Wedding Favors Your Groomsmen Will Keep for a Long Time

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When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many things you need to get ready for. You want to make sure the wedding ceremony goes exactly the way as planned. Some parts can prove to be a challenge. Good thing you’ve got a team of great ladies and gentlemen ready to pitch in! One of the best parts of planning a wedding is giving a special gift to your groomsmen to show you an appreciation for standing by your side from start until you say I do -- and sometimes, even way after the wedding party has ended.

When it comes to guys, your groomsmen are very important in the whole wedding setup from the proposal all the way until you get to the altar.  Believe it or not, they’re not just there for the bachelor’s party or the after-party.

Tips to Remember

groomsmen gifts
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When you’re giving your best buddies their wedding thank you gifts, it depends on what kind of gift you’re giving them to know when to give them. You might want to meet up with your buddies so that you can give it to them before the wedding, or hang out with them individually.

Now if you’re thinking of what to give, we have some tips that you will want to consider to make sure your groomsmen will not only keep your gift for as long as they can, but they will also remember what an awesome time they had during your wedding.

  1. Get High Quality & Practical Gifts -  It’s fun to buy your buds quirky groomsmen gifts, and they’ll have fun with it up until your wedding day, but after the wedding, either they get left behind, or in the trash, or they might end up on your bud’s shelf somewhere gathering dust. If you’re going to give your groomsmen gifts, go for gifts that are high quality and practical or useful. Your guys are going to be more than appreciative of gifts they can actually use for a long time, and they’ll be reminded of the fun they had at your wedding.
  2. Always set a Budget and Stick to It - What most couples overlook are the small amounts that actually pile up and later on, you find yourself spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on what started to be a $10-item. It’s important to set a budget for anything and everything you’ll be spending on the wedding. Agree with your spouse-to-be on how much you’ll be spending for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and your smaller attendants like your ring bearer and flower girl.
  3. Make it Personal and Meaningful - Personalizing your gifts and making it meaningful for your groomsmen make it more special. If you’re buying for a group of friends you’ve hung out with since you were kids, you can get them matching items. But if your groomsmen are a mix of family and friends, you can go for a gift that reflects their personality. Look for something creative that you know your groomsman will find useful and keep as a token of your long time friendship with each other.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen gifts
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We know that picking your groomsmen’s gifts will take some thinking and consideration, so we’ve included a list of different gift ideas that you can consider when shopping for your best buds. This should help make it easier to shop for your groomsmen, and you’ll definitely find something on this list that will be perfect for each groomsman. If you want to, you can also pick a gift off of this list to give to your principal sponsors.

A Wooden Box Set of Whiskey Stones and Shot Glasses

whiskey stones

For whiskey lovers, this would be a must-have. This set of whiskey stones and shot glasses gives a better experience for drinking your favorite liquor without altering the flavor or watering down your drink. It simply chills your drink for you. Plus, the wooden box lends that added nostalgia for childhood memories that hits home. Have your groomsmen family names engraved on the boxes and the year they received their special gifts to make it more personalized.

Groomsmen Proposal Bow & Suspenders

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Pop the question to your best bud ready with the bow and suspenders set that they need for your wedding. If your bud isn’t really a shopper, having to find what to wear just so they can be coordinated in the wedding photos might give them hives -- or at least make them feel like they have hives. Ease the burden by presenting the two most important parts of their outfits as your groomsman wedding gift. You can even go the extra mile by throwing this into a box with another gift that they can keep handy and use regularly.

A Bottle of Whiskey -- or Two

whiskey groomsmen gifts
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It’s time to bring out those bottles of good mood and soften up your buds so that they can relax and enjoy the wedding party. One flask might be enough for some groomsmen, but if you really want to treat the men in your party, gift a personalized whiskey decanter (plus add some whiskey!) These groomsmen gifts won’t go to waste, you can count on that. Personalize these decanters and even your Best Man without breaking the bank.

