12 Winter Wedding Favors That Will Warm Your Guests’ Hearts

pashmina wedding favor
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Winter weddings are such a beautiful event. For starters, you won’t have to worry about your guests melting in the sweltering heat, which can easily tire anyone out. Everyone’s makeup will definitely stay in place. There are more venues that are available. More importantly, it’s a magical time of year. If you have your wedding at the right time, you can be promised of those stunning snowy photos of your wedding. And if you are really gunning for the black-tie attire, now is the time to have it.

Winter is right around the corner, and if you are having a winter wedding, but still at a loss for which wedding favors to give to our guests, we made a list of the top 12 winter wedding favors that are popular with the crowd.

1. Bell Favors

winter wedding favors
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Let your guests celebrate your union with these wonderful bell favors that they can ring once the groom kisses the bride! It’s going to give a magical feel for everybody, and it’s a nicer way of joining in than just clapping. Give out these cute wedding favors to your guests and have them ring the bells at the right time to join in the celebration.

2. S' mores

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These simple snacks will be a special treat in front of a fire. Don’t let your guests go without! What’s a bonfire or a fireplace for when you can’t have a snack at the same time? These tasty treats are absolutely affordable, and it gives you a nudge down memory lane if you’ve ever had tons of this as a kid.

Put together some graham crackers, a marshmallow or two, and your choice of milk chocolate into a cellophane bag. Finish it with a tie, a silver ribbon, and a thank you tag. Your guests will find these lifesavers especially useful when they need a sweet treat in the middle of the night.

3. Coffee Mugs

coffee mug wedding favors
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If there’s anything warming during winter, and especially during a winter wedding, it’s a mug of coffee! Your guests will find this a very welcoming touch at your wedding. Let each guest grab a mug of coffee, and take home a special wedding mug for many more years of coffee enjoyment!

4. Hot Cocoa in Mason Jars

hot cocoa wedding favor
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Of course, you don’t want to leave out guests who don’t drink coffee. Instead, these hot cocoa mason jars would be perfect. These also make for a great DIY favor! Put in all the ingredients in a mason jar like the cocoa, sugar, powder milk, sprinkles and marshmallows, screw the lid on, and tie with twine. Include instructions to just add hot water (and make sure hot water is available around just in case they want to have a mug of some hot cocoa right there). These cocoa mugs will keep your guests going and let them continue partying on for the rest of the night!

5. Cozy Scarves and Pashminas

pashmina wedding favor
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This is perfect for a winter wedding! Your guests will be grateful for these wedding favors, and they’re going to hang onto these for sure. Scarves and pashminas are useful not just during the winter but are also perfect for any fall wedding. They'll also add some flair to your outfit or keep your bare shoulders covered. You can also offer different sets to the men and to the ladies.

6. Cozy Blankets

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If the air is a little bit more chilly, then you might want to give out cozy blanket wedding favors. Just in case they need some extra bundling up, these wedding favors will be totally useful. If you’re having your wedding outdoors, offer these blankets for your guests so that they can stay warm. And then let them know that they get to keep the blankets as wedding favors afterward!

7. Mini Wine and Champagne Bottles

champagne wedding favors
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Warm up the night with these lovely mini wine and champagne bottles! Cover these bottles up in white glitter for the sparkly snow effect, and hand one out to each guest for celebratory drinks, and when they need some extra energy... or heat! These lovely wedding favors make fantastic table favors, and will not only complement your wedding celebration but goes well with the season.

8. Christmas Ornaments

ornament wedding favors
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If your wedding is just right before the holidays, then Christmas ornament wedding favors will make a pretty addition to your guests’ holiday tree. Putting up the Christmas tree is always a wonderful part of the holidays, and now, you can be part of each family’s Christmas tradition! Write your partner and your names on a Christmas bauble, and hand one out to each guest. Give them some added holiday cheer on their Christmas trees.

9. Christmas Candle Favors

Winter Wedding Favors
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Where this is fire, there is warmth! Candles bring about a welcoming warmth and make any room inviting, especially during the winter. If you’re in the mood to DIY handmade soy candles give a special personal touch to your wedding favors. It also brings the promise of warmth and coziness on any winter eve.

10. Luggage Tag Favors

luggage tag wedding favors
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Having a destination winter wedding? Your guests will appreciate these luggage tags, especially if they suddenly acquire an extra bag of souvenirs from all the shopping they did during their stay. These luggage tag wedding favors will be helpful in keeping their things labeled, and the best part is they can reuse it anytime they travel.

11. Lip Balm

lip balm wedding favors
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Your guests would love these lip balms and they’d be sure to take one for the entire day. Winter air can dry lips and up quickly, and that can ruin a look at a wedding. Keep everyone’s puckers hydrated and plump with these lip balm giveaways that you can get for under $2.00 each. Go the extra mile by letting your guests choose from different scents.

12. Winter Gloves

winter wedding favors
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Your guests might don a jacket or shawl but you never know when someone misplaces their gloves. These wonderful hand warmers will be a welcome favor at any winter wedding. Everyone will definitely want one to make sure their hands are warm the entire time. Plus, it’s such a useful wedding favor, your guests will be grateful for another pair of gloves to keep at hand for the coming days of the winter season.

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