The Ultimate Guide to Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary 

anniversary cake topper
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Twenty-five years of marriage is truly something to celebrate! Spending a quarter of a century together is a major milestone in a couple’s journey in life, not to mention a great blessing. The silver jubilee of your union is a big deal. According to history, husbands would give their wives a wreath of silver to commemorate their 25th year of marriage. Silver is a material that is durable, long-lasting, and precious -- the same attributes of a marriage tried and tested by time. 

Best of all, it’s a great time to party! You are at the point in your life where your kids are old enough to party with you, and enjoy taking that walk down memory lane (once more!) you. Make your 25th wedding anniversary stand out with these great ideas.

Start with a Theme

Planning an anniversary party is easier when you have a theme. You’ll have an idea of what color scheme to go for, what decorations to shop for, how to design your invitation, and even what music to add to your playlist. When choosing a theme, go for something that shows off your personalities as a couple. You can also go for a memorable time period for you both. Most couples simply use their favorite colors as their theme which certainly helps those photos come out looking great!

If you are looking for a special theme to celebrate 25 years of togetherness, check out these choices we put together for you: 

Silver Anniversary Theme

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There’s no need to look far! It’s a silver wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than sparkles and silver? Decorate the venue with silver and white for that elegant and classy vibe.  A balloon garland of silver and white with white flower accents gives that added wow-factor. You can add a silver curtain, glitter table numbers, and a banner announcing the day of your wedding. Put old photos together in a photo collage in the form of the number 25. Let everyone know with invitations lined with silver glitter, marking the day of the event. Finish off the theme with centerpieces made from mason jars glittered in an ombre design from silver to white. 

A Greek Feast

greek dinner theme
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This celebration calls for feasts, and feasts are what Greek banquets are made of. Don’t worry, you won’t need to take the entire family to Greece, but a modern Greek party at home will be just as good. Just like the bright white buildings of Greece and beautiful blue seas, the white and blue colors make a great combination with silver accents. 

Serve a platter of small bites consisting of olives, feta cheese chunks, hummus dip, greek eggplant dip, pita bread, and stuffed grape leaves. For the main course, you can serve savory lamb pita sandwiches that go perfectly well with Meatless Moussaka and a selection of Greek wines and beer. 

80s Style Party

80s theme party
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Go back to the time when you fell in love! '80s themed parties are always the rage because of the iconic checkerboard boxes of black and white, splashes of neon color, neon tights, skinny jeans, and bomber jackets. Decorate your venue with garlands of colorful circles, colorful streamers, neon balloons, and even neon lights to point the way to the venue. 

Set up a table with colored cassette tapes, and records, and serve sugar cookies decorated like Rubik’s cubes. A centerpiece of a small flower vase wrapped in ribbons of green and pink give that pop of color and serve dinner on snazzy dinnerware with black pinstripes and colorful shapes. 

4. 25th Anniversary Luau

luau theme party
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Perfect for the summer and a great excuse for a beach celebration! Luaus are usually done to celebrate auspicious occasions such as honoring a great victory in war, a noble warrior, the birth of a healthy child, or an abundant harvest. It’s also the perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. 

Tropical flowers are part of the luau so make sure to decorate your venue with bright tropical flowers. And what is a traditional Hawaiian themed party without pineapples and coconuts? Place edible centerpieces of pineapple and other fruits on wooden platters, seashells all around, and serve fresh coconut juice for refreshments! Don your best grass skirts, and join your guests in the festivities! 

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Source: Martie Duncan

This iconic movie is definitely a classic, and it is also what made Audrey Hepburn an iconic actress in her time. If this happens to be a favorite movie of yours, then a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme is perfect. The robin egg blue color and silver goes so well together. Bring the feel of a Tiffany jewelry box by hanging Tiffany blue curtains against white curtains.

