Fall Wedding Ideas for a Gorgeous Wedding Celebration

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Fall is an amazing time to get married. It’s a gorgeous season because you get an instant backdrop for your wedding. The temperature is cooler, it’s cozy, and fall colors are absolutely beautiful. The beautiful orange, red, and yellow foliage makes it look as though you’ve stepped out of a fairy tale. If this sounds enchanting to you, then a fall wedding is just what you need -- we've rounded up the best fall wedding ideas to have the best day ever.

All About Autumn

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Autumn varies on where you’re located. Temperatures across the country vary as well as the season transitions from hot temperatures to cooler temperatures. The famous aurora borealis is visible in Alaska during the fall, and you’ll be able to see that ethereal light show against the night sky. If you’re in Arizona, you’ll see the White Mountain region covered in beautiful fall foliage. In Colorado, get some shots on the pumpkin patch. If you’re in Michigan, you’ll get to join in on the Fall celebration with the changing colors of the leaves.

Just make sure you regularly check the weather forecasts and remind everyone to bundle up just in case the weather gets chilly. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, get ready to have a backup plan, just in case the weather changes drastically.

Color Motif and Palettes

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Fall wedding colors usually involve deep reds, oranges, and browns. These color palettes mimic the changing colors of the leaves and are a very warm color, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to these colors. Jewel tones and glitter accents enhance the natural highlights of autumn leaves. Here are a few of our favorites:

Fall Wedding Ideas

fall wedding ideas
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The fall season is such a fun and relaxing season. With football season around the corner, so many celebrations, festivals in different parts of the country, everyone can easily get into the party mood. Fall scents such as pumpkin spice and cinnamon make everything so relaxing. Temperatures make outdoor walks enjoyable, it lets people get that ‘breath of fresh air’, and you’ll appreciate a fire pit more in this kind of weather.

Fall Venue Decorations

fall wedding ideas
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Rustic venue decoration and colors always compliment the fall season. Burgundy, old rose, and blush shades, rustic elements that involve wood, and anything handmade or handwritten, fits the bill perfectly for a cool fall wedding. A simple wooden ply board with a handwritten welcome sign topped with fresh flowers add to the overall feel of your fall wedding celebration.

The classic hues of orange to red flowers truly complement a traditional palette, and the pop of the darker shades give off that lovely accent that tells the story of an old tale in modern time; a love that will last through the years, and that will weather the test of time. Celebrate the harvest with pumpkins with an all-white motif. No one would ever think to associate this with a particular celebration reminiscent of black and orange colors, and if anything gives the feeling of purity and freshness. If there is something that makes you feel light, quiet, and cool, it would be the color white for your fall wedding.

Fall Flowers

fall flowers
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Flowers in this season would be your best choice. Of course, you have your choice of flowers that bloom all-year-round, but this season would be the best time to take advantage of the seasonal flora to celebrate your wedding. A few of these flowers include dahlias in deep burgundy, garden roses, anemones, marigolds which come in fall shades of gold, orange and red, and sunflowers which make things just a tad bit sunnier. Jewel tones like purples against white flowers blend together nicely for that deep yet pure appearance. These decorations are perfect for a vineyard wedding, right in time for the harvest season.

Dramatically red and pink flowers against green foliage give the feeling of elegance for an outdoor fall wedding. These beautiful flowers also make a very beautiful centerpiece for the dinner table, with the stark contrast blending beautifully with the whites and light green colors around it.

For more decor ideas, how about a wooden sign behind some white and orange pumpkins to direct your guests to the right area? The contrast of orange chrysanthemums against the white sign and the orange pumpkins against the white ones make a pleasant combination, making you feel at home with excitement while getting ready for the wedding celebration.

Fall Wedding Cakes

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Most wedding trends during this season lean towards rustic styles: wood, a lot of browns, peaches, and flower decorations on the cake. Naked cakes are also very popular as rustic themes present raw beauty. But that doesn’t mean your baker won’t get creative. Flowers and foliage in fall colors look absolutely exquisite on a simple, white cake placed atop a thick slice of wood. If you have a rustic wedding theme, you’ll want this elegant, four-layer adorned with a mixture of red and peach flowers, light and dark orange leaves, and buds.

If you want to make your fall wedding cake a little more special, accent it with gold all around. Because of the gold accent, you don't need to surround it with flowers, but the brush of gold color would be enough to make it special.

The deep wine colors of Marsala shades complimented with white, and other light shades make a beautiful stark contrast on this naked cake. An elegant, three-layer naked cake gives the appearance of an all-natural yet special cake that forgoes the frills of decorative icing to display the dramatic colors of Mother Nature’s beautiful flora.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Outfits

fall wedding bridesmaids
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While fall colors are definitely in season, plenty of other colors complement fall colors as well. Rich berry and wine colors, jewel tones, and the glittery golds and silvers that make great accents, together with greens, yellows, oranges and reds, brown and grey. Fall fashion trends mimic colors of foliage such as orange, peach, and green hues, mixed with deep colors such as red or burgundy. These warm colors add a cozy feel, which balances the cooler temperatures for your fall wedding.

Burgundy is another popular and elegant choice for fall weddings. The colors are striking and impressive, and it is such an unforgettable color, as it contrasts nicely against the white bridal gown. Burgundy and marsala add noticeable elegance to a fall wedding celebration. Have the groomsmen match the bridesmaids with burgundy ties and boutonnieres. Take on green hues for your fall wedding! These cool-toned shades seem to boost the cool weather, but just enough so that you don’t feel chilly. Dusty sage and grey compliment each other nicely and make everyone in the entourage stand out.

What are you doing to incorporate fall wedding ideas into your big day? Let us know in the comments below!

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