11 Thoughtful Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors Everyone Will Keep

seed wedding favors
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Planning weddings involve a lot of expenses, packaging, and a lot of stuff that unfortunately goes to waste. Giveaways is a priority on many people's list to thank guests for being part of your wedding celebration, but how to not only save money with wedding favors but also ensure they don't just end up in the trash.

Well, while a zero-waste wedding can be a hefty challenge, eco-friendly wedding favors for your guests would be the best way to go. Plus, if you are a nature lover, you might find these giveaways beneficial for your guests who will be receiving them. These gifts, when taken with love and care just as you do your friendship, will grow to be something more -- or save the earth from more waste. 

1. Potted Plants

plant wedding favors
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If you have friends that have never owned a plant in their life, it’s about time they received the gift of -- well, additional oxygen. Different plant varieties are known to purify the air or have herbal benefits when added to food. But these potted plants just need to be maintained. Add a piece of paper with proper care instructions for your guests to know how to keep their plants growing and thriving for perfect eco-friendly wedding favors.

2. Boxed Herbs

eco-friendly wedding favors
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Growing herbs in your own home save you the trip of having to find these to add to your dishes. Set out different herb boxes so that your guests can pick one and take home. Each box also comes with instructions, so your guests can get started on growing these babies once they settle in at home. 

3. Organic Seed Bombs

seed wedding favors
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Share the love in a fun way with these organic seed bombs. They’re perfect for your guests who want to grow their plants outdoors, or who have never tried gardening before. They can simply scatter these seed bombs, and the paper is biodegradable, so they won’t have to dig into the soil to plant these. Your guests will be able to take one home and watch their plants grow as your friendship with them does, too.

4. Organic Seed Paper Planters

seed wedding favors
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Here is another take on seeds which you can plant -- seed paper! These modern seed paper favors are also biodegradable and fun to look at. You can personalize the plantable favors with a thank you note from your and your spouse-to-be, and you can choose colors to match the theme of your wedding! 

5.Organic Coffee Beans

coffee wedding favors
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Oh, yes, for your coffee-loving guests, these beans are going to be highly appreciated. They are absolutely organic, eco-friendly, the best drink for anyone who needs to get a move on during the morning, and great for the soil after you’re done with them. Your guests will be sure to leave with their own bag, if not two bags, of coffee beans. Perfect for the day after the party.

6. Reusable Straw Giveaways

eco friendly wedding favors
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If there is anything that is piling up on the earth today, it’s plastic waste. And we’re sure you and your partner would agree that it’s about time you helped lessen that. These reusable straws are a big help to the environment. Each guest gets a set of different stainless steel straws that they can take with them anywhere they go. The best part is, since it’s their own, they won’t have to worry about hygiene or even adding to waste when using disposable straws.

7. Homemade Jam and Spread

jam wedding favors
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Homemade jams and spreads are other great ideas for eco-friendly wedding favors. For starters, most homemade jams and spreads are made from fresh fruit and are placed in packaging that you won’t discard so easily. Send your guests home with a homemade treat that they will be sure to consume when they suddenly get the urge to snack. Edible wedding favors always go over well with your guests!

8. Personalized Organic Soap

soap wedding favors
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You can’t go wrong with soap. Everyone uses soap, everyone loves soap, and what makes this giveaway a great alternative is that the only packaging it uses is recycled cardboard paper. These come in different scents that also have therapeutic health benefits. Set a variety of scents for your guests to choose one which they like best. Your guests will be sure to keep around for the next time they need to wash up or soak in the tub. This is also a great DIY wedding favor to help cut costs.

9. Wooden Pencils and Notepads

wedding favors
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Apart from being environmentally friendly, these wedding favors are actual must-haves in your guests' homes -- possibly even yours. You’ll need that notepad for when you’re working, and you need to take a quick note. Or even more, when a phone call comes in for someone else, and they need to leave a message. These are perfect if you are going rustic theme for your wedding

10. Succulent Decor and Giveaways

eco-friendly wedding favors
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The great thing about succulents is that they’re very low maintenance, they don’t need to be in direct sunlight, and you do not need to douse them in water every day. They pretty much last a while, and when taken care of, bloom pretty nicely. These succulent wedding favors can also double as guest seating guides, and they’ll be able to take home a living, lasting plant as a token of your gratitude, and a symbol of your love. 

11. Rustic Burlap Bags

burlap wedding favors
Source: Tote Bag Factory

Absolutely zero waste and made from 100% burlap jute fabric, these bags are great giveaways for your guests and great for a rustic wedding. This doubles as another giveaway for another item that they can take home as a thank you for being part of their wedding, and they’ll be sure to keep this around when they’re going for a quick market run. These burlap bags are very functional, strong, and durable. 

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