7 Questions You Might Have About Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake
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You probably already had an idea of what cake you want for your wedding. After all, it’s one of the most important parts of any celebration, most especially your wedding. It’s with wedding cakes that you’ll see different kinds of artistry, from the simple naked cake to a towering 3D-mapped display cake.

But when the time comes for you to actually choose your wedding cake, there will be so many choices and other things that you need to consider before actually settling on a cake. We have compiled some of the most common questions that you might have about your wedding cake.

What if We Both Want Different Flavors?

wedding cake
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The good news is that there is no need to limit your cake to just one flavor. Nowadays, bakers offer cakes with different flavors and filling. You might choose to have a vanilla chiffon cake with mango filling, and your groom might fancy a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. Make sure you work with your baker and find out your options as far as combining two different flavors of cake. This way, your guests will be treated to a cake with two different flavors, and it would definitely be a special surprise to everyone. Make sure you have the cake made big enough so that your guests will be able to enjoy a piece of that cake.

When Should the Cake be Cut?

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Traditionally, the cake cutting is the last part of the reception. This pretty much signifies that all the major highlights of the wedding reception are finished and that the guests may head home. To this day, the cake cutting still signifies the same thing, so if done earlier in your reception, unless your guests are staying to party, they would most likely start heading home for the night.  Although it also depends on your agreement with your photographer, for instance, the cake cutting isn’t scheduled until later, but you want to make sure the shots are included for your photo album, then you may have this part of your wedding done earlier.

What’s the Best Way to Cut a Wedding Cake?

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As it is, nobody practices how to cut the cake for their wedding. Not that your wedding coordinator would ever require it. But if you are wondering what’s the cleanest, surefire way to cut a cake and minimize any possible embarrassment, you have two options: the wedge or the box method. The wedge is simply cutting an inch into the cake, and then doing the same cut forming a small wedge. Skip the spatula as using the knife will be cleaner and makes less of a mess. The box method is neater as well. You simply cut an inch into the cake, make a parallel cut, and then in the middle of those two slices, you slice into the cake so as to make a box-shape. Push the piece out with the knife, and voila, you have your cake slice.

What is the Groom’s Cake?

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A groom’s cake is a wonderful feature as a separate reception dessert for your wedding which is specifically designed according to the groom’s tastes. The history originated from Great Britain as a Victorian custom. The history behind it is that single ladies that attend the wedding can take a slice home, and sleep with the cake under their pillow in hope of finding their own future groom.  The flavors are stronger and richer. For instance, rum or dark cocoa, cheesecake, or fruitcake. And it may be decorated according to the groom’s interests. The groom’s cake can be served during the rehearsal dinner, or alongside the wedding cake on your wedding day as an additional slice for your guests to enjoy. Alternatively, it can also be used as a favor instead of an actual dessert for the night.

Can We Skip the Dessert?

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Traditionally, the cake is actually served as dessert after dinner. It’s only up until recently that most couples do not serve the actual cake especially it is too small for the wedding party to enjoy, but then they serve an assortment of cakes or desserts. If you want to save on your wedding day and serve the cake, it is, by all means, the way to go.  On the other hand, if you choose to save the wedding cake especially as it makes a great centerpiece, and serve a different type of dessert instead, that’s also completely acceptable.

Can We Save the Leftover Tiers?

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By all means, you may definitely save a tier of your wedding cake. As a matter of fact, if you are following the tradition of saving the top tier of your wedding cake for your first child’s christening, or your first wedding anniversary, then you will want to make sure you advise your baker or caterer to set aside the top tier of the cake so that it will not be served at the reception. Simply store the top tier of your cake and wrap it in an airtight Ziploc bag, and freeze until your first wedding anniversary. That way, you can incorporate your wedding cake into one of the two most important firsts in your union as a couple!

Do We Really Have to Have a Wedding Cake?

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A wedding cake is a long-standing tradition for most wedding couples. It is an important aspect by making a great centerpiece for your wedding table, and a great dessert as well after dinner. Plus, it’s not a party without cake. Now, if you’re thinking of having just a small piece of cake for the cake cutting photo session, that’s absolutely fine. You need not serve the cake for dessert, and you may totally serve something else.

However, you may definitely create your own tradition and forego the cake and replace it with other dessert items such as fruit pies, a doughnut station, or a cupcake tower. This still provides a sweet dessert for your guests to enjoy, and if neither you nor your partner is not particularly fond of cake, then it’s time to serve something special that both of you will certainly enjoy.

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