10 Ways to Amp Up Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get proposed to or have a wedding! The winter season is not yet over, and it’s the best time to snuggle close to your loved one to keep warm. It’s also the season to give your guests a reason to party and celebrate the love that’s all around. 

Do you have to go full valentine’s themed? Of course not, not if you don’t want to. If you still want to play on the holiday’s special theme, you can definitely incorporate a few subtle Valentine’s Day touches. It’s not that hard to combine with any theme especially if you are getting married in February. Here are 10 ways you can amp up your Valentine’s day wedding with romantic touches. 

1. Display Your Love Story

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It is always inspirational to see couples getting married. It makes you wonder how their love story was like! Share your love story with your guests like the day you met or your first date, or how you knew your partner was the one.

You can achieve this by playing a video with a photo slideshow showing your earliest photos together until the present. If you don’t have a lot of photos together, a clever way of sharing your story is by posting fun facts and short trivia of your love story on your guests’ dinner tables! 

2. Take Advantage of the Romantic Holiday Colors

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Valentine’s Day is the day where everything is awash with red, pink, and purple, with hearts, balloons, and chocolates. You can play up all the valentine’s day elements and incorporate these into your wedding theme. 

Take your black-tie affair to a whole other level, just by adding pops of red or pink hearts such as heart-shaped paper menus, or pink and red watercolor place cards. That is the best part about getting married on Valentine’s Day! You won’t have to worry about creating a whole theme from scratch! 

3. Set Up Cozy Places for Your Guests

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Give your guests a special experience by setting up cozy places and romantic nooks all around your reception space. Since the weather will still be nippy, fuzzy rugs and cozy blankets will be greatly appreciated. If your venue has a fireplace, ask the manager if they would be able to allow the space in front to be used by the guests who might want to warm up a bit.

Candles make for great decorations, so use these to make the ambiance warmer. String fairy lights all around and hangs photos of you and your spouse-to-be for that perfect touch! Candles and lights are the easiest way to create an ambiance for your big day.

4. Fill the Place with Flowers 

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Roses are the flower of choice for Valentine’s day but remember, there are other flowers that are just as romantic and special. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic and luxurious, go for purple orchids, bold pink or red amaryllis, and large dahlias. 

For a delicate look, opt for pink tulips, calla lilies, or pink carnations, or dainty chrysanthemums. Of course, peach and pink peonies are also a beautiful choice for flowers, especially if you are looking for table decorations and centerpieces

5. Lighting is Everything 

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Help set the mood with fairy lights! Fairy lights give a soft, delicate glow to your venue, and sets a romantic mood. They also light up the outdoors, so if your wedding party goes well into the night, you’ll be sure to have the whole place lit up all nice. 

Candles are another great way to elevate the lighting situation. There is nothing more romantic, raw, and completely natural than a candlelit dinner. Set ornate candleholders or even tealight candles placed on different sized cylinders, or slices of wood if you’re doing a rustic-themed wedding, and place in the middle of your guests’ dinner table for a romantic setting. Candles are absolutely affordable, and instantly upgrades the venue’s decor. 

6. Serve a Signature Cocktail

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Celebrating your union on an especially romantic holiday calls for its own signature cocktail! Signature cocktails add something extra special to celebrate with. You will also want to keep your guests refreshed and hydrated, ready to warm up the dance floor at the reception. 

How do you create a signature cocktail? You can simply take any existing cocktail like mint juleps, mimosas, or even champagne, add some red garnish like strawberries, raspberries, or a few pomegranate seeds and gold flakes for that super special unique drink. The best part is, you don’t have to serve just one cocktail. You can choose from a variety of drinks that your bartender can mix up for you. Give each drink a special name such as your partner’s or your own, or even a combination of your names for a hint of what your guests can expect from your drink.

7. Prepare a Special Playlist of Songs That Are Close To Your Hearts

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Your DJ might have a wedding day playlist ready or you might want to choose a set of songs that’s close to your heart. But if there are some songs that you want to make a part of your wedding day, make sure you include them! These songs can be used to play during special parts of the ceremony or the reception. 

Play a song close to your heart for your first dance, or while you’re dancing your first dance. You can also mix it up by giving your guests the opportunity to choose a song to include in the playlist. Have them fill in their song choice along with their RSVP card to include their favorite song. 

8. Shower Your Guests with Treats

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It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s the perfect holiday to indulge! Treat your guests to delicious favors like candies, cookies, chocolate pretzels drizzled with raspberry or strawberry syrup, and drinks to go with that! Set up a table for your guests where they can get some treats and light snacks, and some juice and water to keep hydrated. Go one step further: set up a donut bar for your guests for some tasty dessert. 

Keep the younger guests occupied with their own treats table or even better, a candy jewelry making station! Give them something to do, and They also get their own treats at the wedding. Watch out for those sticky hands, and make sure to have wipes on hand just in case the parents run out of wipes!

9. Send Them Home with a Sweet Treat

Valentine's Day wedding favors
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We don’t only mean literally sweet-flavored sweets, but this includes all sorts of treats that are ‘sweet’! Sweet and sumptuous don’t need much thought: send your guests homes with a slice of wedding cake in individual cake boxes (or red, or burgundy depending on your theme).

Or better yet, send them home with a cupcake that’s been pre-packaged to save time. Are cupcakes too boring? Try French macarons! The idea of a French Treat on Valentine’s Day celebrating a wedding? It’s just too much, you’ll have to make it that special.  Or take the traditional Valentine’s gift of chocolates and flowers and send your guests home with these favors with a special hand-written note. 

10. Make it You

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Your Valentine’s Day wedding doesn’t have to be full-on Valentine’s Day like we mentioned. If you prefer to have a different theme other than obvious Valentine’s day decor, you can certainly incorporate elements of Valentine’s Day into your wedding. 

You could have a teal or blue color palette for your wedding, but your shoes can be accented with red hearts, you can hand ombre cupid’s arrows to your guests for their table cards, or a heart-shaped locket hanging from your bridal bouquet.

Celebrate your wedding with heart-shaped sugar cookies for wedding favors, or sprinkle cupcakes with heart-shaped sprinkles. Order some customized ribbon with your wedding date and a special message for each other inscribed on the ribbons, and use these ribbons for different elements in your wedding such as wedding decor and bouquets. 

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