5 Valentine's Day Color Palettes For your Wedding Day

red pink wedding colors
Source: Wedding Wire

February is here, and along with it, the most romantic holiday on the calendar. It’s also one of the most popular days to get married, so we’re sure you are going to want to make this day extra special. Valentine’s Day in some parts of the country is an offseason because of the winter months.

You can still get snowy backdrops, start up a warm fire in the fireplace in your venue, utilize candles for a more romantic feel, and make sure to have blankets and scarves available during this cuddle weather.

Whatever the reason, we thought we would pull together a few inspiration boards with various color palettes that include both the traditional and slightly updated Valentine's Day wedding inspiration. Enjoy!

Red, Pink, and White All the Way

red pink wedding colors
Source: Wedding Wire

It’s the easiest choice, not to mention the most readily available on Valentine’s Day! It fits in right into this romantic holiday. Getting ready for everything you need for your wedding day won’t be as difficult because you’ll have these color choices lying around.

You’ll have to keep in mind though to get your red, pink, and white wedding favors ordered ahead of time to escape the rush of others that would possibly be pouring for the same color scheme.

Red roses are easily available during this season, not to mention red-bottomed heels, pink ribbons, and heart-shaped cookies for favors. Consider an ombre combination of pink and red for your bridal party’s outfits, and if you don’t feel like the traditional white wedding gown, you can certainly have your wedding gown styled this way.

Traditional Vogue: Red, Pink, and Gold

Valentine's Day Wedding
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If you’re not feeling the whole red and pink color scheme, take your valentine’s wedding day to the next level with this fancy and combination of gold, red, and pink. If you’re loving the elegant look that the color gold adds to your venue, it will take your cake into something more than a regular table piece, and turn it into a pièce de résistance.

Your guests’ dinner tables are going to be all the rage on your Valentine’s Day wedding with all the gold pieces and accents. Use golden tableware, and fill the vases with red roses and pink peonies.

Elegantly Chic: Pink and Grey

Valentine's Day wedding color theme
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Grey has become a trendy color for weddings and goes well with most skin tones. You can easily achieve a romantic feel at your wedding with pink and grey colors for your color scheme. These colors bring a delicate feel to your wedding. Dress your bridal party in a tulle of blush pink and grey for a soft feel. But you have the option to go for bright and bold, go with a bolder shade of pink against a darker shade of grey.

Have your wedding decorated in beautiful layers of fondant with an ombre white and grey design and light fondant-layer flowers. Your cake will be a sight to behold on its own.  

Bold in Black yet Proper in Pink

black and pink wedding colors
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Bring on the black-tie wedding! If you are not one for superstitions, and all for the true meaning of what the color black brings to the table, you will love this black and blush color palette for your wedding! As much as black is used to exhibit something mysterious and eerie, the color black is also associated with sophistication, class, and elegance. With the right color scheme and set up, this color will be anything but a scary affair!

This romantic blush pink layered wedding gown will go just well with your groom’s tuxedo, and if if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a princess on your wedding day, then this is that time!

Royal Elegance in Burgundy and Gold 

Source: Deep Pearl Flowers

Ruby red jewel tones, deep reds, and burgundy tones - the deep colors that remind us of the life source of what flows in us. This color palette adds some warmth to the overall look of your wedding venue. Turn into a fairytale wedding or a royal ball -- your choice! But whatever it will be, these deep jewel tones and sparkling golden accents will take your wedding to the next level.

Add some sparkle with glittery ruby red shoes, and throw some of that shine to your wedding cake as well. Give an ambiance of warmth by having your bridal party dress in burgundy bridal gowns. Add a gold brooch or gold jewelry for accent.

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