20 Romantic Valentine Wedding Favors

Source: Bridal Guide

If your wedding isn’t romantic enough, you might consider getting married in February right around Valentine's Day. It's a popular month to get married, but with the heart-shaped decor and rose petals scattered everywhere, it can easily get turned into a cheesy event. But it’s also one of the easiest events to be creative for your wedding favors, so we made a list of wedding 20 favors that you can gift your guests on that extra special day.

Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies

Source: Bridal Guide

It’s always a fun treat for guests to find a little surprise while they’re at a wedding and what better way to do it than with these Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies? It’s a whimsical choice and a cute one at that. Plus, it makes a great snack for your guests. Gift them with a small box of fortune cookies and watch them find their own fortune.

Heart Box French Macarons Valentine's Day

valentines favors
Source: Etsy

French macarons not only make for pretty decor at your party, but they are also known to be special treats. These delicate macarons spell L-O-V-E like no other. Share the love with your guests with a box of these wonderful treats.

Champagne Gummy Bears

Source: Diary of Debunte

Treat your adult wedding guests to these delicious champagne gummy bears! Fun and sweet, your guests won't be able to resist! If they’re looking for a boost during the party, a bag of these will be a wonderful treat. Throwing a bachelorette party or a bridal shower? This would make a great giveaway for both!

Whoopie Pies Hearts

Source: Omg Chocolate Desserts

If French macarons seem to be challenging for DIY wedding favor, how about Whoopie Pies Hearts? Made of either chocolate or red velvet cake mix, you can fill the pies with red, white, or pink buttercream or cream cheese filling.

Personalized Wedding Bottle Stopper

This is a wedding favor that not a lot of guests might appreciate at first glance but will realize that they’ll need once they’re at home. After all, nobody wants a bottle of wine to be left open and wasted. This personalized gold bottle stopper is the perfect gift for guests to remember the fun they had during your Valentine’s Wedding Day.

Valentine Mint Rolls

Source: Not Quite Susie

If you’re worried about being cheesy on Valentine’s day, don’t be. In fact, it’s the day to be cheesy. These Valentine's mints are just the perfect giveaway for your guests that conveys to the world exactly what you and your spouse-to-be are: meant to be! They are a great DIY favor that you can personalize according to your theme.

Cupcake Boxes

Source: Sweet Cupcakes

It’s always best to make sure your guests get a piece of cake action. These cupcake boxes will definitely guarantee that. They certainly fall into theme very nicely with a little heart-shaped window giving the guests a view of the sweet treat they’ll be taking home with them.

Jam Packed with Love

jam packed with love
Source: Once Upon Supplies

Homemade jam is much more than just a sweet treat that falls right into your Valentine’s wedding theme. It’s showing your guests how special they are to you, especially if you’re making homemade jam. This beautiful gesture that comes in a jar is a wonderful treat your guests can take home to enjoy for a snack.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter

Source: Crate and Barrel

If there’s anything that fits right into Valentine’s Day-themed weddings, these heart-shaped cookie cutters certainly fit the bill. Absolutely cute and perfect for your friends who love baking.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Source: Easy Family Recipes Ideas

These chocolate-covered Strawberries take your wedding to a whole different romantic level! They are a thing of romantic books and novels, and just perfect for everyone, including your guests! Treat your guests to a wonderful Valentine’s wedding giveaway with a tray of their own chocolate-covered strawberries for a quick snack to enjoy while dancing, or take home to enjoy while relaxing.

Floral Garden Notebook Favors

notebook favor
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

This thoughtful giveaway is quite a useful gift for your friends and family. You’ll never know when you need a notepad to take down important notes or phone numbers or scribble out a quick grocery list.  These affordable floral garden design notebook favors will be one your guests will truly appreciate.

Candy Necklaces and Bracelets

Source: Lolly Jane

These make wonderful wedding favor for everyone and most especially children. Candy necklaces and bracelets and other jewelry will give your littlest guests something fun and tasty to keep them occupied if you set this up as an interactive favor station. Your guests will find it another Instagrammable moment, and you’ll always have these memories of them making them during the celebration.

His and Hers Glasses

Source: The Decorated Cookie

If you're looking for another DIY challenge, these Valentine's Day wine glasses can be a cute his-and-hers moment. They are easily painted which means you can completely personalize them with colors, shapes, and names.

Baked Goodies

Source: Sally's Baking Addiction

You can never go wrong with baked goodies, especially when there’s something distinctly special about them. Whether it’s personalized or filled with special jam filling, these baked goodies are going to be well-loved by your guests. Gift your guests with these tasty treats for them to enjoy while at the party, or to take home and keep for the next morning to enjoy with their morning coffee.

Personalized Sweetheart Compact Mirror

personalized compact
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

If you haven’t shopped for your bridal party yet, this will be the perfect wedding favor for them. No bridesmaid will leave home without it for sure. Perfect for that quick touch up, or to check for hairs out of place. These compact mirrors can be bought in bulk and personalized. Have a special thank you message written for your bridesmaids and maid of honor, or mark each one with your bridal party’s designation. They will be sure to bring this with them on the day of the wedding and for the days to come.

Personalized Printed Mason Jar Mug

personalized mason jar mugs
Source: Beau-Coup

Ply your guests with flowing juice, punch, and even liquor with their own personalized mason jars to celebrate your union with your spouse-to-be! These mason jars can be personalized with your guests’ names or just the monogram of your logo. Give one mason jar to each guest upon arrival, and have them drop by the refreshment stand for a glass of juice or punch before they settle down.

Love and XOXO Cookies

XOXO cookies
Source: Etsy

If you’re still not settled on a wedding favor that would make your guests happy, just keep in mind that everybody loves a snack. They might want some dessert after dinner, or a snack while enjoying the party. These XOXO cookies will be a wonderful treat for your guests while they are at your wedding. Set out boxes and bags so they can also take it home for a morning-after treat.

Antique Love Bottle Opener

antique gold love wedding opener
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

These pretty little bottle openers are another item most people actually need inside their house, and getting this for wedding favors will give your guests an actual favor they could use for the weeks and possibly the years to come.

Personalized Chocolate Hearts

personalized chocolate hearts
Source: Kelly's Country Store

Personalized chocolate hearts are Valentine’s day staples. It’s the perfect reason why these sweet treats make the perfect wedding giveaway. These chocolates are a great energy treat for your party guests who are dancing the night away, and a great treat to keep the kids at bay (for a short while anyway!)

Love Glass Coaster Wedding Favors

Love glass coasters
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

If you’re looking for amazing yet super affordable wedding favors, these LOVE glass coasters are sure to wow your guests without you having to break the bank just to get something for your guests to remember the day. Not only do these glass coasters make good looking favors, but they are also super useful around the house. People don’t realize they need coasters until they are about to set their cold drinks or even a hot mug of coffee on their wooden table.

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