8 Things to Avoid During Your Wedding Celebration

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Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, but it will probably also go fast. There are a few things that you should absolutely avoid during your wedding ceremony in order to make it the best time for yourself -- and your guests! Whether it's making sure you don't skip dinner or ensuring you get a moment just between the two of you, there are a few things to make it the best. day. ever. Read on for 8 things to avoid during your wedding celebration.

1. Skipping Food

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Whatever you do, make sure you eat. This is usually right in between the wedding ceremony and the reception. This is why it is very beneficial to have your wedding ceremony and reception in one place. That way, you have time to get touched up and eat while waiting for everyone to settle down.

You might be too excited, and you’ll want to greet your guests, and they’ll want you in almost every photo, but listen to your wedding coordinator if she happens to whisk you away, and tells you to sit down to eat. Remember, your wedding ceremony is possibly going to be until night time, and you will need sustenance in order to survive until the night. If you don’t eat anything, you will either have a massive headache or worse, you’ll faint, and you won’t enjoy your wedding as much.

2. Not Greeting your Guests

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When you’re in the thick of it all, so many things happen that sometimes you’ll be too preoccupied to say hi to your guests. You have probably been at an event where there was a good friend of yours who told you she attended, but you didn’t remember because you didn’t see her there.

You don’t want to be the bride who doesn’t remember her wedding guests or even hasn’t said hi or some kind of gesture, and you’ll find that you might regret it, especially if you have guests from out of town. It’s also very powerful for you and your guests to experience this. Your photographer might have this in his photo line up where you and your spouse visit each table for a wedding photo, usually, right around the time, they’re called to line up for the buffet, or right before they’re served dinner. Take this time to greet your guests, and thank them personally for coming.

3. Skipping the Dance Floor

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Who doesn’t like to dance and boogie when they can?! Well, okay, maybe not everyone. But if you’re asking yourself if you should skip the dance floor just because you still have to make sure everyone’s settled, don’t fret! If you really want some time to just relax and boogie on the dance floor, let your maid of honor or a member of your bridal party know! They will want to help you, and if they ever see you and your spouse caught up in conversation with a guest, they can easily whisk you away and tell the guests that you are needed on the dance floor. This way, it won’t come off as rude, and you’ll be able to enjoy the festivities!

4. Delaying Payment to your Vendors

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Most couples often wait until the end of the celebration before they complete their payments, especially if it is stipulated in the contract that payment can be completed after the wedding. Save yourself and your vendors the trouble of waiting and having to be taken away in the middle of your mingling by settling payments ahead of time. Don’t wait until after the wedding because you might have some vendors that do not need to stay during the entire wedding like your photographer.

It’s going to be an unpleasant experience having to be tapped on the shoulder and reminded that you still need to complete your payment when you’re in the middle of a hearty laugh with your college buddies. Before everything gets set on your wedding day, take care of the payments, and you won’t have anything to worry about during the reception.

5. Not Planning Transportation

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Whatever you do, you must always, always have your own mode of transportation to and from the event, and to other appointments on your wedding day. Understandably, not everyone would have a car. If that is the case, make sure you have your transportation secured by renting a car service or a limousine to take you anywhere you and your spouse need to go before, after, or even during the ceremony.

6. Not Hiring a Day-Of Coordinator

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A common misconception of most couples is that they don’t need to hire a day-of coordinator since the wedding’s been planned out already, and rehearsals have been done.  It’s very important in the entire wedding day that someone apart from yourself or your spouse-to-be who has been part of the wedding planning is ready and available to handle the wedding, to direct people and vendors where they should go and where they should be, and answer any questions or take care of issues that might arise.

f you are not going to hire a coordinator, at least involve family members in helping you coordinate for your wedding. Provide the contact information of all your vendors and have someone do the follow up for you, have someone take care of the guests for you while you’re getting ready, and basically oversee the wedding reception while people are getting settled in.

7. Not Getting Some Time Alone

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If you ever, at any point, feel like you need some alone time, go for it. Sometimes, things can get really hyped up and you might be feeling a little too stressed or tired with everything happening. Take a step away from the reception, you and your spouse, and just soak each other in, just the two of you. Sometimes, we all just need to be refreshed and need a little bit of a breather or a reset before we jump back in and enjoy the rush of the celebration.

8. Sit Back, Relax, and Take it All In

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  A lot of couples are sometimes caught up with all the activities and things they need to do during the wedding ceremony, that by the end of the night, so many things have happened that they don’t remember, or they’ll only ever remember running around from table to table, being busy or shoving food into their mouth so that they can wait for their cue to be called for the next schedule in the timeline.

Remember, this is the day you were preparing for months, even years! Don’t let it go in a blink of an eye. Take a moment to just sit back, relax, and soak in the special moment between you and your spouse, all the beauty and happiness and celebration going around you. Breathe it all in and appreciate it, because everything is finally coming together on this special day.

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