9 Things to Think About When Getting Married on Valentine's Day

valentine's day wedding
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If it happens to fall on a weekend, you are definitely going to fantasize about an entire day of love, fun, and just being together with your special someone. There is no better way to celebrate your love and, more importantly, your union on the most romantic holiday of the year. This day has been marked a special day for a lifetime. If you are the type of couple that holds Valentine’s Day as a truly special day, then there is no reason you should not consider getting married on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s one of the best days to celebrate your love with your friends and family. There are a few things you will need to consider when setting your wedding celebration for Valentine’s Day

1. Getting Everyone Together on this Special Day

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Granted, it’s a special day for couples to spend with each other, go on a date, do something special for Valentine’s Day. But inviting your closest pals, especially if they are a couple, to spend the day with you to celebrate your wedding, will make the day for every one extra special. You and your spouse-to-be and everyone else will get to be a part of a grand celebration. 

The best part is that if you have any single friends who happen to be there, they won’t have to spend the day alone. Nobody wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone, and if you’re getting married, you can invite your closest friends to the party! Who knows, they might meet someone at the wedding reception. If they don’t meet anyone, at least you’ve got your family and close friends together, partying with you. 

2. Heart Shaped Decorations

valentine's day wedding
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It’s easy to decorate for your wedding, plus, you can have the entire Valentine’s Day theme built into your wedding. You won’t even have to try to figure out a wedding theme unless you truly want it to be something completely other than Valentine’s-day related. Heart-shaped decor like confetti, candles, dishes, or hanging decor will be readily available, and it’s going to be fun to decorate with. 

There are plenty of great inspirations that incorporate Valentine’s day elements into different wedding themes like rustic themes or vintage themes. You will not run out of ideas. Just be careful that you won’t go overboard because it doesn’t take much for this romantic holiday to be cheesy and you don’t want your venue to look overdecorated. 

3. It’s an Easy Day to Remember

Valentine's Day Wedding
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Not a lot of people may admit it, but it's quite common to forget your anniversary date. And every year you'll want to celebrate your anniversary -- especially if it's easy to remember.

Several couples choose to get married on Valentine’s Day for the primary reason that it is a date that is easy to remember. Because of the fact that it’s a date celebrated all over the world as the most romantic holiday, it’s something you’ll both actually look forward to monthsbefore it even hits you. 

4. Get Your Marriage License on Valentine's Day 

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Maybe you’re not getting married on Valentine’s Day, but you can still make this day a part of your marriage. Getting your marriage license on Valentine’s Day is just as special as getting wed on the day of. It’s an important piece of legal document that allows you to have your wedding.

The days leading up to your wedding are going to be super busy, and you would need to schedule a day to take that. But if you’ll be scheduling it anyway, do it on Valentine’s day. You’ll remember the date easily, and it will still be a momentous occasion. Not to mention, there won’t be a lot of people at the county clerk’s office, so you’ll be able to save some time. 

5. It’s a Great Time to Plan a Getaway

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Anybody who lives in a cold-climate place knows it’s the best time to get out of that cold weather and go on a trip to a warm-weather state. Make it an out-of-state wedding in California so that everyone can enjoy a little warm weather during your wedding. 

6. It is a Special Day for Everyone Else

Valentine's Day wedding
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Because this day is special, you might have guests that might not be able to make it because they might have other plans for that day. If you aren’t able to send out your save the dates with plenty of time, your guests might make other plans for your Valentine’s day wedding. If you’re quite particular about who will be able to attend your wedding, then it would be in your best interest to let it be known when your wedding day would be. 

7. It is Still Snowing in Most Places

Valentines day wedding
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February is still a month that is part of the winter season, so if you happen to be living in an area where it’s still snowing, and you celebrate your wedding on Valentine’s day, just be prepared for a winter wedding.

If you happen to be living in a state where it’s not as affected by blizzards and snowstorms, you’ll have to consider where your guests are going to be coming from. Factor in travel delays and bad weather especially for guests that are going to be traveling to attend your wedding. 

8. Your Wedding Can Quickly go from Chic to Cheesy

Valentines day wedding
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We mentioned that when decorating, you can easily go overboard. The days leading up to Valentine’s day will see stores, establishments, restaurants, and even your office decorated with red and pink hearts, cupids with bows, and Valentine’s Day-themed signs to announce the big day. You may not be into heart decorations or the colors red or pink, but you might suddenly get a feel for it when you’re nearing your big day.

Make sure you go over it with your events coordinator if you have an events coordinator. If you are going DIY with the decorations, incorporate Valentine’s day elements like hearts on your accessories or your shoes to avoid the obvious decoration.  Just make sure you don't go overboard!

9. It May Become a ‘Gimmick’ Wedding Day

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Overall, most couples choose their wedding dates because it’s a succession of days (12/13/14)  or a pattern (02/22/22). Then there are those that choose wedding days that are special holidays like Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the most popular would be Valentine’s day. These dates are usually considered unlucky. The Melbourne Institue has written a report on how most couples wed on special days like holidays or because of patterns are likely to end up in divorce. 

While these are just studies and observations, when you are choosing your wedding date, make sure you’re choosing it not only because it looks unique on your invitation or because it’s a special holiday. Your date must have a special meaning to both of you. Otherwise, it might because of another ‘gimmick’ wedding day. There are plenty of ways to have a heartwarming wedding day -- no matter the wedding date.

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