16 Things You Might Have Wanted for Your Wedding

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These days, it becomes a little bit easier to plan a wedding with all the inspiration you’ll see on websites like Pinterest and Etsy. There are so many wedding ideas, and at least once or twice you’re pinning them to your own board, wishing you have the same exact setup for your wedding. It’s great to see what other couples have done for the wedding day from all parts of the country, and all over the world. 

Well, we are also interested to see what others have done, and we’re sure you’ll be interested in these amazing ideas. We have compiled the best 16 ideas that would make you say, “I wish I did that at my wedding!”

1. Spin the Wheel Game 

wedding games
Source: Etsy

Thinking of games to keep your guests entertained? Here is a great idea! Have a giant Wheel of Wedding Fun with different “prizes”. Your guests get to spin the wheel, and wherever the pointer ends choosing is what the guest -- or the bride and groom -- should complete! 

2. Arranging Ceremony Seats in a Circular Pattern

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Give all your guests a great seat so they can witness the wedding ceremony all around. Arrange the seats in a circular pattern so that all your guests can have a good view of the entire wedding ceremony as it happens. Make sure to communicate this with your wedding venue ahead of time. 

3. Save Your Drink Coasters

wedding coaster
Source: For Your Party

Don’t you just hate leaving your table to party just after getting your drink refilled, only to come back to find that your glass had been taken away? Don’t let your guests suffer the same fate! Get them prepared with these drink coasters to save your guests’ drinks while they go party. 

4. To-Go Cake Boxes 

to go cake boxes
Source: Etsy

Share your wedding cake with your guests! If you want to make sure everyone gets a slice, use special cake boxes and disposable cutlery to send your guests home with their own slice of the wedding to enjoy later. 

5. Do Not Disturb Wedding Door Hanger

wedding door hang sign
Source: eBay

Welcome your out-of-town guests with these nifty door hangers that double as Do Not Disturb signs! They can use this for their hotel rooms so they can sleep longer the morning after. 

6. Wedding Table Fun Facts

wedding table fun facts
Source: The Event Group

Here’s a creative way to make good use of your table numbers! Include fun facts about you and your spouse-to-be that are related to each table number at your wedding, or simply add fun facts as is! Your guests will be amused to learn more new things about you and your spouse that they didn’t know before. 

7. Ring Security Instead of a Ring Bearer

wedding ring security
Source: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Upgrade your ring bearer to Ring Security! It makes for a very Instagrammable opportunity, plus your ring bearer might love a cool-looking outfit to go with that. Keep the rings safe, and make some great memories!

8. A Pop of Color Here and There

Source: Amaze Paperie

White is the traditional wedding gown of choice. But nobody said anything about additional pops of color under your dress or for your shoes! Complete your look with a pair of fashionable pumps in your favorite color to commemorate your special day. 

9. Hangover Relief Kits

wedding hangover relief kit
Source: Brides

One of the best things any guest can find after partying hard would be a hangover relief kit. Save your wedding party, and relieve morning-after headaches and pains with a hangover kit essential containing basic toiletries, pain relievers, and dietary supplements to ensure that they can party hard, and still rock it the next day. 

10. Confetti Poppers for Everyone

confetti poppers
Source: Pinterest

We love rice, but we love confetti even more! Give your guests more fun throwing confetti in the air by giving them confetti poppers. Confetti poppers are safe, fun, and have just the right amount of confetti for each one of your guests to give you the proper send-off to your honeymoon!

11. Sentimental Photos on Your Bouquet

photo on bouquet
Source: Etsy

Is there a special someone from the family that will no longer be able to be part of the wedding physically? They can be there in spirit. Take a picture frame locket, put their photo in, and tie it to your bouquet. This way, when you walk down the aisle, you’re sure to have them with you. 

12. Give your Guests Your Wedding Hashtag

wedding hashtag
Source: Brides

Hashtags are perfect for searching and organizing anything online, and it’s the perfect way for you to see all your wedding photos online and in real-time. You get to use your wedding hashtag to keep all those photos forever, and it’s the best way to capture all the funny, candid, and special moments throughout your wedding celebration.

13. Please Call Anyone But the Bride & Groom

Source: Oh Best Day Ever

Give your guests access to the information they need, and the ability to reach out to anyone from the wedding party without having to go through you. Need to confirm if there are special arrangements for kids, what the motif is, or preparing a special surprise for the couple, but need to make sure it’s okay?

Hand them this card with the contact information for specific members of the wedding party such as a maid of honor, best man, bridesmaid, groomsman, and mother or father of the bride. Plus, you can also add the need-to-know information such as a timeline of events and things to bring on the day of the wedding. 

14. Anniversary Piñata

anniversary piñata
Source: 100 Layer Cake

Put a twist to your wedding guestbook with this anniversary piñata! Allow your guests to be part of your first-year anniversary by having them write you messages, notes, predictions, or encouragements on your wedding day that you will read during your first wedding anniversary. On your first wedding anniversary, break the piñata open to see what kind of messages your guests have left for you. 

15. Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Guestbook

anniversary guestbook
Source: Papier

Here’s a creative idea to make sure you remember all your guests just as they remembered you on your special day.  If you are a sentimental type of person and enjoy keeping in touch with your friends and family, then what better way to remember your guests with this birthday and anniversary guest book? Have each one of your guests write down their birthdays or anniversaries on a calendar, and reach out to them especially when their special day comes up!

16. Honeymoon Fund

honeymoon fund
Source: Brit + Co

If you have been with your partner for quite a while, you might feel that you’ve got all the general items you need for your home.  Or if you’re moving in together for the first time and combining all your belongings, maybe it’s not so smart to have another blender, or another set of silverware (although that would be an amazing wedding gift to receive). Save your guests the trouble of having to shop for gifts, or worrying if you have the items they’re going to buy, and instead, ask them to pitch into your adventure fund bank. Or sign up for an online honeymoon fund service to make things easier! 

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