5 Wedding Strategies for the Busy Bride

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You’re engaged and you are about to go into planning your wedding! It’s going to be exciting and you are sure to be busy. But wait a minute. You also have a full-time job. You’ve got the bills to take care of, plus grocery shopping, keeping the house clean, and you’ve got a part-time hustle. Or you’ve got a big project at work that you also need to get ready for, and if you haven’t already taken care of this, you and your future husband will be living together. Or your business operations are also in full swing, and you’re launching a new product. Just how do you plan your dream wedding if you are busy at work? 

It sounds daunting, and it looks like a major task. But never fear -- Below are five wedding strategies that you need in order to plan your wedding and still continue your usual day-to-day activities. 

1. Get a Wedding Planner and Coordinator

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As we said, people make a living out of helping you bring your wedding dreams to reality. Wedding planners and coordinators know their stuff. They have the experience, connections, and access to everything you will need for your wedding. If you still have no idea what you want for your wedding, they already come with ideas for motifs, themes, venue designs, floral arrangements, dress designs, bridal party outfit suggestions, and a whole arsenal to plan your wedding. It’s worth every penny, and it saves you from going through the trouble of having to find everything out for yourself.

A day-of wedding coordinator handles everything else for you on your wedding day: your guests, your family, keeping everyone and everything running according to the schedule so that you and your partner can focus on getting yourselves ready to be bonded as one on your special day. Save yourself the stress, and get yourself a coordinator and wedding planner. 

2. Ask for Help or Delegate Tasks

Source: Wedding News World

Sometimes, we feel like we don’t want to impose on other people. We often feel shy that we’d have to ask for help from other people. Most times, we think we’ve got this, we can handle everything, we just need time. 

Avoid stress and worries. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t feel as if you can’t ask for help. Ask for help from your maid of honor and your bridal party to coordinate times for dress fittings and meetings. Ask for help from family members to help you choose and scout for places to check out wedding giveaways, possible caterers, bakers, or putting together a playlist. Even reaching out to guests, keeping track of RSVPs, and later on, putting together your invitations or your giveaways, and arranging your wedding items near your wedding date. 

3. Plan Your Meals

wedding day meals
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Did you ever think that trying to figure out what you’ll be eating during the week actually takes up some of your thinking space? Having to figure out dinner every single night can distract you from certain things, and picking out the wrong day to cook something elaborate when you’re going to be busy can put a wedge into your schedule. 

Every week, look at your plans and your schedule and then pick out your meals. Check your weekly schedule, and what events you have planned, what time your meetings are, and what you need to do after work.  Fill in your schedule with the meals you pick for each night. This works splendidly if you have a dry erase board on your refrigerator or bulletin board in your kitchen. Post the schedule for everyone to see so that there is no question about what you are having for dinner. 

Once you’ve figured that out, make your grocery list for your grocery run once a week that contains everything you need. It helps you save money, time, lessens your stress and helps you eat healthier. 

4. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

wedding itinerary timeline
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If you are not used to a schedule, you might find it a bit restricting. But working on a schedule keeps you sane and it helps you make good use of your time. It’s a great way to keep you on track of the things you need to complete. You would be surprised to know how efficient you can be at work when you work according to a schedule. 

Keep all your work items on your calendar. A mentor of mine once said, “if it’s not on my calendar, it won’t happen,” and I totally agree with her. She told us that she even puts working out, calling her sister, and doing the laundry on her calendar. She does this so number one, she won’t forget, and number two, so she can visually see that she has enough time in the day to get it done. I adopted this practice while I was planning my own wedding, and guess what? It works.

If you have a lot of wedding to-do’s to get done during the week, put them on your calendar in time blocks after work with dinner worked in. This will help you be more productive and will help you know exactly what will get done, when!

5. Maximize Your Free Time and Get the Small Things Done

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Understandably, you’re going to make space in your time and schedule to handle and plan your wedding.  But whenever you have an extra hour, make sure you get something done. Remember, it’s best to get things done as early as you can instead of waiting until the last possible time, causing you to forget stuff.

It could be getting a headstart on your seating chart, finalizing your guest list, scheduling your bridal shower, and ordering giveaways. Following up with who and what needs following up. Get your checklist done, and get it done early. That way, once you’ve gotten everything out of the way, the only thing you’ll be focusing on is relaxing, looking pretty, and tying a few loose ends for your wedding day. 

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