14 Edible Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Crave

donut wedding favors
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If there is anything that we will go to weddings for -- apart from celebrating the couple’s union and enjoying the festivities -- it’s the food. And sometimes at the end of the night, even after all that eating, your guests will still want a quick snack. Something to tide them over during the ride home would be much appreciated. Or it may be something to snack on as they settle in for the night. Whatever the case may be, we’ve listed down some edible wedding favors that your guests will crave for and rave about.

1. Art Deco Wedding Macarons 

edible wedding favors
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Macarons make amazing edible wedding favors. From pastel-colored macarons to intricate designs, these wonderful treats are so delectable yet light and definitely serve as one of the most Instagrammable wedding favors. If you are feeling ambitious, grab a DIY macaron recipe and get baking to make even more personal wedding favors.

2. Coffee Bean Bag

edible wedding favors
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You can be sure that this wedding favor will not go to waste with your guests who are coffee-lovers -- or those who have relatives that might be coffee-lovers. Serve up some coffee beans in burlap bags for a rustic wedding or bottle them up in pretty jars for an elegant wedding. Want to go the extra mile? Offer different blends to give your guests a choice of flavor for their wedding favors!

3. Personalized Tic-Tacs or Mints

edible wedding favors
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This is such a cute way to really show how you are both ‘Mint-to-Be’. Plus, your guests might need some extra freshening up after lunch or dinner. Leave them in their original packaging, peel off the packaging sticker, and decorate with your own personalized stickers. Or pour in a small plastic bag with other mints, and tie off with a ribbon that matches your wedding motif. Personalized mint favors are always a good idea!

4. Home-Brewed Beer

beer wedding favors
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If you are a homebrewer, then this is the perfect time to show off your special brew, and give your guests a special wedding remembrance. Give them a flavorful way to celebrate, and make a mark, and serve up your recipes in a personalized bottle for each guest to take home!

5. Wedding S’ Mores Kit

smores wedding favors
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Turn a simple snack into a cute DIY wedding favor. It’s not all the time that anyone sits down to make S’mores kits from scratch, and you can give them the perfect opportunity to do so. Plus, it’s absolutely affordable, and for those who have had this as kids, they might just take a quick stroll down memory lane.

Simply buy a bag of graham crackers, a large bag of large marshmallows, your choice of chocolate, make a set enough for two (or four, for seconds, if you’re doling out favors to couples) and tie with a pretty ribbon and a thank you card. Your guests will find these lifesavers especially useful when they need a sweet treat in the middle of the night.

6.Tiny Apple Pies

pie wedding favors
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If you’re a baker, well, no questions asked! Give your guests a taste (or another) of your special pies by sending your guests home with a single-portion apple pie or blueberry pie. Can’t bake, but love pastries? No sweat! You can request a special order of single-serving pies for your guests along with your wedding cake. That way, the wedding cake matches your wedding favors, and you can negotiate a special deal to go with it. Just pick up individual mini pie packages to serve them in.

7. XO Donuts 

donut wedding favors
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Serve your guests with another version of homey treats by sending them your love for being part of the celebration with XO donuts from Krispy Kreme. Keep them in the original packaging, or make them a little more special by repacking them in specially printed boxes that reflect the colors motif of your wedding. Your guests are going to be raving about these tasty wedding favors!

8. Honey Jar

honey wedding favors
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Sweet, healthy, organic, and very useful! This is especially great if you have a bee farm. This way you can harvest honey from your own farm, and give your guests a taste of something from home. Otherwise, you can buy your own bulk honey and distribute it in containers to make the perfect honey jar wedding favor. This is sure to be a hit, and everyone is sure to want one!

9. Personalized Sugar Cookies

cookie wedding favors
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One of the best things about personalized treats is that you can decorate to match your wedding motif: whether it’s the color, style, or theme. Bake teapot-shaped and rose-shaped sugar cookies for a fairy tale wedding, or a simple round sugar-cookie, and decorate with royal icing. You can even monogram these cookies for that personal touch. Cookies can be painted, frosted, or stamped to personalize cookie favors.

10. Jar Cakes

cake wedding favor
Source: A Bonnie Wee Cake

What makes jar cakes really great is that they come with very convenient packaging which makes them easy for transporting to the venue of your wedding and then later for when your guests travel home. Plus, it keeps the cakes fresh inside the jars, and they can later repurpose these little jars into something useful. Did we mention that you can request for two different flavors of cake to go inside these jars so that you can offer your guests a choice? A DIY cake-in-a-jar makes for the perfect edible wedding favor.

11. Bite-Sized Pizza

edible wedding favors
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Are you a major pizza lover? Do you count it as one of the five major food groups? Then dole out this unique and yummy comfort food as a unique wedding favor! Nothing should stop you from serving bite-sized pizzas to your guests as edible wedding favors, and trust us, not only will your guests love the creativity, but they’re also going to be reminded of just how extra fun a wedding can truly be.

12. Mini Wine Bottles

wine wedding favors
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Just the perfect touch to liven the party up and bit and get everyone loosened up! You can get a hold of these mini wine bottles to give to your guests as wedding favors. Dress the bottles by sticking on a monogrammed sticker, or cover the bottle with glitter the same color as your motif.

Then simply add your personalized stickers on the bottle. You can also tie on a personalized thank you tag. Not only will they enjoy what’s inside, but guests are going to love these fancy mini wine bottles as wedding favors, too!

13. Eat-Me Treats and Drink-Me Potions

edible wedding favors
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An Alice in Wonderland Theme wedding definitely calls for Eat Me sugar cookies and little bottles of champagne. Add a tag with "Drink Me" and a special personalized tag that looks exactly like it came out of the storybooks of Alice in Wonderland. Take our guests down this rabbit hole of a wedding celebration with Eat-Me treats and Drink-Me potions.

14. Hot Chocolate Mix Mug

edible wedding favors
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This is another wonderfully useful wedding favor we love receiving: mugs! And even better, these mugs come with single-serving ingredients for a homey, luscious, hot chocolate drink. It’s a wonderful wedding favor that promises something to really look forward to when they get home. Put each ingredient in a small Ziplock bag, place inside a ceramic mug with a sticker personalized with your monograms, or a funny thank you message for your guests. 2


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