10 Rustic Ideas That Work for Every Wedding

rustic wedding table
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The rustic wedding theme is such a timeless wedding theme, so very natural and easy on the eyes. If you do it the right way, you’ll find yourself saving money on several items you might find to add to your rustic wedding decor. Rustic-themed weddings give you that warm, relaxed, and comfortable feeling -- the idea that everything is on a positive note. The atmosphere is relaxed as a lot of the elements bring you close to nature, the neutral shades are soothing, and the elements of nature bring about the feeling of life and energy.

If you want to be able to capture the authenticity of a rustic wedding, use your natural surroundings, a neutral palette, check out these rustic ideas that would work for every wedding.

1. Rustic Swing

rustic wedding swing
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Swings with wooden seats tied with rope on a tree branch come across as childhood fun, of things so simple and of pleasant memories. Rustic swings are great additions to the overall effect of the wedding venue.  Tie ribbons of peach and white to the ropes, and add flowers to the ropes for that full rustic effect.

2. Elevated Lanterns

rustic lanterns
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Elevated lanterns add to the view of your venue, so make sure you add some lanterns hanging from strings above the walkway to your ceremony venue or reception venue. These are also great additions if your wedding reception is going to be held in the evening. The lanterns give off this beautiful, natural light that makes the whole venue look more ethereal.

3. Rustic Table Setting

rustic wedding table
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Draw inspiration from mason jars, burlap cloth, a slice of wood, low white flowers, and even rope. Centerpieces made of simple items such as wooden photo frames and tea light candles on top of burlap cloth, or a natural centerpiece made from a log and then add the tea light candles in. Create rustic place cards by using a calligraphy pen to write the names of your guests on a slice of wood placed above the plate. Wrap the silverware in napkins and tie down with braided jute, and use wood slices as coasters. Keep the centerpieces low so that the guests can talk amongst themselves.

4. Rustic Bridal Bouquet

rustic bridal bouquet
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The bridal bouquet and the bridal party floral arrangements are usually one of the most expensive items on your wedding checklist. You’ll really pay a pretty penny for your bouquets depending on what flowers are used and how they are arranged. One of the things I’m sure you’ll appreciate is that rustic bridal bouquets do not have to be super expensive. You can even DIY your own bouquet for a fraction of the cost. Rustic bouquets are meant to be a little more loose and organic. Use lace, burlap, or hessian and twine to tie your flowers together, and have your wedding bouquet just the way you want it on your special day.

5. Rustic Wedding Mirror Display

rustic wedding decor
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Mirrors make great decorations for rustic weddings. You don’t even need brand new mirrors; worn wooden frame mirrors fit the bill perfectly. You can hang the mirrors adorned with burlap ribbons and lace ties as decoration along the walls of your wedding venue, or utilize big mirrors to use as welcome signs or signs to point your guests the right way, or even a large mirror as a wedding seating chart.

6. Rustic Outdoor Bar

rustic wedding decor
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One of the perfect venues for a rustic wedding is barns, vineyards, farms, or basically anywhere outdoors with lots of greenery and trees. When you are surrounded by all that wood, a rustic outdoor bar would fit right in. Set up a wooden table covered with linen, wooden crates of different sizes, flowers, fairy lights, and barrels. Whether you are serving coffee, juice, cocktails, or beer, write your menu on chalkboards set up in front of your outdoor bar to complete the look.

7. Rustic Wedding Escort Cards

rustic wedding decor
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There are several ways you can be creative with wedding escort cards for a rustic chic wedding. You have the option to use natural elements like wood slices, pressed flowers, dried pine cones with or acorns tied with a tag, or you can double the escort cards as wedding favors and send guests to the tables with small jars of honey or hot chocolate mix with their name and table number on it. Make sure you tie it all together with some twine and wrap the bottles with burlap cloth or lace.

8. Rustic Ceremony Arch

rustic ceremony arch
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What a lovely image it would make to be married under a beautiful wedding arch. Rustic ceremony arches are totally gorgeous and you can easily personalize with flowers and fabric. You can make a DIY rustic arch with wood or if you happen to choose a tree to be married under, you can conveniently drape fabric over the tree branches and add flowers all over.

9. Simple Rustic Centerpieces

rustic wedding decor
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There are endless choices for centerpieces for your rustic wedding. One of the features of rustic wedding centerpieces is that you are not confined to using just one kind of centerpiece. You can combine different centerpieces on different tables. Another plus is that you don’t have to spend outrageous amounts just to have beautiful centerpieces.

Use small lanterns, low white flowers, and wood slices with tea light candles for centerpieces. For table numbers, simply gather different sized bottles, wrap with jute string, rope or twine and paint the table numbers on. You can even glam up your centerpieces with glitter or paint them a metallic color.

10. Rustic Wedding Menu

rustic menu
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Here is another way for you to be creative with your rustic wedding venue decorations. Present your guests with the menu for the evening in various ways: use chalkboards to list the dinner menu and refreshments for the evening. Or if you are having your wedding indoors, it’s best to use a mirror with a worn wooden frame, and with white marker, write down the courses for the evening as well as drinks being served and their choice of dessert. A totally affordable option is to get an unused window and write the menu on the window panes.

What rustic decor are you incorporating into your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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