8 Tips You Need for Wedding Showers

wedding shower
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Wedding showers typically happen about a month or two before your big day. You have all your loved ones, family members, and closest friends there with the couple, and they will receive the gifts from their gift registry. It’s usually hosted by the maid of honor, but family and friends host the wedding shower as well. 

If you happen to be planning a wedding shower for a bride-to-be, here are some tips and strategies you’ll want to know beforehand to make things go smoothly. 

1. Plan Three to Four Months Ahead

Bridal Shower
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If you want to be able to smoothly and efficiently plan a wedding shower without it having to disrupt your normal life until the time comes for the actual wedding day, make sure you start planning at least three to four months in advance. Having an efficient wedding timeline will make your job much easier.

You might think two months would be all you need, but in the middle of planning, and getting in touch with people, you'll want to make sure you have enough time to. You'll need time to order supplies and whatnot, plus making sure you’re still able to report for work and do your usual daily activities, you might not have enough brain space or time to handle everything if you start at such short notice. 

2. Find Out What They Want and Where They Want It

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About three or four months ahead, have a convo with the bride and groom and find out what their expectations are about the whole event. If you have been part of the wedding planning, you would know what theme they’re going to have for their wedding, which can help you create a prelude for their wedding celebration. If not, then find out what their theme is, or what their interests are so that you can incorporate that into their wedding shower.

Most commonly, these wedding showers are usually held in the home of a family member, a close friend, or even your own backyard. Somewhere close by that doesn’t require a long travel time would be good for the wedding shower. If you don’t have a venue that you can get for free, you can also opt to rent out a restaurant or a special venue. 

3. Get their Guestlist

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We don’t want to leave anyone out if they can come, so make sure you get their wedding guest list. Ideally, you’ll want this in an online spreadsheet like Google Sheets so that the couple can come in anytime and update the spreadsheet, and you’ll have visibility and access to that file.

Remember that you can only invite guests to the wedding shower if they are invited to the wedding. Ultimately, if you invite, or the bride or groom, invites someone to the wedding shower then they also need to be invited to the wedding itself. 

4. Establish a Budget

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Before you launch the wedding preparations, this is most important. Establish your budget and make sure you also account for the number of invited guests you have. Now, this is going to sound very much like wedding preparations, but you have to remember, this is an event where you will have guests that you need to feed and entertain, so it is important to know just how much you can spend.

Keep in mind, you have other wedding-related matters you need to set money aside for such as your dress, shoes, make-up, or other expenses related to the party. If you are a maid of honor, and you’re throwing a bachelorette party, then chances are, you are also paying for that, too. Set a budget, and stick to it.

5. Select the Style of the Wedding Shower Invite

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Once you’ve got all the important information, it’s now time to choose a wedding shower invitation. There are several options online that you can choose from, and there are different downloadable templates so you can easily whip up an invitation in a few minutes. If you’re working on a budget, then save on ink and paper, and simply create an online invitation to send via Facebook messenger or through email! That way you can make it animated or interactive, and it makes the whole event a lot more special. 

Also keep in mind, for all your wedding invitations, you must include a link to the couple’s wedding registry. This way, your guests will be able to shop and buy something that the couple actually wants.  Finally, make sure that the RSVP contact information is yours or someone else who is helping you host the event, and not the couple. They will be busy taking care of final wedding preparations, and they probably don’t have much of a clue as far as the preparations are concerned, so make sure you have the right information on there to avoid any complications. 

6. Create a Group Chat

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This has got to be the fastest way to get in touch with anyone, get ideas pouring, and get things done. Create a group chats with everyone involved in helping with the wedding shower preparations. Make sure that everything goes through the group chat so that everyone can find things in one spot.

Share all wedding shower-related material here, such as the Google Document where you’re making plans or a shared Pinterest board so that you’re all on the same page when it comes to the style of your event. 

7. Delegate the Tasks

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Sometimes when we’re planning events or parties, or anything for that matter, we tend to take over a lot of the tasks with the belief that if you want things done, you gotta do them yourself! Remember that you’ve got a team of people who want nothing more than to be part of this wedding shower, and they also want to be able to do something for the bride and groom.

Delegate the tasks! Have someone take care of the refreshments table or have a few of your best cooks serve up some amazing dishes for the day. Assign someone to take care of following up with the venue and other vendors and suppliers you might have hired for the day, assign someone to help buy supplies with you for the event, and so on and so forth. Rely heavily on your friends and family members who are involved in this, and you’ll see it all go much quicker and easier. 

8. Send Out Your Invites and Buy Your Supplies a Month Ahead of Time

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For everything you need, make sure you place your orders a month ahead. Most suppliers, especially if you are going for those who produce handcrafted goodies and items, will take longer, plus the shipping time frame.

If you happen to go DIY, and you’re working on DIY decor and wedding shower favors, that’s also going to take a big chunk of time to complete.  If you’ve already set on a budget, and you have got the plans going, start buying everything you’ll need for the wedding shower a month out. 

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