11 Fabulous Wedding Favors for LGBTQ+ Pride Wedding

rainbow candy wedding favors
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The beauty of love is that it chooses no one and that’s why we love celebrating with our LGBTQ+ couples. There’s nothing more special than the union of two souls who have nothing but love for each other. The rainbow of color brings so much promise, hope, and love, and this is exactly why you should make sure these are infused in your wedding favors. Check out these 11 wedding favors that truly show what Pride love is all about.

1. Rainbow Candy Wedding Favors

rainbow candy wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

Your guests will not only gush over the beauty of your wedding, but all your sweet tooth guests will definitely love these rainbow candy wedding favors. They can be special ordered in bulk and you can throw a spoonful of this in a plastic bag or tube, tie with different ribbons, and put a sticker on that says, thank you from the bottom of both your hearts.

2. Rainbow Cake in a Jar

cake in a jar wedding favors
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If there is a reason a rainbow cake should be baked, it would be this one. Thank your guests with these pretty and flavorful rainbow cakes in jars. If you love baking, this would make wonderful bonding time with your partner, and both of you can bake these cakes and decorate them yourselves. Otherwise, you can have them special ordered for your guests, and simply personalize the cap with a monogrammed sticker and a thank you tag.

3. Shot Glass

pride wedding
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Let your guests join in the celebration and festivities by thanking them with special pride wedding favor shot glasses. They’re ultra-cute, and if it’s a party, your guests will want to toast your celebration -- and have a little more. You’ll save lots of money for ordering these in bulk, plus you can get it personalized with you and your partner’s names. Send your guests home with a new addition to their shot glass collection with custom one from your wedding celebration!

4. Rainbow Skittles Giveaways

skittle wedding favors
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If you want an instant rainbow in a bag, simply buy a bunch of Skittles Bags! They’re readily available in any store, and it’s a great bonding time for you and your partner to put these together. Simply arrange a few candies by color into a plastic tube container. Need these in a jiffy? It’s a perfect DIY wedding favor as well that your guests will surely love.

5. Colorful Seed Packets

pride wedding favors
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Love and commitment are some of the few reasons why anyone would get married. These seed packets spell out long-term commitment for sure, and that’s the beauty of love. And now, you can give your guests a chance for them to grow something with love and commitment as well. This is the perfect wedding favor for those who are into planting, or who would like to get started. Inspire them with these colorful, eco-friendly seed packets, and if all goes well, they’ll have a wonderful reminder of how they were part of your celebration.

6. Personalized Compact Mirrors

pride wedding favors
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These compact mirrors are a must, especially for the ladies, and it’s one that you’re sure your guests will keep once they receive. You can be sure that once the party starts, no one will want to have a hair out of place (or makeup melting off their face!) Get these custom-made with you and your partner’s monograms, or both your names announcing your wedding date and you’ve got some very special, equally affordable wedding favors for your guests! There are so many styles to choose from, and you can make it more fabulous by getting glitter rainbow mirrors.

7. Pride Wedding Candles

pride wedding
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Here is another very useful gift that your guests are bound to appreciate, especially after a hard day’s work. Burning an aromatherapy candle can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Plus, the candlelight gives off this very homey ambiance inside the rooms that allows you to sit and relax, and just let it all out. Let your guests take home this special gesture of love and thanks to them. If you are in the mood to DIY these wedding favors, you can definitely do so with this tutorial.

8. Pride Coasters

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These coasters are easy to do and equally fun to decorate. Your guests are going to love these especially since coasters are must-haves in every home. These rainbow wedding favors can be made DIY simply by molding polymer clay in rainbow colors, cutting out into circles, baking, and then painting! You can create a stencil that spells out both you and your partners’ names, or you can simply paint on a word of thanks on your coasters with gold paint. Make things simpler by using a cork board instead and painting on your designs for a more personal touch.

9. Pride Wedding Bracelets

pride bracelet wedding favors
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It’s Pride, loud and proud with these pretty bracelets that we’re sure your guests will love. If there’s anything special that your guests could receive, it’s these Pride bracelets. You can personalize these wedding favors even more by adding a thank you tag to each and placing it in a small container as giveaways. The best part is, these bracelets are hand-made and made to order, and that gives an added touch of special to these beautiful wedding favors.

10. Rainbow Donuts

rainbow wedding favors
Source: A Spark of Creativity

After a night of celebrating and partying, a lot of your guests will be looking for something to eat. Serve them with these pretty rainbow donuts as wedding favors! Granted, they’ve scarfed down dinner and had some of that cake, but they might suddenly crave a quick snack while they’re on their way home.

These will be greatly appreciated especially once they have a cup of coffee in their hands, and a donut to enjoy it with. These pretty rainbow donuts can be made easily by baking glazed donuts for your guests and drizzling rainbow-colored frosting on them. Place in a personalized box with the colors of the motif of your wedding, and your guests will make a grab for these wedding favors.

11. Handmade Rainbow Soap

rainbow wedding favors
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One thing that truly appeals to anyone’s senses is keeping clean and pretty. It goes without saying that lathering up with soap, especially aromatic soap, is a great way to enjoy a spa experience without splurging money. The same goes for your wedding favors -- you don’t need to spend a bundle of money for wedding favors, and these handmade rainbow soaps are very affordable. Wrap these up in Kraft paper, add a personalized sticker, and you’ll be set with your fragrant wedding giveaways!

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