Best Seating Chart Designs

gold seating chart design
Source: Martha Stewart

Creating wedding seating charts isn’t exactly fun and they really do take a lot of time to create. It takes a lot of thinking and planning to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves at the wedding party as well as enjoy mingling with the people they sit with at the dinner table. But creating your wedding seating chart need not be all boring work. It’s fun, too. We’ve put together some inspirational wedding seating chart designs that you might want to use for your own wedding.

Marble Wedding Seating Chart

seating chart ideas
Source: Frank and Bunny Love

Perfectly chic and gives just the right touch for an elegant wedding. Gold gives the feel of luxury, and the subtle pink marble is a modern take on classic black and white. If you are looking for something timeless, a marble seating chart is for you.

Chalkboard Wedding Chart

Source: Emma Loves Weddings

This is another beautiful design for a wedding seating chart. It’s sophistication and fun in one. Your guests are going to love the look of this trendy seating chart. Take any large mirror or picture frame, paint with chalkboard paint, and you can easily DIY a chalkboard seating assignment chart.

Pumpkin-filled Wedding Seating Chart

wedding seat chart
Source: Sunny Rain Art

Here is an amazing idea for a seating chart that is perfect for a fall wedding. Using wooden planks, stained for that rich wooden color, and acrylic for that modern feel, this fall harvest seating chart makes a beautiful backdrop on its own.

Find Your Destination Wedding Seating Chart

wedding seat chart
Source: Pinterest

For the couple who loves traveling, the "Find Your Destination" seating chart is a beautiful and refreshing idea. You can keep it simple or make a design of the world map and add table names with all the places you’ve been to so it’s a memorable piece of your wedding reception. Who knows? Maybe one of the guests at the assigned table might one day find themselves in that actual destination!

Bohemian Mirror Wedding Seating Chart

wedding seat chart
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

If you are having a bohemian wedding, this might be a nice choice for your wedding seating chart. Simply gather bohemian-inspired mirrors according to the number of tables you have, write the table numbers in handwritten calligraphy, and guests’ names right after. Create a standee and drape with shawls, or twine, place baskets underneath for the overall look, and you’ve got a beautiful bohemian wedding seating chart.

Grab-a-Shot Wedding Chart

wedding seating chart
Source: Pinterest

Your guests are going to love you for thinking of this. It’s a multi-purpose wedding seating chart: refreshments, seating chart, and giveaway in one! What beats refreshments right after the wedding ceremony? It ensures everyone gets their own mug of cider or punch and they’ll be able to check their seats while they’re at it. Once they’ve had some punch or cider, they get to keep the mug. Prepare an area where they can rinse and dry their mugs, and give each guest a small burlap bag or canvas bag to store their mugs in.

Blue Watercolor Seating Plan

wedding seating chart
Source: Pinterest

This simple, cool, and refreshing wedding seating chart allows your guests to easily find their seats at your wedding venue. It goes well with a beach or nautical-themed wedding, or if your wedding colors are white and blue.  Simply stand on an easel, add a few of your wedding blooms, and you’re good to go.

DIY Window Pane Seating Chart

wedding seat charts
Source: Elissa Anne

One of the best things about a rustic wedding theme is that you get to recycle and reuse different items that add to the aesthetics and complete the entire look of your wedding. These wooden window panes give that exact vibe. Simply prop up window panes against a wall, or standee to your wedding reception, and handwrite the table numbers and guests’ names in modern calligraphy. Add wood slices below it, baby's breath, candles, and a birdcage, and you’re all set.

Handwritten Seating Chart with Lights

wedding seating chart
Source: Eventective

If your reception is going to be towards dinnertime, then it’s best to make sure your wedding seating chart is well-lit. This fashionable rustic seating chart is exactly what you need. Add modern calligraphy for the table numbers and the names of the guests underneath, and arrange light bulbs around the chart to provide a glow to highlight this seating chart. Place flowers and greenery on top and this is ready to be displayed!

Copper Wire Mesh Seating Chart

copper seating chart
Source: Pinterest

Getting married in a vineyard or an estate? You’ll want something that goes exactly with the look of your wedding venue. Nothing says harvest season more than a copper wire gird panel. This wedding seating chart feels modern, industrial, but totally timeless.

Gold Frame Mirror Wedding Seating Chart

gold seating chart design
Source: Martha Stewart

This completes the Victorian look for your wedding motif. Gather gold frames of various sizes and write the table assignments in each frame. Mount each one and top with flowers and some greenery. This wedding seating chart will give that additional elegance and fit right in with the overall decor.

Gold Gilded Frame Wedding Seating Chart

Source: Emma Loves Weddings

If you do not have a big full-length mirror to mount your gold seating chart frames onto, try making a DIY gold frame seating chart instead.  Attach the frames side by side in an alternate pattern and propping the entire wedding seating chart on an easel. This lends a more modern and artistic touch to your venue decor.

Midnight Blue Mirror Wedding Seating Chart

blue wedding seating chart
Source: Elegant Wedding Magazine

If you are looking for something modern, and you’re wondering what it would look like, this midnight blue mirror wedding seating chart is just what you might need. Gather black and blue metallic balloons to form into an organic balloon garland, and use hexagonal mirror cutouts mounted on a white backdrop, and you’ve got yourself a very modern, cutting-edge design wedding seating chart.

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Seating Chart

great gatsby themed wedding chart
Source: Pinterest

Talk about classic inspirations. If you and your partner happen to have the Great Gatsby theme for your wedding, then take it up a notch with this art deco Great Gatsby inspired wedding seating chart. Each card tied with a golden ribbon, and the names of the titles headed by celebrities, artists, and writers of that era.

Surfboard Wedding Seating Chart

surfboard seating chart
Source: Zola

Having a beach or seaside wedding? Complete the look with a wedding seating chart that’s appropriate! Grab any plain surfboard, and write your wedding guest seating chart in blue ink. Add some modern calligraphy and you’ve got yourself an awesome, beach-ready wedding seating chart. Or go for a chalkboard surfboard for a more boho rustic look.

Contemporary Flourish Tree Wedding Seating Chart

seating chart idea
Source: Documents and Designs

Most often, simplicity brings about more elegance. A simple monogrammed wedding seating chart listing the guests’ names in alphabetical order to make it easier for them to find their places, and the menu in between is the most efficient way to provide your guests something to look forward to. A simple flourish tree at the bottom of the frame speaks a thousand words in this classic seating chart.

Pumpkin Seating Chart

pumpkin seating chart
Source: Hey Wedding Lady

Perfect pumpkins for a fall wedding -- what more can you ask for? Take advantage of the harvest season by piling pumpkins on a table, and use them for your wedding seating chart. Simply handwrite the guests’ names onto the pumpkins with a marker. They serve your purpose of helping your guests find their seats and really make you feel you the holidays wrapping around your entire wedding celebration.

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