11 Brilliant Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding

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Dreaming of a luxurious getaway for your wedding? Having your reception in a beautiful ballroom? How about getting married in a large Victorian estate? You’ll make sure everyone is there. You can’t leave anyone out. And wouldn’t you love to be wearing a beautiful wedding gown with a really long train, gems sewn into the delicate fabric, which will sparkle and shine as you walk down the aisle? A lot of couples usually don’t realize the costs they are up against what they’re getting into unless they actually start the process of putting the wedding together.

The thing is, all the glitz and glamour certainly comes with a price. But we have ways that you can use to save money on some items on your wedding checklist so that you can still pull off your dream wedding without sacrificing a lot of the details.

Remember, when you are planning a wedding, you should know what your priorities are in order to allocate your wedding budget properly. It pays to go for affordable wedding decor and affordable wedding favors. Make sure you create a list of what needs to go first so that you don’t get sidetracked.

1. Save Money on Your Invitations

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Invitations cost a lot of money, and believe it or not, no matter how beautiful the design is, or how eloquently worded, it will either end up in the trash or get lost from the time the guests receive it until they have to show up to your wedding. If you are going to use letterpress, have it done on the main invitation, but for the insert cards, you can save plenty of money by having them flat printed. Consider the latest invitation trends and what you can afford according to your wedding budget.

If you’re after the premium feel of the paper, two-ply will be fine for the invitation itself, but use more affordable one-ply paper for the rest of the inserts. And if you are shopping for envelopes, skip the envelopes with the liner. Remember, you just need to get those invitations safely into the hands of your guests without the pieces falling out. Your standard wedding envelope will be fine.

2. Weekday Events Means More Savings

Weddings held on Fridays are a great way to save money because most venues don’t charge as high for weekday events. Friday is still technically a weekday, which will save you thousands of money for the venue as well as your rehearsal dinner. Plus, your guests will have more time to themselves as they’ll be landing on a weekend the next day. So if anybody has a hangover to nurse, they’ll have two days to take care of it.

3. Go Paperless with a Wedding Website

wedding website
Source: Smartest Brides

Sending a physical invitation is traditional, but nowadays, you better believe it when we say a wedding website can compete with traditional invitations. If you seriously want to save money from your wedding budget, set up a wedding website.  You get more flexibility and you are not limited to space for any information you’ll need, it’s absolutely paperless so you’re sure of zero waste, and all the information is available at a touch of a button.  Include logistics, travel and hotel options, a map, and even QR codes to launch GSP maps to guide your guests to the wedding venue.

4. RSVP Postcards Are Fresh and Fun

Asking for RSVPs and inserting reply cards would mean more money, more cost. Instead of the traditional reply card, use a postcard for your RSVPs. Remember, all you need is to know if your guests are coming or not. They’ll be sending back the RSVP card, so they won’t really get to keep it as a keepsake if they’re planning to. But you’ll save money on postcards as you don’t have to print anything and postcard stamps are cheaper than regular first-class mail.

5. Get a Jump on Dress Shopping

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Most people say that the last item on your wedding list should be your dress to make sure that you fit in the final ensemble. But we highly recommend that you save yourself the trouble and avoid rush fees just in case your dress doesn’t make the deadline.  You’re also sure to have time to check out online sales on social media or get the low-down on trunk shows and sample sales. You might be able to snag a bundle with your dress and jewelry or a veil when you purchase your gown. If you're really up for a challenge, there's always the option of making your wedding dress!

6. Check out New Talent in Photo and Video 

One of the most expensive parts of your wedding is the photo and video sessions. After the wedding, you will have those memories stored on photos and videos, so it is very important for whom you get to capture the special moments of your wedding. Wedding photographer rates charge different rates, but you can be sure to save funds on new talent. There are a lot of talented photographers who are starting out, and you find them on social media. It’ll be a win-win situation when you find the right one because they’ll help you keep those special memories, and you’ll be giving them a major gig. Don't forget to allocate funds right away to your photographer and videographer so it doesn't become a hidden cost later on.

7. Buy Blooms in Bulk

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Source: Fifty Flowers

If you would like to have the whole floral experience, make sure to buy just three to five types of flowers in bulk. Working with a florist this way will afford you a discount if you buy this many flowers, and you will be able to create uniform centerpieces, organic floral arrangments, and monochromatic wedding venue floral decorations.

8. Let Jewelry Be Your ‘Something Borrowed’ 

While you have your own jewelry collection, wearing your everyday jewelry just doesn’t cut it. However, if you’re working with a budget, it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole new collection that you will be wearing once unless you fully intend to use this collection on a weekly basis. Good thing you can rent jewelry online for different occasions, and you can certainly rent jewelry for your wedding.

9. Make the Most of Your Photographer's Time

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Source: Steve DePino

One of the things you can save on is buying the total hours from your photographer. We usually want to maximize the photographer and make sure that they are capturing all the special moments. But if you’re looking for a way to save, consider booking your photographer for only 8 to 10 hours instead of the full day. Give them a list of moments you’d like captured for your wedding album. When it comes to the reception, you can bet most of everyone will have their own cameras out, so give them a wedding hashtag so that you can find all the photos from everyone else’s snaps in one place.

10. Save Paper on Escort Cards and Individual Menus

When we’re planning weddings, we tend to see all the tiny details we don’t want to miss just to make sure we’re covering all bases. Escort cards and individual dinner menus are nice to have, but when you really think about it, you can save on all that paper, cutting and calligraphy or printing by using a wedding seating chart either made of chalkboard or a great big mirror. You can utilize the same design for your wedding dinner menus and save the paper that you can be 100% sure will end up on the floor right before dinner is served.

11. Make Your Favor Dual Purpose

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You’ll definitely want to give out wedding favors to your guests so they can have something to remember the wedding celebration by. If you are planning on escort cards just to make sure they get where they’re supposed to be, hand out small edible favors as escort cards, or place wedding favors on your guest’s plates as place cards. You can use these favors as late-night snacks for those who will stay until the afterparty. For those who go home early, they can take their favors with them to enjoy once they get home.

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