12 Ideas for an Easter Wedding

easter wedding ideas
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Easter represents plenty of significant events that have happened in our spiritual lives which we can very much relate to, even in this day and age. It can be as fun as chocolate eggs and cute bunnies, or as serious as your faith is. There are plenty of Easter ideas you can feature in your wedding to celebrate your union. 

It’s also a wonderful time for a wedding! Spring flowers are in season, and the weather is just right. This coming spring coupled with this wonderful celebration of life will be a wonderful time for you to celebrate your union -- a symbol of a new life together. Check out these wonderful Easter Wedding ideas we have prepared for you. 

1. Wedding Favors

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Get creative! Easter eggs represent new life and that’s one of the reasons why we have Easter Egg hunts! But for your wedding favors, save your guests the hunt -- gift them with small mason jars with chocolate eggs or chocolate bunnies. You can also make egg-shaped cookies with royal icing as wedding favors. Make it a little more special and order macarons in a spring color palette for wedding favors. Want to take it up a notch? Order easter egg macarons! These wonderfully delicate treats will make your wedding favors extra special.

2. Wedding Games

easter wedding
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A wonderful part of Easter is Easter egg hunting. While this makes a great attraction for your littlest guests, you can also use the same concept for your guests! If you saved your guests the time to search for their wedding favors, you can get the spirit of the Easter season by having them do wedding games for additional gifts. As an icebreaker, hide eggs under their seats, or a picture of a bunny, and give them some corresponding prizes! 

If you want to help your guests start mingling, start a round of Find-The-Match! As each guest arrives at the reception, hand them half of a picture to hold unto. When your wedding host gives the signal, each person is to find their match within a set amount of time. Award the fastest winner with a special prize! 

3. Easter Egg and Bunny Decorated Cake

easter wedding
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Complete your Easter wedding cake with mini eggs or two bunnies kissing as a wedding topper. You can make your cake as modern as a tall, single-tiered ombre cake with mini eggs and flowers up top, or as grand especially grand as a three-tiered cake embellished with gold leaf detail, gold flakes, and flowers of the spring season. 

Check out a wonderful take on the perfect cupcake wedding favor for your guests! Form little nests of delicate pink cotton candy on top of cupcakes, add three mini eggs, and voila! You’ve got a wedding favor fit for Easter! 

4. Stationery and Wedding Invitations

easter wedding invitation
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As Easter happens during the springtime, it would be best to take advantage of spring colors combined with floral and easter designs. Pastel shades of mint green, robin egg blue, lemony yellow, and delicate peach make great colors for wedding invitations. Add elegance to your wedding invitations by lettering them in gold for that special effect. 

5. Dinner Table 

easter wedding ideas
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Make your dinner table decor match with your invitations and your theme with spring colors such as pastel blues, bubblegum pinks, mint greens, and soft lavenders match your Easter-themed celebration perfectly. 

Easter eggs are a staple -- easy to make, and totally customizable. Create colorful easter eggs and paint on the table numbers. Use your table settings to add decorative eggs, flowers, and rabbit ornaments. Make your guests’ arrival at their table special by using chocolate bunnies with each guest’s name on each one so they can have a quick treat before dinner is served. 

7. Venue Decor

easter wedding ideas
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You’ll find that it is not that hard decorating for an Easter wedding, especially when you’re right around springtime. Having a garden wedding is probably one of the perfect venues for such a celebration as you welcome the new growth of greens and blossoming of flowers. Add some more spring flowers such as tulips, sweet peas, gardenias, buttercups, and definitely roses. In between your flora, put a bunch of Easter eggs. 

8. Petting Zoo 

petting zoo wedding
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This is a great way to keep your younger guests occupied and entertained. At the same time, a petting zoo provides wonderful photo opportunities for all your guests. Just in time for spring, and a perfect addition to your Easter wedding! 

9. Catering and Dinner

easter wedding
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Give your guests a taste of Easter by serving warm hot cross buns for your guests, if they’re having breakfast with you. Remember, you might have guests that are on a special diet because of the Lenten season, so you’ll want to take this into account when serving your guests. 

For a taste of Easter, serve up warm hot cross buns to your guests' tables before the wedding breakfast. Serving dinner right before Easter Sunday? Take your pick from several pasta dishes like linguini with eggplant or a garden quiche, or go fish with baked salmon or haddock. If you’re serving an Easter Sunday lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong with the stuffed leg of lamb! To warm up the cold weather, serve up some Irish lamb stew. 

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