7 Tips for Choosing Memorable Wedding Favors

wedding favor ideas
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One of the ultimate ways to leave a lasting impression on your guests from your wedding celebration is with memorable wedding favors. Guests who took the time to come deserve some manner of thanks, and it’s always fun to receive something to remember the couple by. There are several ideas you could use for wedding favors, and you probably are overwhelmed if you’ve looked at quite a few.

Always remember that in choosing practical wedding favors, you also want to stick to a few ground rules. This will help you choose wedding favors your guests will actually want to keep.

1. Make it Meaningful

wedding favors
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Another way to make a mark on your guests’ hearts is to give them something to truly remember you by. It would be great if your wedding favors could express your personalities. If you are both wine connoisseurs (or just love drinking wine), then mini wine bottles would be a great thing to share with your guests so they can get a treat of what you love about wine.

Do you have a small business? Give your guests a wedding favor that relates to your business. Are you both music lovers or play musical instruments? Wedding favors wrapped in music sheets would be a whimsical remembrance of your wedding.  Whatever it is, let it be known through your favors.

2. Think Practical and Useful

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Consider this: what would you want to receive? If there wasn’t a wedding, what is one of the most useful things you find inside your home? Give an answer to that, and you can actually start from there. Did you think of can openers? Well, that’s a little too big as a wedding favor, but not bottle openers. How about dishcloths?

Hopefully, you won’t be giving these out at your wedding! But something else to wipe things away -- like tears? A hanky would be a good idea! You don’t want these favors to be stored away collecting dust, or worse -- end up in the trash.  If you’re still not sure, edible wedding favors are always a very welcome option. Mini pies, cake pops, cupcakes, or mini fruit baskets would definitely make wonderful options.

3. Go DIY

DIY wedding favors
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Sometimes you need not look far in order to get your wedding favors ready. DIY favors can save you tons of money; just remember that it would take a lot of time to complete. A DIY project is always a fun idea, but if you’re going to assemble 100 wedding favors, then your patience might just be worn thin.

However, you can turn this into a memorable part of your wedding preparations by getting your wedding party and your family together for a favor-assembling party. It’s a great display of love, gratitude, and affection not just with your family, but your guests as well, and the best part is they don’t have to be as complicated. Bake mini pies, throw together hot cocoa mugs or put together honey jars. It’s all in the thought and the effort that goes into your wedding favors.

4. Get Samples First

wedding favor ideas
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Before you splurge on boxes of wedding favors that you find online, it’s always best to order samples to see exactly what you’re going to get. You want to make sure they’re the right size, the right color according to your motif, or the right scent of handcrafted soaps. Don’t put yourself through the trouble of having to request a refund and process the return, and ultimately end up with wedding favors you don’t like.

If you are purchasing custom-made printed tags, make sure that they are spelled correctly.  And most important of all, order these favors at least two months out to allow yourself time to assemble, or return if needed.  If they’re perfect and turn out exactly the way you want, at least you’ve got your wedding favors sitting in a box just waiting for the big day.

5. Order or Make Extra Favors

wedding favor ideas
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Rule of thumb: order or make at least 10 to 20 extra favors. You never know who else will show up, who will lose their wedding favor, or worse, who will break theirs while traveling home. You want to make sure that everyone gets a wedding favor.

Plus, if you have these laid out in plain sight at some wedding favor table, some guests are bound to take more than one. Make sure you have extras to go around just in case there are some guests who wind up not making it to the wedding favor table on time.

6. Packaging Matters

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Personalized packaging is a great way to show off your wedding favors. They are also a very thoughtful and well-appreciated gesture.  They make for a great photo opportunity and if it follows your motif or your theme, then these lend an added touch of personality to your wedding event. But you need to make sure that your wedding favors do not spill out of their intricate bags or glitter boxes.

If you’re sending your principal sponsors with some special wine and glasses, make sure the bottles and glasses are stored in a safe manner so that they don’t shatter on the ride home. If you’re making edible, liquid favors like jam, honey, or maple syrup, make sure that the bottles are screwed shut. Factor in greasy edible wedding favors, and tie ribbons well so they don’t fall off and ruin the whole design and make sure your sticky tapes are extra sticky. Keep these pointers in mind, and your wedding favors will hold up well from the time they get to the venue, until after the wedding is over.

7. Write a Special Message

Olive oil wedding favors
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While we understand that wedding favors are made or ordered in bulk, personal messages attached to the wedding favors will definitely make an impact. You don’t have to write out personal messages to each and every guest, but a sweet note will definitely be appreciated by your guests. It’s a great way to thank them for celebrating with you and expressing your gratitude for the love and support that they show you. And you have to admit, any wedding favor, no matter how big or small, when coupled with a message that comes from the heart, makes it that much special.

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