60 wedding favors 2-ounce jars. Cover the top with burlap cloth, and twine or ribbons matching your wedding colors, and you’ve got some pretty essential wedding favors your guests will make sure to take home with them!

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