12 Winter Wedding Tips for a Smooth Celebration

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Winter is coming up, and you’re probably considering a winter wedding. Why not? It’s the perfect time of year to fall in love, not to mention it makes a very beautiful backdrop. Getting married in the wintertime is so romantic and magical. The season itself is magical and festive -- Christmas is coming ‘round the corner, and everything is building up to one amazing holiday.

Winter weddings are not as straightforward as summer weddings, but with these winter wedding tips ranging from outfits to how to score amazing discounts on cost, you’ll have a smooth time getting ready for your winter wedding!

Tips for Your Venue

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See What it’s like At Night

Normally, you would check out a venue during the daytime or sometime after lunch, if you’re targeting a summer or spring wedding. However, most winter weddings are an evening affair. You would want to see what kind of lighting is available, or how they feel is overall. It would be a great idea to get in touch with your photographer to find out if they are familiar with the venue, and if not, they’ll be able to plan what shots they’ll be taking on the day.

Have a Back-Up Plan for Bad Weather 

Always make sure you ask what the venue has if there is bad snow, how suppliers will be able to arrive at the venue, and if there is a suitable parking area for your guests. Find out if they still allow parts of the venue to be used for photoshoots, and what the protocol is for guests during this time.

Allocate Enough Time for Travelling

Because it’s wintertime, you can encounter rain or snow, and you can expect that more people will be out in their cars. That means more traffic on the roads, and possibly on the way to your venue. It’s even going to be worse if you get stuck in a snowdrift, but it will save you time and worry less if you allocate enough time for you and your guests to arrive at your wedding venue and reception. Ideally, you’d already been staying in a room near the venue to make sure you have less travel time to get to your wedding but make sure everyone else is given enough time to travel to and from the wedding.

Have Your Ceremony and Reception in the Same Venue

One stressful part of a wedding would be traveling between venues, especially if they are a considerable distance apart. We’ve experienced missing out on the reception because we were stuck in traffic all the way to the reception, and we ended up going home and skipping out on the reception. Save yourself and everyone else the extra trip out in the cold, and get from the wedding venue to the reception in a few steps.

Make Sure The Venue Has Heating Covered

It’s a winter wedding, you’ll want to make sure everyone is warm and comfortable. Your venue should be experienced in making sure the heating is just right. Find out how your venue handles heating if they provide outdoor heaters for guests who would like to step out for a while, and if they are amenable to providing wraps or warm drinks for guests upon arrival! B

Secure Insurance for Your Wedding

It’s applicable for any time of year that you are getting married, but most importantly during the wintertime. It helps to have this type of coverage in case storms or bad snow happens, plus it’s a good way to get coverage against suppliers that do not show up.

Tips for Your Theme and Motif

winter wedding ideas
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Now is the perfect time to layer up! Keep warm by wearing some fur, a beautiful shrug set, or if you want to channel your inner rockstar, an embroidered leather jacket should be just the ticket.  Your bridesmaids will want to wear a pashmina or a shawl. That would also make a great bridesmaids gift for them.  It also helps if you wear tights or leggings underneath your dress, especially if they won’t be visible. This should keep you warm during the entire wedding ceremony and reception.

Embrace Dark Shades 

Now is the best time for guys to wear velvet and tweed since they are incredibly warm and look elegant on men. The cold weather calls for some dark shades for their outfits, but if you want to really stand out, you’ll want to get something that’s icy blue or pale gray. Your bridesmaids would complement your look with burgundy, or deep purple shades. Talk about majestic and elegant for your wedding -- this will truly be a royal affair!

Sparkle and Shine

It’s the holiday season! Sequins and beads on your bridesmaids' dresses would look absolutely stunning. For an evening affair, with lights all about, the effect would be beautiful, having the extra shine and sparkle from the dresses. Add a beaded barrette to your hair, or a rhinestone hairpiece, and you’ll shine like a diamond on your wedding day.

Waterproof Your Shoes

If you can spray shoe protectors to waterproof your shoes, or add heel protectors to your shoes to keep from sinking into mud, do so. It might be wet outside, and your shoes might be ruined. Otherwise, bring an extra pair of wedge heels for when you go out and about. Or you can always change into foldable slippers to dance the night away!

Tips for Your Winter Wedding Reception

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Plenty of venues during this season already have decorations up -- you won’t have to worry about bringing in a lot of the decorations unless you want something entirely different. There are so many ways you can still add your own personality and charm to the venue. Set up romantic lighting, fill a table with favors for your wedding guests, and put together a great playlist to dance to all night long -- there are a few things that are a must-have for winter weddings!

Candles Are a Staple

Just the idea of firelight during wintertime makes the whole place inviting and cozy. Once it gets dark outdoors, they give that wondrous glow all around making your reception very hush and serene. Use candles for centerpieces, on fireplaces in the venue, or in lanterns all about for that warm glow.

Winter Wedding Favors Are a Hit

Wedding favors are very much appreciated, but if you go along with the holiday season, you can’t go wrong. Mugs of DIY hot chocolate, Christmas ornaments, glittery cupcakes and donuts, DIY s’ mores packages or personalized candles -- everyone loves these gifts especially during the wintertime. You won’t see any of these go to waste, for sure.

Pick Flowers According to the Season

Tropical flowers might give you that summery feel, with an added warmth, however, it might also cost you more, and they might not last in the cold weather. A bouquet of white and red flowers would be perfect, and the dramatic colors would be enough to stir the heat in everyone’s hearts.

Hopefully, these tips ensure you have the best winter wedding! Is there anything we've left out of this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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