Groomsmen Socks

groomsmen gift
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Here’s another gift that would make the wedding photographer’s list of memories to include: matching socks! This pair would be most important just in case one of your boys doesn’t have a proper pair to use. Plus, it’s one less thing they’ll worry about having to shop for.  Partner it with a bow tie in your wedding colors and suspenders, and they’ve got half of the wedding outfit.

Groomsmen Gift Box

groomsmen gift box
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Here’s your opportunity to give your best bud not just something to drink, but something special to put their drinks in! This classic box containing a personalized flask, two shot glasses, and a bottle of whiskey will not only help get them in the mood before the day of your wedding, but they’ll have something to look forward to even way after the wedding.

Baseball Groomsmen Mug

groomsmen gifts
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This is another useful and special gift for your groomsmen. These baseball shaped wooden mugs make the perfect gift for your guys who need to be hydrated all the time, or who need their coffee on the go. Personalize these mugs for each of your groomsmen for them to keep as a memento of how they were an important part of your wedding.

Monogrammed Wooden Cufflinks

cufflinks groomsmen gifts
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Help your groomsmen stay spiffy with these monogrammed cufflinks. These cufflinks are super affordable, and it would be so nice to have each one of your groomsmen own identical cufflinks. Make these a special addition to our groomsmen’s wardrobe. It’ll be handy especially when they go to work.

A Chalkboard Beer Mug

groomsmen gift
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Groomsmen's gifts don’t need to be expensive. They can be as affordable and cheap as these beer mugs with a small piece of chalkboard paper stuck around it. You can be creative and funny, and add a special message to your groomsmen or best man. Get one for each of your best buds, and share a drink with them to celebrate your wedding.

Personalized Brushed Lighter

personalized lighter groomsmen gift
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This groomsmen gift is one of your best guys will be sure to keep for a very long time. Anything in metal is sure to withstand years of wear and tear and stress, and this is what this lighter symbolizes. (Aside from the fact that you can guarantee this will be your groomsman’s new best friend when he goes to take his cigarette break.) This is another gift that will show just how long and strong your friendship is. This brushed metal lighter is one special item that will definitely become a part of your best buds’ everyday lives.

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

groomsmen gifts
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Perfect for the guys who love to golf, not to mention open a bottle or two at the end of the day as they sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the night. These golf ball bottle openers are not only nice to have and look at, but they’re also very, very handy in the kitchen. You’ll be sure that any guy who gets one of these will keep this close by.

Pocket Multi-Tool


For any guy who takes his tools seriously, this would be the perfect groomsman gift. Any guy would appreciate the handiness and usefulness of this little tool. This credit card pocket multi-tool has tools built into it including a screwdriver, a wrench for various nuts and bolt sizes, a knife blade, a saw blade, two different wrenches, and even a flat screwdriver. You’ll be sure to see this gift in a place your guys can easily reach into.

Ultimate Shave Gift Set

shaving gift set
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Girls are not the only ones who can look pretty on the day of your wedding. Men need their Me-Times, too! The only reason most guys get that scruffy look, apart from the active choice to be gruff-looking, is that they usually just forgot to drop by the local drugstore to get a shaver. Your groomsmen are going to want to look clean-shaven on your wedding day, so help your guys out, and add a little extra so they can relax and ‘look pretty’ the next day. Throw a flask in with a shaving kit for that ultimate R&R before they render their services as a groomsman.

Wedding Pick

groomsmen gifts
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When a member of the band gets married, it’s a must that the groomsmen get something to remember the wedding with as a reminder of not only your bond over the music but your bond over life. These metal guitar picks can be personalized so you can customize each one for your groomsmen and even your best man. It will really strike that emotional chord.

Pocket Knife

pocket knife groomsmen gifts
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If you want something a little bit more substantial in your groomsmen’s pockets, this pocket knife is going to be another gift your groomsmen are going to love. There are so many uses especially when they go out camping when they’re working around the house, or if they need to unpack a box, or slash open the package they received from shopping online, or even for self-defense, this is going to be a great gift for your guys.

What are you planning on gifting your groomsmen?

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