Use silver candelabras for that antique and classic look.Serve macarons for sweets at the dessert bar in that same iconic color, or wow your guests with cake pop shaped like blue gift boxes. For giveaways, go DIY and affordable with Tiffany blue boxes filled with Hershey’s Kisses then tie it shut with a white ribbon. 

6. Up

anniversary party
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If both of you loved the whimsical and heartwarming movie, then an Up theme party will certainly make you feel the same way during your wedding anniversary. If you’ve known each other as kids, fell in love, and are now spending forever, together, then this is even better! Perfect for a backyard celebration, or one close to home, you can fill the area with balloons, and tie a large bunch of colorful balloons to the roof of your porch (if you have a porch). Make memorable DIY hot-air balloon centerpieces by assembling colorful paper lanterns, sticks ribbons, and a simple box. 

For lunch, serve curry chicken salad which is perfect for an outdoors event, a delicious warm casserole of spring pasta with salmon or some pesto chicken salad, homemade ham biscuit sandwiches or salami sandwiches with cauliflower relish, oven-roasted pulled-pork with some sweet and spicy pork, and for refreshments, serve watermelon coolers and fruit punch. 

7. Black and White Cocktail Party

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A simple, yet elegant cocktail party would be the best way to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary in style. This event is a more formal occasion, and everyone comes in their finest black and white outfit. This is perfect for the evening set up, and it gives an overall glamorous look to your entire party. 

A black, white, and silver balloon garland accented with large confetti balloons would make a very beautiful backdrop for your stage. You can also opt to dress up your table with black table runners. A simple white cake with an abstract black ribbon design towards the bottom half and cupcakes topped with white cream and wrapped in black lace definitely adds that wow factor to your party. That black and white photo collage will fit in perfectly with this theme, as well! Form a collage of photos showcasing the moments both you shared over the last 25 years of your union. 

Decorate Your Venue

anniversary party
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The best part about silver wedding anniversaries is that there are several options that you can find to decorate your venue. Most of your decorations will include your food, so we’ve listed down some ideas you can use to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary.

Silver Balloons Garland

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We love balloon garlands! They’re super affordable, easy to make, and if you want to go DIY, you can absolutely create this yourself. Put together stunning silver chrome balloons mixed with white balloons and accents with transparent balloons with silver confetti to make a wonderful backdrop for your stage. Add a white rose garland to add a more elegant feel to it. 

Black and White Photo Collage

Source: Pottery Barn

Take everyone for a trip down memory with this DIY black and white photo collage. Simply put together with photos of your best memories as a couple to form the number 25. For color photos, you can scan them and reprint them in grayscale. You can use a standee to put the photo collage on, or simply hang your photo collage on the wall behind the cake table. 

Silver Wine Bottles and Glitter Jars

anniversary decor
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Silver wine bottles and glitter mason jars make pretty centerpieces for the dinner table. They’re very cheap to make, yet they add that touch of elegance to the overall look. If you have table seating arrangements for your guests, these also make a unique table number.  To make the silver wine bottles, simply find old wine bottles, spray paint with silver paint, add a mini chalkboard sign with the table number, as well as a flower or two. For glitter jars table numbers, cut out number stencils and place on your jars. Cover the jars with Modge Podge, sprinkle with chunky white or silver glitter, let dry, and then peel off the stencil to reveal the number on the jar. 

Silver Candles 

silver candle anniversary
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Silver candles always make any evening event more magical. They also make great decor and centerpieces for your wedding anniversary party. Simply buy big candles from a dollar store, cover in Modge Podge, roll in silver glitter, and let dry. To keep the glitters from being shaken off, you can seal these with adhesive spray.

Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper

anniversary cake topper
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If you are having a cake, then you definitely should get a cake topper. Acrylic cake toppers make a lovely addition to your cake and can be custom made. If you’re going for something a little bit more special, you can special-order rhinestone cake toppers with the number 25, marking 25 years of togetherness. Alternatively, you can DIY your cake topper as well to fit the theme of your party. These twist-tie cake toppers are very cheap to make, plus you can personalize the message to read a special message! 

