13 Spring Wedding Ideas that Bring Life to Your Wedding

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There’s something special about spring weddings - pastel colors, the garden-inspired details. Not to mention the very season is a time of welcome change and warmer weather. We associate the spring season we pastel palettes—think pinks, purples, whites, baby blues—and pretty blooms, details that translate perfectly to springtime wedding décor. In fact, when marrying in the spring, our general advice is to embrace the season!

As mentioned, spring is a season of blooming florals so embrace in-season beauties—such as tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, garden roses—in your floral arrangements to save money and get more bang for your buck. And fair warning: Take note because it's easy to go overboard (if there's such a thing!) with your floral budget this time of year. Even if flowers aren't your thing, we have plenty of spring wedding inspiration for you. Keep reading to see what makes us think of spring, but remember that you can use these beautiful arrangements and décor ideas in any season. After all, we are fans of vibrant flowers, pastel palettes, and fresh ideas every season of the year.

Below, our ultimate guide to spring wedding décor, including 20 ideas to inspire your big day.

Embrace a Pastel Palette

spring bridal palette
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As Spring has now well and truly sprung, I thought it was time we take a look at some perfect palettes for a wedding during this romantic season. There are so many reasons to love Spring weddings, the seasonal blooms, soft sun, and longer days to name but a few. But color is surely one of the best? For after a long grey Winter, the fresh hues of Spring guarantee a beautiful wedding – whatever your style, theme, or budget.

For a mismatched bridesmaid look, as your girls to pick a dress in separate pastel colors. The overall look will still feel cohesive because all of the colors are of the same saturation, while still giving an ethereal spring wedding palette.

Consider Floral-Printed Invitations

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Your formal invitation suite is a guest’s first glance into your wedding-day décor. If you’re featuring one signature flower (or even a variety), consider including it on your invite in the form of an illustration, motif, or even as an envelope liner. Spring flowers are timeless and romantic and with the focus on muted and delicate colors, rather than bright and bold they can create the perfect feel for your wedding. 

If bold, floral patterns aren’t your thing then spring is the ideal season for an understated pattern! From polka dots and muted stripes to graphic shapes in perfect pastel palettes. Perfect for those looking for a more modern approach to their wedding invitation suites. Shying away from more fussy florals, the geometric trend is easy to incorporate into wedding styling with angular vases, decor, and stationery.

Go for In-Season Blooms

spring wedding
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Luckily, springtime brides (like you) are blessed with tons of beautiful in-season blooms to choose from. Peonies, roses, tulips, calla lilies, hydrangeas, sweet pea, and ranunculus are just a few of the many flower types readily available for spring weddings. Romantic pastels are always go-to hues for this season of renewal, but don't be afraid to add bold pops of color for contrast (think fuchsia, coral, orange, and purple).

Carry a Lily of the Valley Bridal Bouquet

floral bouquet
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Lily of the Valley is perhaps the ultimate wedding flower when it comes to the traditional bride. Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly both carried Lily of the Valley bouquets, and as two of the most iconic brides in the last century, we can’t help but wonder: How does a simple bloom make such a statement? It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a classic, timeless, and chic bouquet;  a truly effortless quality that is really wonderful. 

Go for Springtime Tulips 

spring wedding
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Tulips are one of our favorite flowers for wedding bouquets. The natural elegance a tulip exudes, whether pastel, vibrant, or crisp white, lends itself to any wedding style. When done right, you'll never look back on a bouquet featuring beautiful delicate tulips and regret that decision. Their graceful stems and flowing petals can add dimension, movement, whimsy, elegance, drama, and old-world charm to bouquets.

Serve Specialty Cocktails

spring wedding cocktail
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It’s always smart to garnish a cocktail with something pretty, but these drinks are especially unique. Try adding flowers inside the ice cubes, a sprig of garnish clipped to the coupe with a mini clothespin, or just a festive drink stirrer. While these are an obvious choice at cocktail hour, we also love the idea of a refreshing drink at an alfresco ceremony.

Don a Floral Wedding Dress

floral wedding dress
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If you're deciding on a gown style for your sunny ceremony, consider a nature-inspired and always floral wedding dress. Perfect for warm-weather weddings, floral wedding gowns mimic the blooms of the season, and they look beautiful against the backdrop of outdoor venues, like gardens, vineyards, or parks. If you’re a bride with a penchant for whimsy, a floral wedding dress may be the perfect gown for you.

Fanciful and unique, floral wedding dresses come in a wide range of gorgeous styles. For the bride-to-be craving a traditional color palette, a white gown with a flowery detail like a blooming off-the-shoulder motif is eye-catching and romantic. If you’re feeling bolder, dresses in colors like pink, lavender, and blue are beautiful with floral details. Or, you can opt for a multicolored floral print dress for a showstopping look.

Consider Jumpsuits

bridal jumpsuit
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The modern bride will appreciate clean and sleek jumpsuits with minimal details while the bride with a bohemian sensibility will gravitate towards laidback styles crafted from linen and eyelash lace. If you're a bride who covets old Hollywood glam, you'll be drawn to jumpsuits with intricate embellishments and shimmering details. Whether you go sleek, embellished, or bohemian, a bridal jumpsuit is also an excellent option for other events leading up to the big day (like the engagement party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner). Plus, you can easily wear one again for formal events down the road.

Bring on the Sundresses

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If jumpsuits aren't your style, and if you're longing to show some leg after the longest winter ever, now's your chance to wear something short, flirty, and perfect for late-night dancing on the grass—barefoot and dewy, of course. Draw inspiration from all that gorgeous garden foliage by experimenting with color for your own gown. From petal pinks, light lavenders, and even the slightest shades of gray, spring wedding fashion can showcase softness and femininity. But mild temperatures also lend themselves to serving some bold, fashion-forward looks from daring prints to bold hues to architectural appliqués. 

Baskets for Your Bridal Party

spring wedding
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One of the many smile-inducing moments on your big day will be when the flower girl steps down the aisle at your spring wedding. Whether she tosses the petals like a Russian ballerina or performs a less choreographed interpretation of this time-honored ritual, her adorableness will take the spotlight. As she sashays along, you want her to be a vision of charm and beauty, because despite being small in size, her impact will be huge. So, whether your spring wedding will be on a farm or simply inspired by rusticity, we love the many flower girl baskets designed for rustic weddings. 

Involve Fluffy Friends

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Go ahead and cue the “awws.” Make like this little lamb—the cutest wedding guest ever, by the way—and dress your littlest attendees (dogs, cats, bunnies) with crowns of greenery. They are the guests of honor, right?

Create a Floral Arch

floral arch spring wedding
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When you think of spring, you think of flowers in bloom, and this natural aisle is evidence of that. Seriously, just imagine yourself making a grand entrance surrounded by a pretty floral display. Make the entryway to your ceremony or reception stand out. It’s easy to make it a focal point of the celebration, especially when it looks and smells like this. DIY floral arches are surprisingly easy -- have it framing the entrance to the church or greeting guests at the reception.

Hand Out Hand-Painted Fans

fans wedding favors
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Since the weather can be hit or miss this time of year, it’s smart to prepare for both extremes. If it’s unseasonably warm on your big day, hand-painted fans might just be your guests’ new best friends—and if it’s not, they’ll serve as a pretty prop nonetheless. 

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