9 Beautiful DIY Wedding Ideas

ombre napkin wedding
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The styling of your wedding is one of the most important factors when it comes to the overall look and feel of your big day. But it can also be one of the most expensive, which is why so many brides are now taking the DIY-route when it comes to wedding decor.

Planning a DIY wedding is a great way to save some extra dollars, in addition to giving you the opportunity to put your own personal stamp on your styling. However, there is a common misconception that DIY decor can come across as looking cheap or tacky – which couldn’t be more wrong!

These days, thanks to online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, there is truly no shortage of creative DIY wedding styling ideas suited to the modern bride. From elegant centerpieces to statement backdrops and signage, keep reading for 10 seriously beautiful (and super simple) styling ideas for a DIY wedding below!

1. Greenery Wreaths

greenery wreaths wedding
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Greenery wreaths are the perfect DIY project for those wanting to incorporate foliage and florals into their wedding styling elements without breaking the budget. DIY wreaths are not only simple to make, but are also super versatile on the day. We recommend creating a selection of different wreaths to hang at varying heights for a modern ceremony backdrop, or even above your bridal table as a statement installation!

To craft your greenery wreaths, you’ll need some stiff wire or embroidery hoops to create a circular base. You can then use thin wire to wrap your chosen foliage or flowers (artificial will work just as well as the real deal!) around the structure. Don’t worry about your foliage looking perfectly balanced – asymmetrical and unstructured wreaths can actually look more effective.

2. Balloon Garlands

balloon garland wedding
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Balloons are always such a fun and quirky feature for any wedding! Sure, they might seem a little uninspiring on their own, but with just a few simple tweaks you can easily create a statement balloon feature to complement your wedding styling.

Adding trailing garlands to oversized helium balloons is one DIY decor project that you can definitely take on board. For a bright and bold look, opt for paper tassels or ribbons in your chosen wedding colors. Or, for a more minimal approach, pair foliage garlands with crisp white balloons.

Balloon garlands work beautifully when clustered together in groups, so think about positioning them next to your dessert table, bar, or dance floor as a focal point. You can also choose to anchor them to other styling elements like your welcome sign or seating chart for something more secure.

3. Ombre Napkins

ombre napkin wedding
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If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your table settings, we love the idea of creating statement ombre napkins, DIY-style! Whether your chosen color palette is soft and romantic or bold and vibrant, you’d be amazed how a simple white napkin can be completely transformed using fabric dye.

You can source basic white napkins fairly cheaply in bulk numbers, or for a more natural look simply purchase white fabric and cut it into napkin-sized lengths. To achieve a subtle ombre effect, carefully dip-dye one end of your napkins into a bowl of your chosen fabric dye. Some color variation is actually a good thing, so don’t worry about making each napkin identical. This DIY project works perfectly for bohemian-style weddings, and can even double as favors for your guests to take home, too!

4. Magnolia Leaf Place Cards

Source: Craftivity Designs

DIY magnolia leaf place cards are a beautiful touch for tropical or earthy-inspired weddings and couldn’t be easier to make at home! Although magnolia leaves are often used in bouquets and floral arrangements, their flat, rounded shape also makes them ideal for writing on. All you need is a paint pen (white or metallic tones work best) and a steady hand to create your very own natural place cards that will perfectly complement an organic tablescape. These DIY place cards are also a great “green” option for those planning a paperless or eco-friendly wedding reception.

5. Mirror Signage

mirror decor wedding
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For an elegant approach to DIY wedding signage, a framed mirror can be easily repurposed with just a white paint pen and some simple foliage. You can generally find vintage mirrors by scouting second-hand stores or online marketplaces – the more ornate, the better. Mirrors can work well to display your menu, seating chart, or even as a welcome sign for your ceremony.

Any leftover greenery or flowers from your arrangements can be attached to the frame of your mirror as a beautiful finishing touch. The end result will also act as a special keepsake for you to hold onto after the big day!

6. Copper Frame Seating Chart

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Looking for something a little more on the industrial side? This DIY copper frame is the perfect statement piece for modern, warehouse-style weddings. Creating your own copper frame is actually easier than you might think.

Copper tubing and “elbows” (the corner pieces) are readily available at hardware stores. You’ll just need two copper tubes of the same length, along with their matching copper elbows to create your desired frame, and voila, you’ve got yourself a seating chart.

7. Fabric Table Runners

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Table runners can really elevate your reception styling, but they can often be expensive to purchase or hire. Save money, and create your own. You’ll want to choose a thin, sheer fabric that bunches and drapes easily, like chiffon. Soft materials will be easier to weave in between your florals, candles, and other table centerpieces, so try to avoid anything stiff or overly synthetic.

Simply cut your chosen fabric to your desired width and length to create your very own DIY runners. We recommend measuring both the length and height of your reception tables first so that you can allow enough fabric to drape down elegantly from either side. Chiffon runners work especially well in pastel shades like blush, lilac, or duck-egg blue for a romantic, fine-art-inspired look. They also pair beautifully with ornate table details like candelabras and tealights!

8. Acrylic Table Numbers

acrylic numbers wedding
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Acrylic wedding decor is definitely trending at the moment as a modern option for stationery and signage. And if you love this look as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know it’s easily achievable for the DIY bride.  Opting for acrylic table numbers is one of the simplest ways to incorporate this trend into your wedding decor. All you need is a sheet of acrylic cut to size, and a paint pen in your desired color.

If you’re not confident with your own handwriting, the best part about acrylic is its transparent nature. This means you can print out your numbers or text in a beautiful calligraphy font, place the paper underneath the acrylic, and simply trace over the top for a professional-looking end result!

9. Ribbon Stationery Details

wedding stationery
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DIY ribbon details are the perfect finishing touch for your paper goods, and a great way to inject some color and texture into your stationery. Simply choose a soft fabric in your desired color and cut it into long strips to create your own natural-looking ribbons. You can then use a hole puncher on the corners of your ceremony programs, invitations, or menus, thread the ribbon through, and tie it into a loose knot or bow.

One extra tip: save some leftover ribbons for your photographer, so that they can include them in flat-lay shots of your stationery suite on the morning of your wedding!

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