Decorated Tree Stump

anniversary decor
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If you’re going to go rustic, you’ll need wood. Wood slices are great for this, and also make great centerpieces or decorative pieces. Modge Podge and silver glitter are all you need, and you’ll have a normal-looking wood slice all glammed up to celebrate your rustic 25th wedding anniversary.


anniversary banner
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Cute, eye-catching banners do a great job of announcing the event that day. They’re Instagrammable, and make a great album cover for your anniversary memories later. These cute banners are available to order, or even easy to make. You simply need card stock printed with the words, “Just Married 25 Years Ago,” some red hearts to put in between the words, and some ribbon to string all these together.

Sparklers & Personalized Matchboxes

sparkler anniversary
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Make your wedding anniversary celebration end in a sparkly and magical evening! They’re another super affordable addition you can get for your party. Plus, it makes a great photo for Instagram or your Facebook photo album. Light up your sparklers at the right time with personalized matchboxes let your guests join in the celebration! 

Appetizers and Snacks Ideas

Get the party started with some appetizers and light snacks to keep your guests happy and their bellies full. Nobody likes to be hungry at a party, so keep the food around and full!

  • Water Bottles - It’s super important for everyone to be hydrated! Order bottles of water and personalize it with your special 25th wedding anniversary logo or monogram to the water bottles.
  • Salad Bar - One of the easiest ways to feed a lot of guests is a buffet-style salad bar.  Set up a salad bar for your guests and let them help themselves to a satisfying treat. Add variety for guests who might be vegans, vegetarians, or true meat lovers, and make sure labels are clearly indicating food.
  • Party Cheese Bread - A cheesy bread is an instant crowd-pleaser. All you need is a loaf of sourdough bread, Monterey jack cheese, butter, lemon juice, mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, and celery salt. Bake in an oven and you’ve got yourself a snack for your guests while enjoying the party before dinner.  
  • Fruit Cones- Another totally refreshing treat for your guests; everybody loves fresh fruit. Plus, it’s a great treat if you have guests that are children.
  • Finger Foods- Finger foods are a great way to tide the hunger and keep the guests going. Establish easy to eat foods to keep your guests mingling before the main course.

Desserts and Sweets for the Guests

Next to food, people love desserts and sweets! You and your guests might crave something sweet to cap off a lovely meal. Not only will these desserts give a satisfying end after the main course, but they also look great on the dessert table as part of your decor. You can combine all these desserts into a dessert buffet for your guests.

  • Cupcakes- Cupcakes are easy to make and the best part is you can personalize cupcakes. Customize your cupcakes with  25th-anniversary cups, a personalized cupcake topper, or sprinkles in theme with your party.
  • Macarons- Macarons bring that French elegance to the table when you have this laid out. Got some extra? Give each guest a box of three macarons to make it more special!
  • Silver Anniversary Sugar Cookies- Sugar cookies are a staple for many occasions. These treats are not only soft and sweet but easy to make in a batch and make the perfect giveaway as well.
  • Glittering Donuts- If you’re getting silver sparklers for your wedding anniversary, then your donuts should get sparkles, too. It’s too beautiful to eat, and when they do, I’m sure your guests will feel very stylish biting into these luxurious looking donuts.
  • Silver and White Cake Pops- Cake pops are another dessert that does not require additional plates or utensils and is easy to make. You can prepare them ahead of time about a day before, and decorate as you wish.
  • Cake Jars- The best thing about cake jars is that these babies double as wedding anniversary giveaways for your guests. They get a cute little remembrance of your wedding anniversary, and a sweet treat to take home to enjoy when they get a sudden craving for something sweet.

Hopefully, we provided you with plenty of ideas to celebrate 25 years of blissful marriage. How did you celebrate your anniversary? Is there anything we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!

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