Valentine’s Themed Wedding Ideas to Level Up Your Wedding this 2021

red rose decor
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A Valentine’s Day wedding! It’s the most romantic holiday of the year, and also one of the most popular days to get married. Getting married on Valentine’s Day can be totally overwhelming. The day would definitely be awash with the color red and pink, hearts, and everything you can associate with Valentine’s Day. 

It’s easy to overdecorate on a day like Valentine’s day. Even most wedding locations and venues would probably be adding some decorations in anticipation of Valentine’s Day-themed weddings. But the most romantic holiday of the year doesn’t have to end up blazing red with hearts unless that’s exactly the look you’re going for. 

We’ve come up with different ideas that you might want to draw inspiration from for your Valentine’s wedding day

Classic Valentine Wedding Ideas

Decorate with Red Roses

red rose decor
Source: We Heart It

If your venue happens to have a white staircase, considering decorating it with red roses to give your venue that upgraded look that you’re going for. The stark contrast of red roses against the clean white of the stairs make truly makes a statement, and there is nothing classier than red roses. 

Rosebuds and Glass Cylinders

rosebud decor
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Simplicity is a beauty! These elegant tall glass centerpieces filled with rosebuds make wonderful centerpieces. Add tea light candles and rose petals and you have these amazing centerpieces that complete the romantic wedding vibe. 

Shades of Grey and Red

red and grey wedding color palette
Source: Weddingomania

A pop of color makes any venue look romantic, but the combination of gray and red, particularly roses, sets the perfect tone to a classic valentine’s wedding! Decorate your guests’ seats with light gray and dark gray tulle for chair ties, tie it in a big bow, and top the ties with a large red rose, or a bunch of roses. 

Red Table Accents

red color wedding palette
Source: Weddingwire

A red rose bouquet makes a beautiful centerpiece for Valentine’s Day weddings, and if you’re wondering how the most romantic season’s color fares, you can’t go wrong with a red, black, and white color combination for your wedding. Red table napkins and a bouquet of red roses will help you achieve them.

Bridal Rose Bouquet

rosebud bridal bouquet
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You deserve the best and most romantic bouquet! That’s why you deserve nothing less than a bouquet of red roses tied in a bunch with a white bow. Make that bouquet sparkle and shine with rhinestone gems to reflect just how special the bride is. This simple design makes all the difference. 

Red Jeweled Bridal Shoes

red bridal shoes
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There’s no rule about wearing a pair of wedding shoes that are not as white as your gown, and that should be all the encouragement you need to wear these beautiful velvet red pumps. You’ll easily get caught up in the romantic atmosphere wearing these red heels, accentuated with bling. And who better to don bling on their wedding day but the bride? 

Red Ribbon Wedding Cake

red wedding cake
Source: Bouquet Wedding Flower

If you think you’ll need an artistically decorated cake for your wedding day, remember, there is no need to complicate things. The simpler your cake, the more classy and elegant it will be. If you think about it, you won’t need more than red ribbons to decorate a classic wedding cake. Top the cake with a bunch of red flowers, and you have completed your classic Valentine’s Wedding theme to a T. 

Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas for the Fun Bride

Valentine’s day can be awash with pink and red, and that’s the best part! It makes decorating easier and saves you time, especially if you are going for a fun wedding theme! Take advantage of the colors and hearts that will be available to you on your wedding day, and play it up for a wonderfully fun day not just for your guests, but most especially for you!

Pink Watercolor Calligraphy Invitations

Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Watercolor invitations will never go out of style, most especially for Valentine’s Day-themed weddings. These wedding invitation templates are readily available online so you won’t have to worry about recreating these from scratch. That fun, carefree style assures your guests that this affair is something to look forward to!

Jelly Heels with Red Hearts

bridal shoes
Source: Graham-Co

Walk down the aisle with these pretty Jelly Heels with red hearts! If you are looking to add pizzaz to your bridal outfit, this pair of cute heels with red hearts is exactly what you need. 

The Ultimate Dessert Wedding Cake

wedding cake
Source: Pinterest

Blast from the past, but who says you can’t have a dessert cake on your wedding day? This may well just be the sweetest thing that hit your wedding day. While it’s a non-traditional cake, it’s something that is totally Instagram-worthy and mouthwatering. Make sure you have an individual treat for each guest! They’re going to love these as wedding favors!

Heart Wedding Arch

heart wedding arch
Source: Native Poppy

Exchange vows under a heart-shaped arch of flowers! This fabulous heart-shaped arch will play nicely as a nice backdrop as you seal your union with a kiss!

