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5 Ways Parents can help Brides from going Wedding Crazy

Planning a wedding may be romantic and beautiful, but it can also be a very stressful process. Also, there are a few small things parents can do to make the event a little bit easier for the bride to make her a happy bride. Here we highlight the wedding etiquette and what the bride really wishes her parents would do to stop her from going crazy. Parents can help with weddings in so many ways!   1. Be honest about finances Parents are under no obligation to make a cash contribution to their child's wedding. In modern times, brides and

Attire Basics for the Bride and Groom’s Parents

When it comes to weddings these days, it seems like anything goes. There are so many different ways to make a wedding unique. One thing that hasn’t really changed over the years is the protocol for the bride and groom’s parents. These four special people (and maybe even more due to remarriages) are always dressed elegantly and in an understated way. So before you start purchasing your wedding favors and other wedding ceremony accessories, make sure that you dress your bridal party first! If you are the father of the bride or the groom, you have it easy. A tuxedo