Pink, Red, and White Organic Balloon Arch 

wedding balloon arch
Source: Pinterest

No fun Valentine’s Day wedding should be without a balloon arch. Perfect for a sunny outdoor Valentine’s wedding celebration! You can easily DIY this balloon arch for a pretty decoration over the punch table or dessert table. It also provides a great backdrop for those Instagrammable moments. 

Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas for the Rustic Bride

Here is another timeless wedding theme: a rustic Valentine’s day wedding. Whether it’s nature, the foliage, or being outdoors, whether it’s the fact that it’s laid back, relaxed, and cozy, a rustic valentine’s day theme will make your wedding day a day you’ll fall in love with each other all over again.  

Ombre Napkins and Love Arrows

ombre napkin wedding
Source: Martha Stewart

Cupid is going to make the rounds tonight! These golden-tipped love arrows will show your guests the way to their seats. Hand one to each guest with their names and corresponding seat numbers and have them find their way to their corresponding tables. Pair with ombré napkins for the ultimate wedding decor.

Glass Jars and Paper Hearts

rustic wedding flavors
Source: Fifty Flowers

The best part about rustic weddings is that centerpieces can be items that you have around your house. Empty mayonnaise jars, pickle jars, wine bottles, and mason jars can be used as flower vases. Use lace or burlap cloth to wrap around the jars, and tie with a jute string to hold everything together. 

A scattering of paper hears and burlap cloth hearts for the dinner table completes your rustic Valentine’s Day wedding venue. These jars are a great alternative for cheap DIY centerpieces for your rustic wedding

Lacy Heart Screens 

rustic wedding heart decor
Source: Pinterest

Decorate your rustic wedding venue with lace heart screens. Simply take a wire, shape it into a big heart, and cover it with lace and ribbons, and hang it all around your venue. Take a bunch of dried flowers and add them to your wall hangings to complete the look. 

Heart Wreaths

Source: Wedbook

Decorate seats with heart wreaths and delicate flowers. These make wonderful visuals for your wedding venue. Add an oversized heart-arch to use as photo decor or mini-sized wreaths for individual decor.

Customized Ribbons of Length

bridal bouquet
Source: Wedding Wire

Personalize your bouquet further with custom pink, red and gold ribbons tied at length to your bouquet. You can have these ribbons made to reflect a special message from your spouse-to-be, or both of your names, your wedding date, and your hashtag. 

Fringe and Beads

bridal shoes
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Accentuate your beautiful feet with these dainty beaded and fringed heels. No boho or rustic bride should be without a pair of these wonderful pair of shoes for their wedding.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Source: Margo & Bees

The rustic wedding theme relies on nature, and mostly wood. Display that element in your wedding invitations with designs that feature hears and woods for that romantic rustic look in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Light colors such and pink and grey play nicely as a design. You can also accent with gold for added flair. Wrap in brown or kraft envelopes and tie with jute string or seal the envelope with a wax seal for an elevated appeal.

Cactus-shaped Heart Rustic Wedding Cake

heart-shaped cactus wedding cake
Source: Wedding Wire

The centerpiece of your entire wedding venue, and where eyes will be. Mark the celebration with a heart-shaped cactus cake topper! A perfect addition to a rustic wedding cake! 

Valentine’s Day for the Vintage Bride

If you have always wanted to know what Audrey Hepburn felt like, now’s your chance! Vintage and retro-themed weddings bring a whole level of fun to your classic wedding. It’s more colorful, playful, and can also cause a lot of nostalgia, which can definitely stir those feelings, and make your wedding celebration instantly loved. 


vintage wedding venue
Source: Ruffled Wedding Blog

When decorating your venue, you can draw a lot of inspiration from different, old, vintage elements and items. If you are holding your wedding outdoors, a red Chevy truck, a vintage bike, and a cotton candy maker will immediately bring on that vintage look to your venue. 

Vintage Flowers 

Source: Brides

There isn’t a specific list of flowers to use for a vintage valentine's wedding, but if you are going for the Victorian era, you’ll want to include heirloom roses, peonies, and carnations for the old-fashioned feel. Shades of blush, pink, dusty rose are colors you want to go for when choosing your bouquet


Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Old books make great centerpieces. Carve out hearts from old books to use as a centerpiece for your guests’ dinner table. Vintage-inspired centerpieces can be an array of things. From collected antique vases to books, centerpieces should feel collected and personal.

Empire Waists and Lace Gowns 

vintage inspired weddings
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Bring the Victorian era back to life as a princess bride in this beautiful empire cut wedding gown! Or be a little bit more free and ethereal in this captivating lace wedding dress. If you want something a little more personal and if it is available, you can use your mother’s wedding gown. Not only will that lend a true vintage feel, but what a special treat it would be for a wedding dress to be used by the next generation!

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